Friday, June 13, 2008

You dropped a bomb on me, baby, you dropped a bomb on me...

And my own personal drama continues to rear its ugly head.....mix this with lack of sleep and I am in the foulest mood I have been in this week. And that's saying something!

Last night as Misk and I were laying in bed attempting to go to sleep, we were talking about costs of moving mom (which u-haul do we want and for how much), as today is Military Payday, and we would be doing our usual money stuff....our "out-loud budget" if you will...consider it saving a tree so we don't write it down. Then in the middle of this Misk drops a bomb:

Misk: "I need to get new brakes for my truck, I'd like to do that this weekend."

Me: ".................(long silence)............"

Misk: "Are you still awake?"

Me: *sniffle* (almost whisper) "yes.............(another long silence)........well I guess this means that unless we get that fucking stimulus check I am definitely not going to New York. (insert voice volume getting louder) I guess the little spark of hope I had to go is all but gone now. And to think I was actually getting excited that it was possible (just about a holler) and when exactly were you going to let me know? Before or AFTER I STARTED PACKING????"

Misk: "That's why I am telling you now. Sorry."

Me: (inject snarky sarcastic tone) "Oh gee thanks so much for apologizing now. Because yesterday when I told you about Mom and RI you couldn't have interjected then at all, huh? (change tone to hurt and slightly whiny) Especially when you knew I was so happy because this meant I could still go to New York!"

Misk:........(long pause)......"Sorry Baby." *cue him reaching out to touch me in comfort*

Me: (in the most angry yet disgusted tone I can possibly muster) *through my tears as I move as far away on the bed as possible* "Fuck off and don't even think about getting laid for at least a month. UNLESS I go to New York. Otherwise don't even look at me, douche bag."

So.....things aren't so peachy keen after-all....and now I am angry and hurt, deceived, and rather bitter about him asking me to quit my job, when I could have financed my trip to BrittCon single-handedly on my checks. I didn't have to quit, much as I wanted to, until the summer was over.

Now, see, I realize that was my decision. I know it's not his fault. But I am angry and more than irritated that he waited so long to clue me into the fact that he needs new brakes for a car he drives MAYBE 5 miles a day in. Like his peice of shit truck couldn't go another 2 weeks for brakes? Whatever. Fuck him. He's gonna get his fucking brakes all right.

I hope it's worth it to him. I know I can do fine without marital relations. Not having sex isn't such a big issue to me. I've forcibly abstained for 6-month deployments, a few weeks is a drop in the bucket to me....Afterall, that's what vibrators are for, right?

Pissed off, yet still looking forward to tonight because it is FRIDAY and Girls Night Out,

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Anonymous said...


You can't do that! Hold out like that! That's just ...just...damn cruel.

jeopardygirl said...

To be fair, car brakes are a necessity, kiddo. But yeah, it would have been good if he'd let you know before this--especially knowing that you have your heart set on a trip. Esso pulls this kinda crap all the time, too. I blame the "Y" chromosome.

whall said...

I'm stuck on "I'd like to do that this weekend"... makes it sound like there's the option to do it later.

I agree - brakes are more important than a vacation trip, but... MUST the brakes be replaced?