Monday, March 31, 2008

Won't you please, please, help me?

Ok, so, You all know the power of Bloggers. I have seen it in many ways.

I have seen people send Hilly to Philly.

I have seen and myself donated to causes for Magazine Man, and his family.

I have seen Mr. Fabulous help babies through March of Dimes.

I have seen some of you help me out last year. And again, I ask for your help.

An old friend of mine from high school has a 4 year old son. His name is Finnegan.

Finnegan has Cystic Fibrosis. He's had it his whole life. He has spent the last 7 weeks in the Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence due to this disease. Every day, through exhaustion, fear and hope, his parents, Patrick and Kerry send their friends an email update.

Every Year the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has fund raising walks called "Great Strides" across America. usually these walks happen in April and May around the country. the Providence RI Great Strides will be on May 10th. I will once again join Finnz Friendz and walk to raise money for this great little boy. This is where I need all of your help.

here's a button:

Help Cissa Help Finnegan!
Help Cissa Help Finnegan!

Please, please please, click on it and consider making a donation to help with Cystic Fibrosis research. All the info about CF is on the page from the link.

Now...I have another favor to ask....this goes out to you people who I know like to help people. I would LOVE to be able to see this link all over the net. If you have a blog that you would not mind putting a link/button on for this cause, PLEASE copy and paste this link stuff into your blog somewhere:

Some of you have HUGE readerships, and though I am rebuilding mine, I know it is considerably less than other blogs I myself visit. Your blogs reach more people. People who may be willing to donate $5 to help Finnegan and ALL people affected by CF. If I can help by someone donating even that much times 10? that's 1/3rd of my goal. And if I can surpass my goal, that makes me happy, because I know I will have helped to save my friend's child's life.

This is a great cause. I only ask this one thing from my fellow bloggers and readers of this blog. please help me help out someone else.

Thanks in advance if you donate or put a button on your page. And PLEASE let me know if you do put a link on your blog! I am working on making a little "award" to post if you donate/put up a button. Thanks again!


Sunday, March 30, 2008

A bottle of red, a bottle of white....

OK, I officially love my seriously, I have AWESOME fucking friends.

Sorry Dr. John. There may be a lot of swearing today.

Last night I got pretty drunk with a bunch of my girlfriends at the Dress Party. We tried on dresses, we killed 6 bottles of wine and another half a box of wine. We ate a lot of food. we laughed A LOT

We talked about our husbands, fucked-up family members, crazy sex stories, hell, EVERYTHING.

At one point, I called Misk to tell him I might not make it home, since we all had had so much to drink, including the woman who drove me! Brandi fielded that call, and needless to say, I think Misk was glad he was not there. We all were laughing so much, tears sprung from eyes in varying amounts. I can only imagine what he imagines went on there last night.

I have decided a few things:

1. I am going to make an effort to hang with my friends more (well I already am, just...more than at a restaurant once a week)

2. I am definitely going to have to kick Misk out of the house with the kids one night and have the girls here. (maybe once Misk goes back to a boat and is on deployment, he read over my should and was none too pleased at the prospect.)

3. I am going to appreciate the fact that my husband IS HOME and not on deployment. I think I take it for granted, and I shouldn't. I love him and am blessed that he is around.

4. I am going to call my other friends, the ones I don't see cause they live in other states, more often.

I must get ready for work. I really don't want to work. I am not hung over (lots of water is key, see folks), but today is a day I wish I could just hang out with my husband and kids. I miss that. I like the money I sometimes make (but not yesterday, I made shit for tips), but most days all the effort I put in is not worth the money I make.

I'll write more in between cleaning stuff tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday.



Saturday, March 29, 2008

Here comes the Sun, and I say, it's alright....

We are at Day 2 of Non-Motherage. It's just getting better. I made the kids clean up after their "slumber party" in the living room, where Mom usually sleeps. They are like....doing stuff for me. It's great.

Mum (Step-mother) called this morning to talk School vacation in a couple weeks...wanting to be Camp Director and know what's going on with us and when we are dropping off the kids, etc.

We talked for quite a while. It was nice. I walked around the house and chatted like I like to do. haven't done that for quite a while.

Last night I had a blast with my friends. Margaritas and the like are awesome.

I have to get ready for work right now, but I will be back to blog later ...maybe.

Tonight is the Dress Party. We're all bringing dresses to try on, let others borrow, etc. It will a good time I think! That's at 6. More drinking for Cissa...I love that Sundays I don't have work til Noon!

So, I will try to blog quick about something a little more ....deep, more thought provoking before the Dress Party...but if not, there's always tomorrow...

Enjoy Your Saturday!


Friday, March 28, 2008

Freedom - You've got to give for what you take!

I must post this, because, quite honestly, I have been singing this all morning...THANK YOU TURNBABY!!

Today begins three weeks of uninterrupted freedom for my family.

My mother is, as I type this, heading on a Greyhound Bus to Maine. Her "friend's" home is about 15 minutes from the Canada Border. Oh yeah.

She'll get there tonight about 5:30 PM.

As soon as we got back from dropping her off in New London, the first thing I did?


I have 3 loads of laundry lined up and the laundry, downstairs bath and main floors will all be cleaned. The children have strict orders to begin cleaning their room after they have their banana bread.

In my children's defense, they did a good deed. Last night, Kaity gave Mom a stuffed kitty "so she would have something to sleep with and won't be lonely" in her exact words....

Emily drew her a lovely picture that said good bye and "I will miss you". My mom was very pleased, and she left thinking my kids are sweet. Which will be good because lord knows what she tells my family about the kids. anyway.

My Independence Day is today....until Mid April. I will get to be Mistress of Fireheart Manor.

Did I mention I am going for Margaritas tonight to celebrate? Hell Yeah!

Too bad I have to work tomorrow. I could sleep the hangover off...instead I will be cleaning, serving annoying people and loud children for meager pay and a Boss who treats me like I am stupid because my hair is blonde. Oh yeah and has no respect for me as a wife or mother. The only good thing about the job is it gets me a break from the kids and Mom. And the tips, which are finally picking up again, thank god. The last 2 months really was not work all the effort I was putting in and only coming home with $20-30 a shift.

I still can't wait til I don't have to work there anymore though. If all goes well, I may be able to quit before the kids are out of school.

Lots of celebrating in Fireheart Manor tonight!

Hope Everyone's Friday is as wonderful as mine!!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gonna teach you the art of making sense....

I apologize in advance if I make no sense. I am sleep-deprived and am battling a migraine....

Mom has her bus ticket. She leaves tomorrow at 8:30 AM for 3 glorious weeks.

I can't wait to clean the house some more. It will look and smell so good when I am done with it. And she can't mess it up cause she won't be here. And it will be maintained because I actually care, and won't have her lurking over me watching me as I clean so I will want to actually go into my downstairs more.

I can't wait 'til the kids go to The Vineyard with my Dad and Mum (not Mom, who will be in Maine, but my Step-Mother, the one who did a better job at raising me on summer vacations and every other holiday throughout my life...)

I will have time alone with Misk...Misk = Hubby.

I feel bad calling him Hubby. It's so...insincere, so impersonalized. Like his only recognition is that he's my husband and nothing else about him in this world matters. Which is totally not true; He's a person too. So, since I use my EverQuest II name for a "nome de plume", he will be called by his EQ2 name - Misk. Now he's a person in his own merit. Yay.

So anyway...Misk and Cissa Fireheart will get 7 days alone in their own house, to do whatever, wherever, whenever we want.

How bloody awesome is that???

We'll probably spend all our time playing EQ2...sad but true...

My dress for the Sub Ball came yesterday. it looks friggin' AWESOME on me! All I need is a good corset, and possibly a underskirt....possibly....for the poofy effect....anyway...

I will post pictures of course....eventually.

Tomorrow is Girls' Night Out with my friends. we are going to a great Mexican restaurant in Mystic. I can't wait. I am totally drinking margaritas in celebration of Mom being gone....

for now, it is nap time until I go get Kaity.

I have work tonight and I don't wanna. As soon as I know for sure Mom is leaving permanently for Maine, I am giving my 2 weeks notice. Then I won't have to work anymore. At least not for the summer. If Kaity gets into all day Kindergarten next year, I will get a full time job and send them both to after school care though the Navy...but I am getting WAY ahead of myself.

See how my brain works when I am tired? I really need to nap...

Tomorrow I will make more sense....maybe.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And I feel like I've gotta travel on....

Greetings from New Haven!

I am currently on my laptop at a Big Book Store in New Haven, CT.

I was up at 4:45 am to be picked up for 5 am so Ang could take me to the University of New Haven Dental School.

She's working on becoming a dental Hygienist, and I am her patient for the next 6 weeks. Hey, it's free dental care and helping out a friend, so i really don't mind. it just sucks that for the enxt oh 2 hours or so I will be stuck here at this place. Don't get me wrong, it could be worse. A lot worse. And these Wednesdays will give me a chance to have some time to myself and catch up on my reading.

I just hate having to pay for WiFi. I'm cheap. I fully believe that if I pay nearly $5.00 for a coffee, the friggin' internet should be free! but call me progressive, I think airwaves should be free....

So, today not a lot happened at the Dental Clinic. we reviewed my medical and dental history and she took my vitals. Then her teacher type person came and went over it again with me. Then it was time to go....yep, next week I get a head massage and learn how to brush and floss my teeth properly, I think. Then the following week I actually get the tooth cleaning started.

Ang did really well, she was very professional, and her instructor was funny. Plus, I get to hang out her and read and surf the net. I could check my email, but I am getting tired, so I am debating closing shop and just reading or perusing the shelves of Big Book Store.

I'll write tomorrow again....thanks to all who have stopped by here!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

But I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For...

I am back into blogging. And wow, you know, since I have taken a bit of a hiatus, I have realized there are some crazy new fangled things out there.

Dr. John is putting video ON HIS SITE of his church's choir.

Mr. Fabulous is doing pod casts, which a bunch of cool people I have just discovered.

People are actually sending money or posting a link like this:

Click to help a GREAT Woman to go to TequilaCon when she can't normally afford it. How awesome is that?

(that's an entry for $50 gift card for something...I LIKE GIFT CARDS!! See Miss Brit and Avitable?? I put up a link!!)

I need to get back in the game.


"Gotta gotta gotta gitcha head in the game..."

Holy God, that was random....

I noticed, back a while back when Ugly Betty was playing New Episodes, and the 2nd season was fresh with possibilities and great plot lines, that the episode where it's revealed Daniel doesn't need a wheelchair because he's up and playing basketball...they actually USED that song in the montage of basketball playing....I nearly spit out my tea. I had a coughing fit instead trying NOT to spit out the tea. It was rather painful....

I wonder how many other mommies realized that they were poisoned with the "I-know-my-kids-crappy-music Syndrome"

This isn't supposed to happen yet. I STILL HAVE 3 YEARS PEOPLE!!! SHE'S ONLY 7!!!

ok, back to random musings...

So, where were we? Oh yeah, Blogging. So people are doing pod casts, cleavage guessing games for prizes, um, creating Churches for Blogging (I've put in my application, if I get accepted, look for a new link heheh)

I really want to get into this podcast thing. it seems like fun. There's this thing called Internet Radio. People can create their own little radio stations to listen to on WinAmp or Media player....I used to DJ on one of those a few years back. I miss it. Maybe I will look into starting it up again once my Mother moves out....She leaves in ....3 days for 3 weeks!! Glory Hallelujah!!

Anyway, so...if anyone out there, like oh I dunno, Mr. Fab, Avitable, Hilly, Metalmom, Turnbaby....any of you folks...that happen to have a Monday or Wednesday or even Saturday early evening show, and need a guest? email me...seriously...It sounds like a fun thing to do....and I wanna do it...and believe me, I have no fear of public speaking...especially since NO ONE CAN SEE ME! haha...


Hrm what other random stuff can I blog about? Oh I know.

Hubby went back to work yesterday, right? Wanna hear some ironic crap? He's working at Squadron Medical! HAHA!! the same guys that pulled him off The Boat, will be training him to work with other people pulled off boats...for at least 2's that for funny? He's gonna learn how to take vitals and keep records....maybe if he likes it enough,when he gets out, he can go to school to be a medical assistant! LOL yeah right....a girl can dream..

He can't use the excuse that he doesn't know how to check the girl's temperatures anymore.

I need to -- you guessed it-- clean. I actually took all of yesterday off and played EverQuest II like I said I would. then I made dinner. Homemade Fettuccine Alfredo! it was dang good. mmm.....Hubby was happy, and we had a Family was nice. I like my family. Mostly.

OK, back to the grind. Go visit links people! That is All....

Monday, March 24, 2008

And no one dared disturb the Sounds of Silence

Hello Monday!

Today is a good day for me. It's my favorite day of the week. It's Monday!

Now, I know a lot of you are saying to the computer screen "But Cissa, surely you must be smoking crack again! How could ANYONE possibly like MONDAY???"

Well my friends, because of the peace and quiet.

Hubby checked back in from med leave.

The kids are at school.

I am not working, cooking, or dealing with squabbling children while I attempt to relax. I can Cissa for a few moments without interruption. It's bloody brilliant.

The only other person in this house is busy watching Jerry Springer downstairs at a low level...only the humming of the computers is here to lull me into a relaxed daze that I will enjoy for the next 2.5 hours.

I am a happy happy woman.

Because it is Monday!

So, before I go onto anything of real importance, I want to say thanks to those of you who either e-mailed me privately or posted a comment on the blog about yesterday's, yeah, I get kinda glum. But today is another day, and I am feeling better.

Plus, it's Monday!

So over the last week, I cleaned my downstairs. I mean SPRING CLEANED...

You know those big black bags people get for yard trash or at Christmas when they know there will be a lot of trash? Yeah, my tiny, 6 X 10 closet downstairs filled TWO of them. My kitchen? one whole big bag. it was crazy. I didn't realize how bad the downstairs needed to be cleaned until I started to do it.

Plus I got new cookware. My $20 set that I bought when Hubby and I first lived in sin (before we got married 2 months later) finally crapped out on me. Took it 10 years, but the Teflon was flaking off into the food; Time to replace! I spent $40 this time, and fully expect this stuff to last me a good 15-20 years! LOL

So, I swept, got on hands and knees and ammonia scrubbed the floors, replaced the icky off-white, stained and stuff rug and got a smaller more colorful, new one. Vaccuummed furniture, dusted, moved stuff around, added the spare comp downstairs for I cleaned all bloody week....and Finally, finally on Friday it was done....well...the downstairs was...

Today, I move upstairs. Today, I am attacking the office and bathrooms. I fully expect to fill another huge trash bag. Go Cissa. How exciting to read about, eh? Anyway...

I learned something this week. Don't have a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard from the same company on two separate computers. you will think you have a virus and wonder why your computer is typing things when you aren't even close to typing, or typing what's coming up on your screen. We figured it out, eventually...but not before getting a great deal on a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard because we thought the keyboard needed to be replaced. This is the effing coolest board, ever. I love it... Seriously, check it out ...How cool is that??

Maybe I won't clean today....I mean, really, I deserve a break after cleaning all last week and making an Easter dinner , right?

EverQuest II has been neglected...He needs love....I think I will go give him some!

Enjoy your week! I think I may get into regular posting again....I may be back before Sunday!!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

He Is Risen...

Happy Easter

A Happy Easter to you all.

Today is normally a joyous day for everyone. Easter Bunnies, rejoicing in Jesus' Sacrifice and Resurrection (if you are a Christian), big family dinners, etc.

I'm not such a fan.

Sure, I enjoyed having the Easter Bunny's Helper last night and giggled as Emily and I laid out eggs in the back yard. I watched with a bit of glee as he girls scrambled to find eggs, and felt pride as Emily pointed out a few for her little sister to find, and didn't hog all the eggs.

But that's about where it ends.

I know I had a link with Mae's Story on my previous layout, and I will have it back up soon. but for now, it's not up. So I will summarize.

My firstborn, Ruth Mae, was born and died on Easter. Even though it's a different date every year, the fact of the matter is, that holiday she died. So for me, this is a bittersweet holiday. I'm just a bit quieter today. I looked at the date and realized there is exactly one month until her birth/deathday. April will be here next week. I am not looking forward to it...

So if you celebrate today, please embrace it.

Enjoy your candy, singing, ham dinner, and family. I will enjoy it, if only with slightly less enthusiasm of other holidays. But I have enjoyed my children this morning, and I thank my lucky stars that I have them in my life.

See you all next week,


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Get up, come on get down with the sickness ....

So about 8 hours after my last post, I fell ill. Quite suddenly actually, while I was at work. I felt faint and kinda spacey, very tired; I had an ache all over my body and I equated it to being hit with a Mack truck ...or maybe a Peterbilt...anyway, I somehow made it through the rest of my workday and when I got home, I took my temperature...102! So I took some Nyquil and called it a night...but not before getting the chills and then sweats in a semi-rapid succession....

Next morning is when the coughing started. I figured it was from my Nyquil-induced sleep, where I sleep lightly, but with my mouth open, or so Hubby says. No, it simply progressed worse and worse throughout the day. By Tuesday, it was so bad, and after a 2nd night of not sleeping so great, at Hubby's suggestion, I broke down and called the Med Clinic for an appt.

Some other non-significant stuff happened through the day and I continued to suffer until my appointment. The doctor diagnosed what I had suspected, having had it more times than I can count: Bronchitis. I know I have documented having Bronchitis on this blog at least once before, if not twice....I will have to look up and find out when....anyway, I was given some antibiotics and Robitussin with Codeine. I thought "Wow, I must be bad if the Doc wants to knock me out!"

I took the antibiotic and felt good enough that evening to go to an event with my ex-boat wives. It probably was a bad idea, but I felt a lot better from one dose. That night I got home, took the Robi w/ Codeine and was ready for uninterrupted blissful night of good old-fashioned healing....which did NOT happen. Apparently, my body has some sort of ironic disorder, where the effects of Codeine are opposite. Instead of sleeping all night, I was awake, fitful, tossing and turning. Add on a Bronchial Cough, and you can understand the hell I was in. The next night, I tried again, not getting to sleep until nearly 4 am, thus confirming my suspicions: Coedine wakes me up, instead of putting me to sleep like normal people.

Well it's Sunday and I feel almost 100%. I still have an occasional cough, but nothing that is so detrimental I cannot function. I even went to work yesterday and will go again in 2 hours. I must be better. Although truth be told, I took my 1st sick day in 7 months on Thursday and with great pride pointed that out to my boss yesterday morning.

So I am better. But it's been one HELL of a week. I hope you all have had a better days out there!

I am going to try and change my background now...wish me luck! See you all next week...


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily Jane


Today my oldest living daughter, Emily, is 7 years old. I feel particularly nostalgic on the kids' birthdays, because I have fond memories of their births and being babies.

The party was fun, but insane. It was raining torrential downpours in CT yesterday, and so EVERYONE in the greater New London area felt it was important to bring their child to Chuck E. Cheese's. So yeah, lots of kids, lots of noise...but really, not so much stress for me. My main concern was how many kids showed up, which was less than I was expecting. But Emily was happy with who showed up and so , if she's content, I needed to be, so I was.

Nessa and Dave surprised Em by coming to the party from RI, and Miss Nicky also came and the both Ladies brought SUPER NICE gifts for Em. Artsy and Hannah Montana...Emily was in heaven!

Well I must be off. I have work and as I type Emily is talking to my parents and she is closing her conversation. Hope you all have a good week.


p.s. Glad to have you back blogging Mimi! We missed you! :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Life has been patiently waiting for me.....

This week has been interesting. I am adjusting to Hubby being home all the time once more, and though I am learning that I CAN leave the house and live my life, see my friends and still be a good wife, there are times I wish I could take him with me, because he needs to get out too. But I feel confident and less guilty, and so, less inclined to be a hermit like Hubby, unlike the last two times he's had surgery. It's rather liberating to know I can live how I want, and not feel guilty for my life obligations. I think Hubby can tell the difference too. We had a long talk about how he doesn't want me to feel bad, he knows I am one who likes to get out. It's nice to know he doesn't resent me wanting to get out once in a while. It makes me feel more confident about it.

Mom News: A few weeks back, I was informed of a message on Craigslist for someone looking for my mother. I contacted the person, and we began correspondence. He is an old boyfriend of hers (before she met my father), and, apparently he even met me when I was a baby and sent the pictures to prove it. IMO, he still smitten with her. It's very sweet, and he's a very endearing person. I gave Mom his email and they have been emailing each other now several times every day, and he's invited her up to stay with him in Maine for a couple weeks at the end of this month. I have convinced her to go. My step-dad would have been happy to see her move on with a man who is so dedicated to her as he was. Moreover, she may be moving up there with him. This is good for both her and I. She'll move on with her life, she'll move out, and I am hoping will be happy. And I will have my house, privacy and family happiness back. There will be no hard feelings, no grudges, and no guilt....I like that.

Emily turns 7 a week from today. Her party is on Saturday, and it's strange to think that she is already 7. Her party is a Chuck E. Cheese's, and that means little to no work for me. It'll be expensive as hell, but no more so than if I hired a clown or magician or whatever. Plus I won't have to clean up afterwards, make goody bags, cook or clean. I know the kids will enjoy it immensely, and even Hubby said "yay! I can play video games and eat pizza!" LOL

Hubby and I started cleaning this week. Spring Cleaning. We cleaned the office, or started it rather, and I am about 1/2 done. I still need to take apart the computer, set up the new desk and hutch and organize/clean out the book cases. But that's what the school week is for. My next project? The linen and "big" closets. Just in the office we had 4 trash bags full of trash. scary, eh?

I am reserving the real cleaning of the downstairs until my mother goes on her trip to Maine. I won't have her hovering over me, watching me like a television show, and I can express my frustration without upsetting her. And I can throw out that effing rug in the LR that I refuse to deep clean again because I know that it's pointless being a light beige rug in my house. I am going to ditch it until she is moved out, and her furniture is out, then get a different rug, once my furniture is all back in place.

I am sure all this "news" is terribly boring to you all, but this is what I am. This blog is my outlet. I hope you will keep reading, and maybe once my life and house is less cluttered and more clean I can get back to blogging about interesting topics. Or at least more interesting that talking about cleaning and complaining about my mother.

Have a great week. See you all next Sunday!

~Cissa Fireheart