Monday, June 30, 2008

BrittCon is over....and I am taking a vacation!

I promised you a detailed report of BrittCon today...but I realized that in order to do that, I would delay my trip to my dad and Mum's in Martha's Vineyard! I am taking a vacation with the kids for about 5 days, and going to do as little as possible since I did so much this last weekend...

But, I bringing my laptop to The Vineyard, so tonight, after all the house is asleep, I plan on doing an update. For now, as I am lazy and short on time, I will post my Flickr Account Page, so you can stop there and peruse a few of the 180 pictures I's just highlights of things, but still, about 30 pictures to get an idea of things....

(Don' rush me, I'm perusing the merchandise, Mistah Weasel!)

I had a blast at BrittCon. It was so great to meet everyone that I did and make new friends.

But man, am I tired and in pain from walking so much!

At least I lost some weight -- that is confirmed, I lost 5 lbs this weekend from walking and sweating so much! WOOT!!

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Unknown said...

Looks like you had a blast! Enjoy a glass on the shore for me too!!!

Oooo.... I have your candles and the T-Shirt for KBug @ the house. You're no stranger though, I can hunt you down! lol

Have fun & relax this week.

Karl said...

Had a blast hanging with you this weekend. I'll have to check out the photos later. Have a great vacay!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful weekend we had! it was great to meet you. thanks for sharing your photos. i'm impressed that you got this far so quickly...i'm still incredibly beat from the travel and fun!

by the way, i love my t-shirt and hat. that was way cool of you to bring presents. i feel bad for not doing the same. this trip snuck up on me and i was a terrible planner. bad becky!

Miss Britt said...

I'll be lucky if I have a post by next Monday. LOL

And I'm pretty sure I GAINED 5 lbs this weekend. No amount of walking or sweating could make up for ALL THE FOOD!!!

whall said...

When you were told to do a 180, they meant turn around, not take 180 pictures!

(glad you had fun)

Anonymous said...

I am envious...and so happy for you all at once. Enjoy your vacation and recovery girlie. :)