Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Kaity-bug

Today is Kaitlyn's 4th birthday!

She's had a great day so far. I brought cupcakes to her Pre-K class for snack. Then after school we went to the "all" (she can't say Mall), and got her ears pierced. Tonight is her party. Bowling, pizza and cake for all! I hope some kids show up. She will be happy no matter who shows up, but I know I will be disappointed if not a lot of kids show for her...Anyway, here's the Birthday Girl: looking pretty with her Birthday Ribbon and beautiful pierced ears!

Happy 4TH Birthday Kaitlyn!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September Updates and Tributes

School started for the kids a week ago today. It seems unreal that both my kids are gone in the morning, and then only one is here for a few hours before the other arrives home. It's been so lovely to enjoy getting things accomplished without both of them on my back. Heres are some pictures of the girls on their first day...

Kaity and Emily all dressed and ready to go!

Emily in line for 1st grade!

Kaitlyn looking absolutely adorable for Pre-K!

Yes, mom is still here, and NO she HAS NOT gotten a job so she can get back on her feet on her own. She has turned into a leech, and quite honestly, it's starting to grate my nerves immensely. She may help with laundry and dishes, but that's it. She's not bringing any money onto this house, and in the meantime eats all our food (which we have to buy more of with 5 people now), not to mention the fact that I have no privacy and can't relax in my own home because I feel like she hovers over me all the time. I am sure I sound like a whining heartless bitch, but she's done this to me before. It took us moving half way around the world for her to get off her ass and get a job because she had no were to go and Hubby refused to take her with us. She's 50 years old and more than capable of taking care of herself, but she won't because she knows I will. The guilt I carry because she's my mother and she just lost my step-fatehr has made her take advantage of me, and while I realize it now, it still weighs me down and will not allow me to actually kick her out like needs to be done....

With all the financial strain of her now living wiht us, and not being willing to get up off her ass and get a job, I've had to get a job. I am waitressing part-time at a place that I frequent. It's not a lot of work, and I don't make crazy money, but in the first 2 weeks, I definitely have seen myself make some good tip money and a regular paycheck...not too shabby! I am enjoying being able to do things and not depend on Hubby's moeny to sustain us. I think Hubby will be happy too. He's been gone for a while, and willl still be gone for a while...but what's new about that?

The last thing that is an update around here is the fact that today I will be elected Family Readiness Group President. What this means far as the "Boat Wives Club" goes, I am president. I had no one running against me, and hey, that's a sight better than running against someone and finding out later the election was rigged so you definitely would not win...even though you actually had.....I could go into a long list of why the last "regime" was horrid for myself and a few others, but I won't....but I will say, I've written a little speech once it's official, and I am sure some people won't like it. But I don't give a damn. I'm not here for a popularity contest, I'm here to support my husband, the crew and the rest of the families of this command. and I won't let some petty, rank-wearing, politician bitches try and derail that for their own personal glory and power trips.

But now let's change the subject....and pay tribute.....

.....Today is Patriot Day here in the US. Everyone knows what September 11th is for the USA. We lost a lot of good people this day, heroes, helpers, mothers, fathers, children......military and civilian. I know I can vividly recall that day, try as I might to forget at times. It helps me to remember why I do what I do to support my husband. I hope you will remember those who lost their lives this day. I hope that you will remember why we are at war. terror will not prevail. I hope you all will honor the lives lost with living each day as though it might be your last and enjoy it.

May America be blessed with perseverance and healing. May our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines come home safe. May we remember those who have served and sacrificed their lives for this country. May we remember and honor those who are families of service members, and realize that we too give our lives, our hearts, to help keep it free....