Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

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Tonight all the ghouls and boys will be out!! I am volunteering at Emmy's school because she has been Star Student the last 7 days. That means she has been line leader, snack helper, etc. for a week, and I was asked to come in and read a story to the class after the "Pumpkin Party" they are having today. Since we live in a Politically Correct world these days, the kids are not allowed to wear costumes to school, which I think is a shame, because honestly, MOST KIDS, don't understand the religious background of Halloween, so why should they suffer? GIMME A BREAK!!

Besides, this is NEW ENGLAND!! WE HAVE WITCHES HERE!! Seriously, there are a lot of Wiccans here, and guess what? THIER HOLIDAY IS BEING SUPPRESSED!!! If I were wiccan I'd be protesting all over that bloody school. As it is I am seriously considering showing up in costume. I can claim I am a witch and today is a holiday, so I am dressing up...technically, they can't disallow ME, as an adult, the right to freely express my would be a lie, so that's the only reason I won't...but it does burn me up in the gut, lemme tell you!

ANYWAY...I've got 200 popcorn balls, 4 bags of candy and ZB will be bringing about 500 pieces herself to pass out while I take the girls around trick or treating. After about a block or two, I will bring Kaity home, and ZB will take Emmy out for some more houses. It will be a fun night, and the weather is not too cold, thank the good lord, my cloak over my Medievil garb should be plenty....

I hope you all have a great night, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

In Pain in a Number of Ways....

So the weekend after my anniversary, my friend Adam ditchedme at Mohegan Sun Casino fro some friends in New Haven...meaning I was all alone, looking dead sexy, and drunk in the casino and he was 1 1/2 hours away having a good old time not worrying about me...a kind stranger drove me home. Had he not been a military man, I would not have accepted. Adam got a reaming of the importance of ditching a drunk hot woman when she's depending on him...He also did not answer his cell phone the rest of the weekend, and by the time he called on Sunday, I was LIVID. He is lucky I didn't kick in his genetalia in the middle of Wal-Mart.....he promised to make it up to me....he hasn't really done that yet...and it hurts that he was so glib about the whole ordeal....

The following Tuesday, ZB took me to my wisdom tooth extraction. I was in bed most of Tuesday and Wednesday, in extreme pain and on lots of medication... but by Thursday, my good friend Angie was turning 21 and I couldn't ignore that! We went out for drinks after dinner at a was a good time...but I was glad to have my vicodin....the pain was still bad...

Friday I went to see The Prestige with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman....why CB has not gotten an Oscar nomination for any of his work over the last 25 years yet is beyond me...go to and look him up...he's done A LOT of quality stuff....Adam and Angie accompanied me to the movie and when we took Angie home, half of a tree was in her backyard!! It was crazy....Adam took me out for a couple drinks to "make up to me" for ditching me the weekend before...but I am still kinda pissed at him because he's pulling the "Oh, well, I was sleeping alll day" excuse on me when he makes plans to hang out this week....I think he has a girlfriend, which would be good cause the guy needs to get laid, but seriously....he keeps letting me down, and I think it's a sign the friendship isn't what I thought it was.....

It's Tuesday again and I got my stitches out from the wisdome teeth extraction. I have had severe pain in the bottom right of my mouth, the side in which my most impacted tooth was. The doc had to give me more vicodin...The pain was gettign so bad it was giving me migraines...on the upside, my first "real meal" after the tooth extraction? Steak and Cheese grinder from D'Angelos's....and lemme tell you was the BEST steak grinder (sub, hoagie, whatever you call it in your own neck of the woods) EVER.....

I spent $150 on a new bedset today. 400 count Egyptian Cotton Sateen sheets, and a luxury jaquard/velvet comforter I feel guilty? NOT IN THE LEAST...Hubby missed a birthday, an anniversary, and will miss Christmas, AND he spent well over $1000 in foreign ports so far on himself and hasn't ONCE even sent me a fucking he can kiss my ass...I deserve some nice new bedding, damn it!

I've been a bit manic in my moods lately, hence why I haven't been writing....I just feel like I'm in the bottom of a hole right now...I hate to feel like this, but I do...eventually I'll climb out, and Hubby will be almost home....someday.....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Anniversary Cissa & Hubby

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary. Hubby and I were married in Norwich, CT back in 1998 at a justice of the peace. We had about 7 people at the service, and at our apaprtment afterwards 9. The only member of my family present was my mom. We feasted on Hawaiian meatball subs, cookies, beer and champagne. It was a cloudy day.

Hubby isn't around this year, and it's the first time in a long time we have not been together for it. I can only think of one other time - 2001. Not a bad track record for a Navy Couple.

Here's some more pictures from the wedding.....

I'd write more, but I am a little sad today. I miss Hubby......

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Updates Abound

Well Saturday was the Renaissance Faire. It was fun! But I think next year I am going to buy season tickets so that one day Hubby and I can go with the kids and another day we can go by ourselves. It was hard to see all the shows and goings on, not to mention the fact that the kids required a lot of attention and wanted to do things as well. But overall, a very nice time. I did end up getting a cloak to go over my ensemble, as it was a bit chilly in the morning and towards the end, and even with long johns under my skirt, my topside was a bit exposed and cold! hehe. The kids had tea with Queen Morgan, Sister of Arthur, and sat with ladies in waiting to the Queen. They even got to see a special visitor -- the Dame Knight who represented Queen Morgan on the Jousting Fields brought her horse for all the Ladies, Dames and Princesses of the Tea Party to meet!! They had SUCH a great time! They were knighted by King Arthur himself too! I can't wait for next year!

I had a good time too. One of my favorites was the human chess match. It was very cool. And one of the Kings Noblemen hit on me!! oh yes and Merlin got me to dance with the Royal Party. It was such a good time! Man, I really wish Hubby could have gone with us. I am getting him an outfit for next year....I want to do it again!!!

In other news, Emily is starting to READ!! YES READ!! She did some coloring the other day, and made a "book" called "I wish I had an apartment". And no kidding, she actually wrote I WSH I HD APTMNT . I could actually see that she was writing this! so I got one of the beginner books out for her and she read the whole thing...well I did help her out with sounding some of the words, but she really was reading the words! I was so proud of her. I couldn't believe it. She is so doggone smart!

Today I spent a lot of my day putting up pictures on the wall. I've been in this house almost 6 weeks, it was time to start personalizing the place. I have a lot of cleaning to do because I am having guests over on Saturday evening. I've got my list and have been ferverently getting things done. I also went shopping with my friend ZBabygirl, who will be known forevermore as ZB. We were looking for used or inexpensive kitchen chairs, as my kitchen set is starting to fall apart, and 2 of the chairs have already broken. I suppose that's what 5 moves in 4 years will do to them, eh? No luck in finding anything I could use that would closely match what I have...but maybe later in the week I will have some luck...

I am off to bed. More cleaning and decorating to be had tomorrow. Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is It Saturday Yet??

I cannot wait for Saturday. I have been looking forward to this Saturday for about a month now...Why? It's just the 2nd Saturday of the month, what could possibly be so exciting this Columbus day weekend? The Connecticut Renaissance Faire, that's what!!

I have always wanted to go to a Renaissance Faire. I had a friend growing up who always went to King Richard's Faire in the fall, and I was always so doggone jealous. As a drama-type person, the idea of all the Chivalry of the medieval times really gets me pumped. Well now I am a grown-up, and thanks to Hubby's income, I can afford to do things I never could as a kid. Like go to the Ren Faire. I even bought an outfit to wear, and outfits for the kids too!! Of course, the outfits are doubling as Halloween costumes, so I am getting my money's worth....Isn't my outfit beautiful?? ( I won't be wearing the hoop skirt underneath like in the picture, so it won't be as poofy)

Well, then I decided to up the ante and go for something I REALLY always wanted to do. Join the SCA. Yep, I am a geek at heart, and I love this stuff. I want to learn how to make the clothing and do the cooking stuff. I really am a woman, aren't I?

So me, the kids, my friends Kristen, Adam, and Mimi & Durk and their son, are going to be heading to Hebron on Saturday morning for a full day of Renaissance Fun! I think Nessa & Dave are even gonna meet us there! It's so rare that I get excited for something like this, I just cannot contain it. Every time I talk to someone who is going with me, I gush like a kid waiting to go to FAO Schwartz or something. This is MY kind of fun, and I can't wait!!

I will try to take pictures, but since the digital camera still hasn't been taken to the shop, I am going to use my 35 MM SLR. I am sure I will still get some great pictures. I may even drag out the scanner for them!

For heaven's sake, SATURDAY GET HERE ALREADY!!!