Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nervous, nervous, nervous, nervous, whoa-oh-oh

I am out of my funk, so to speak....having a few days to clear my head and re prioritize myself mentally and for the purpose of my existence has helped a bit.

And then I realize, Holy Carp (and I do mean the fish), it's WEDNESDAY!!

Today is my job interview!

And then the realization that I am attempting to become of the "grown-ups" workforce, the fact that I have been waiting 5 years to actually enter this phase of my life, the fact that I can't turn back, I truly am, an almost-31-year-old woman hit me like a ton of bricks.

This is my first real job interview, in nearly 7 years. And I have no fucking clue waht the hell I am getting myself into.

Yes, I have had jobs, waitressing, temp work, and I did actually apply to be a permanent hire in some places, but Emily was a baby, and I was living in Hawaii. That's a lifetime ago, to be honest. But I get this....feeling. I can't explain it. This is it. This is the job.

Perhaps I am over-excited at the prospect of making nearly 5/6ths of what my husband makes and he's been in the Navy for 14 years. Perhaps it is the prospect of not being solely a "mommy" anymore. I used to stand around the school yard with my kids and it would make me ill to think that this was going to be the basis of my identity - Emily & Kaitlyn's Mom.

Nu-uh, no way. I'll get by on my own merits, thanks. I don't need my kids (though love them as I do with all my core) to be the reason I get up in the morning. I've always known that, though for the last 7 years, it's been how I have existed. And I have a problem with that; it doesn't make me happy. Does that make me a bad mom? Probably not, it just makes me a different mom from all the others who try to live vicariously through their children's lives, basing all their decisions on their children's wants, not knowing, outside of scrapbooking, shopping and playdates, and sports games, what they want out of life because this is all they have ever known since taking their marriage vows.

I am soooo not that person.

And today, I am going to prove it. I am going to go to that interview, hide the nerves, focus on my "interview prep" that I have been reading about all morning (I'm a last minute crammer, I admit, but I always ace the test), and come out victorious with a job that even reading the want ad, made me want the job so bad I could taste it.

How odd, eh? I can already envision myself in the job.

I hope that I don't get disappointed. If I do, well, I'll just have to dust myself off and learn from my experience.

But I just get this feeling....this is it.

Of course, I ask for all your good juju for today. especially around 12:30 PM EST....

It doesn't hurt to have some back-up, right? :)


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sumptuous Sunday - Week 2: Chocolate Delight

Welcome to Sumptuous Sunday! My weekly recipe sharing series. What is Sumptuous Sunday, you ask?

Here's how it works: Every Sunday I will post a recipe that I enjoy. Not just anything from my cookbook, but a sumptuous kick-ass recipe that I myself have eaten over and over again. If you have a kick-ass recipe you want to share, email it to me at I will try a couple recipes a week. If I find yours is incredibly Sumptuous, I will post it here on the blog, giving my reaction and singing your praises. I'm working on a little icon you can post and link back to the day you were featured! :)

Week 2 brings us to a dessert. And not just any dessert, but one that I personally only make 2 times a year, because it is so Sumptuous, making it more than that would ruin the mistique and anticipation my family has for this recipe. And it's amazingly simple....

Ladies and Gentlemen, I offer you:

Chocolate Delight

3 dozen Lady Fingers
12 oz. semi-sweet choclate chips
4 T. sugar
4 T. water
4 egg yolks, lightly beaten
1/2 tsp. vanilla
4 egg whites, lightly beaten
1 c. cool whip or equivalent

Line bottom and sides of a DEEP round cake pan (small spring form or 2 qt. casserole works too)with wax paper, then lady fingers. Melt chocolate chips in a double boiler or microwave. Add sugar, water and egg yolks. Cook over med-low heat until smooth, stirring constantly. Cool. Add vanilla and fold in egg whites. Pour 1/2 of mixture over lady fingers in cake pan. top with second layer of lady fingers. Add remaining mixture. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Top with cool whip before serving.

My god, this is a RICH and sumptuous dessert. Seriously, just thinking about it right now in July makes me wish it were Christmas. I am actually considering asking my mother to make this for my birthday this year, since my favorite ice cream place no longer does cakes.

Please do try this recipe and tell me what you think. But I guarantee, you will NOT be disappointed!

And remember, send me your recipe, and it could be featured here!

Until next time,

Friday, July 25, 2008

How low can you go?

Apparently pretty damn low without hitting rock bottom.

That's me. I'm doing the cryptic thing.

I'm really glad I had an interview yesterday, and another one next week....possibly two.

I can't bring myself to be bouncy and all happy-sounding. All the effort that I have put into trying to be upbeat and positive has drained me, and this is what left.

Numb, cryptic, tired.

I am guessing I will have more things to say once I clear my head, get my shit together and the kids are home. That happens tomorrow. Still gotta break the news to the parental units that I am not coming for the weekend. I don't need the passive aggression right now.

I'm out of cigarettes, and I can't do anything about it. I still have another week before I can get any.

Maybe it's good I am so raw with numbness, I don't have the energy to go from 0 to Bitch on the blog. I feel like I am just writing my thoughts....what's the phrase, streamlining? no...whatever....

Just saying all my thoughts as they come.

Sorry to say, I'm so low, I kinda don't care right now.

At least I recognize when I am low, and have forewarned you all.

Next week will be better. Need to concentrate on getting a job. Will worry about what to do with the kids when I actually have a job. Need to stop talking about needing a job so much. People are probably tired of hearing about it.

ok, time to go...


Thursday, July 24, 2008

HNT: BrittCon Purchases

Welcome to HNT! This week I have a lovely view of my OTHER arm (the one opposite last weeks tan lines)...

Pictured on my arm are 4 bracelets I got in Chinatown. They are Hermatite, Tiger's Eye, and Red and Black Jade.

This morning I was awoken by the phone ringing. My caller ID crapped out, but I assumed it was Misk. Upon answering, I discovered it was the Dentist's Office who I had left my name with yesterday regarding employment. I had a brief phone interview, which I totally rocked, even if I was half-asleep, and then asked to fax in my resume so that they could review it, then call me back to set up my physical interview! WOOT!

I also have an appointment at 2:30 PM with the Temp Agency (name withheld) that I have worked for in the past. I am hoping that this will get me gainful employment, in case the Dentist's office falls through.

I also need to get my ass in gear and get the kids set up for School Age Care through the Navy base. School starts in about a month, and if I have them registered NOW, I won't have to worry about it later....

ok I am off! If you want to see other HNT photos, Stop by Os's Place!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ENOUGH Already!!

Seriously, I am about at my breaking point. My Worry Meter has now hit 11.

First I have friends with sick family members, Then other friends lose pets, then friends and family are getting sick or dying. Then family of friends die....


The final straw is my good friend Nicky. She went to Wisconsin for a funeral, and ended up in the hospital, nearly dying herself.

This is seriously like then end. Angie's in the hospital for surgery today, and I'm about to flip out.

UPDATE: Nicky is now getting emergency surgery on her gall bladder. Yeah, I am slightly freaking out, but hoping it will all turn out well. As a natural worrier, who can't do a damn thing from about 1500 miles away, I am helpless and of course, worried to death.

Please send any spare juju this way for Nicky and Angie today -- thank you!

Wringing my hands, hoping for the best,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a good thing the kids are on vacation....

...because there is no way in hell I would have been able to deal with them today.

It's only Tuesday, and I feel like it's been a Millenia since I packed them up and sent them off with my parents to the Vineyard. I'm not saying I miss them terribly, which I do. it's just that time goes by so slowly when you aren't dealing with kids, or getting ready to deal with kids.

So my Monday started out like any other, did some cleaning, got the kids some appointments for physicals for cheerleading and school. Called the dentist back and scheduled for her cavity fill, then called my parents and instructed them that she is not allowed any sugar except for fruit, due to said cavity. Hung out, surfed the net, watched know, kinda like a vacation.

After a Wii Bowling tournament with Misk (in which I kicked his ass, BTW), we watched a little more TV and then back to the computers because there was nothing good on. ok, thats cool. about 9:30 pm my phone rings, and it's Angie.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asks in her cute tone that makes me think she wants me to go drinking or something.

"Nothin', just hanging out." I say in my pj's as I click another link on the 'net.

"Wanna make $70?"


So she proceeds to tell me about this job at one of the casinos where we breakdown the stage and whatnot, usually for about 2 hours, and we get paid for 4. It sounded cool, and I knew she had done it before, so I agreed, hung up, got dressed, and in about 20 minutes later, was with her at the meet-up point. There were a lot of guys there and I think like 8 girls. I was slightly intimidated.

If any of you watched WWE Raw last night, you will know where I was. The pyrotechnics right at the end? Scared the hell out of me, because we were standing right behind it about 50 feet away and didn't know it was gonna happen. The first time it blew, I nearly hit the ground, combat style. The second time, I though Angie was gonna be Spider Woman. Good the show is over, and it's time to get to work.

I got my little wrist band that said "PUSHER". Apparently, being a girl, all I was good for was pushing stuff to the trucks. I was cool with that! We got free drinks, and there was a lot of walking. As a pusher there wasn't much we could do until things were disassembled, except push carts to the places that things had to go was organized chaos, and considering 4 of the trucks that "Mutton Chops Guy" (the head roadie) needed weren't there in time, we managed to get that stuff all taken down and on the trucks in less than 3 hours. Amazing. But, I gotta tell you, I exerted a lot of energy in rushing and pushing and lifting.

It was fun, and I made sure to give the guy who runs the local help my info so I could do it again. the best part of this all? Free "WWE CREW" t-shirt! Oh yeah, I am a bad ass! hehe.

So we didn't get out of there til 2:30 AM, and by the time I got home and into bed it was 3 AM. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed....and didn't wake up until 1 PM today!

As many of you know, Misk has been on Limited Duty (LIMDU) for the last 6 months for medical issues. Last week he was informed his Medical Review was today. I have been a little nervous about this, trying to come to terms with the possible outcomes - Misk back to a boat and possibly one leaving soon for deployment, Misk off of subs and onto surface, meaning we move, Misk getting discharged from the Navy and we move to wherever Misk gets a job. It's been hard to come to terms with the possibilities, because I am not a fan of change-- or moving.

Well, today I got some good news. About 20 minutes after I woke, Misk came home for Physical Therapy, and informed me, that his LIMDU has been renewed for another 6 months! Yep, we'll be in CT for another long while, and I am OK with that. I will be able to stay with my friends, and I will be able to keep my kids at the school they've known almost their whole school lives (Emily went to 1 year of Pre-K in FL, Kaity has only ever known CT schools). I am cool with knowing we don't have to move. At least for now.

So that's it. I am still in my PJ's at 2:45 in the afternoon, but guess I will get dressed. I have some laundry to fold that didn't get finished yesterday, and Misk is due home from PT shortly.

Life is pretty good for the moment....


Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm not as smart as I thought I was!

I'm a person who, like many in this country, thinks I have a pretty good idea about my financial issues. When I saw the BillsIQ Test, I thought, "Hey I know I'll score good" Even if I don't practice what I should, I do know a few things about what I should be doing...

click here to check your Bills IQ!

I was wrong. I seriously need to look into Debt consolidation. I was taking the quiz, and la-dee-da, answering the questions, then I get my score. 68%...a D! Wow. In my book, anything lower than a B is an EPIC fail....So after you take the quiz, they walk you through your answers, and a sidebar either phrases your answer as being the financially savvy one, or they give you advice on how to improve your BillsIQ. I saw many things that I wish I had known about earlier, and even thinking about them gives me a headache, BUT....I know I am definitely going to be getting them done.

I'm on a fixed income, but I have discovered that just because I am, does NOT mean that I can't take care of my future. This is a good thing! And now thanks to, I am aware of some of the steps I can take to ensure my financial security when I am older, and the kids are getting ready to descend to college. If you haven't taken this BillsIQ Survey yet, I highly recommend it.

Just try not to make me feel to bad about my BillsIQ, please? I'm sensitive, cause my real IQ suggests that I should have known this stuff in the first place!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sumptuous Sunday - A New Series - Week 1

I decided to start something new on the Blogosphere: Sumptuous Sundays! Dawg Snacks on Sunday & does Cereal Wednesday , Snackie Snacks (albeit words, not food), and dang it, it gets me hungry for life. I love food (obviously), so I am gonna start this bad-boy of a series!

Here's how it will work: Every Sunday I will post a recipe that I enjoy. Not just anything from my cookbook, but a sumptuous kick-ass recipe that I myself have eaten over and over again. If you have a kick-ass recipe you want to share, email it to me at I will try a couple recipes a week. If I find yours is incredibly Sumptuous, I will post it here on the blog, giving my reaction and singing your praises. I'm working on a little icon you can post and link back to the day you were featured! :)

This week's inaugural recipe was posted in the New London Day on Wednesday, and it's a recipe from a local restaurant that I have visited quite a few times since I discovered it a few months ago. It's summer, so this is great for any parties and BBQ's you may throw in the next 6 weeks. it truly kicks ass, and believe me, people will be asking you for the recipe ALL THE TIME!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present......


Serves 12-15














Combine the vegetables with the cooked pasta, and hand toss until well mixed. Add the mayonnaise and the ranch dressing, combining thoroughly. Sprinkle with parsley, and chill before serving.

Talk about delicious! Absolutely Sumptuous, I tell you!

So that's it for the very first Sumptuous Sunday. Next week, another recipe, and maybe it will be YOURS!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Stop! Hammer time! (insert Rick James sample here)

The hammer on housecleaning is falling. I must have a decent looking place for tomorrow when my parents come to get the children for a week. They will only see the downstairs, so it is imperative it not look like a shithole. or I will hear about it for the next 5 years...then I will remind my father I eloped and he did not have to deal with my wedding, and all will be well.

I am going to see The Dark Knight tonight, and do not plan on doing anything to delay it. My Christian Bale obsession will be temporarily quelled.

Misk went back to work today, thank the Lord and Lady. He was getting on my nerves. 24/7 around your spouse does not work for me, unless he's been gone for 6 weeks to 6 months....

My friend, zbabygirl, had her baby yesterday. He was 3 1/2 weeks early. Her water broke, and I didn't hear anything for nearly 24 hours. I will admit, I was freaking out, fearing that she had experienced my worst fear -- that she would lose her baby, how I lost Mae 8 years ago. I am very happy to report, my fears were all for naught.

I picked up the funniest onesies for him today. I can't wait to see him tonight before the movie!

Babies are great. I can't wait til my kids have them!



Thursday, July 17, 2008

HNT: Tan Lines

I decided to post my lovely watch and ring tans this week for Half-Nekkid Thursday. I am extremely proud at how golden brown I get every summer. So I thought I would share it this week....enjoy!

If you would like to visit other HNT participatns, click on the icon at the top of this post, and check the comments! There's also links on the side bar of all the HNT bloggers :) I know Becky is a regualr participant, so visit her too!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Popular, I know about popular. It's not about aptitude, it's the way you're viewed....

After catching up on some Blog Drama today, that I was blissfully ignorant about, I'm going to target myself. I want the attention. And also? I've got nothing else to blog about.

Yep, I went to BrittCon, and I had a blast. It's a shame more people didn't come, but you know what? We still had fun. And even better? I made some awesome new friends.

Yep, I think Britt, Avitable, Jester, Hilly, Hellohahanarf, Dave2, Karl and a bunch of others are the cat's pajama's...seriously, they are frickin awesome people. Why some low-life, bored, crab-infesterd CUNT (she must be in order to be such pissy person) feels the need to pick on my friends is beyond me.

If you don't like these people, then don't fucking read their blog. Period.

I actually would love for that cunt to make a post about me. What's she gonna say? I'm a bored house-wife? Check....she'll fail to mention I am actively looking for a job on several job websites and sending out about 3 resume's a week (honestly, there's CRAP for my field in a little Navy town). But yes, I am bored...which is why I sometimes blog, and use Twitter, and whatever else.

Maybe she'll say I am a bad wife & parent because I love to go off and meet bloggers and bitch about how much my kids drive me insane. Check. Only she'll leave out the fact that I actually invited my husband to accompany me, and he declined. She'll also not write about how I virtually left the blogosphere for a week to spend on a vacation on Martha's Vineyard for some much enjoyed family time with my kids and how I have so many memories of my kids together I know I shed a tear or two in several moments watching them play and have summer fun.

Oh I know! She'll make some mention of my religious beliefs! Being a Wiccan and all, there's loads of material for her to go off about! I'm a heathen, I'm going to hell, I'm a sinner, blah blah blah...Check. And I bet she'll think I will cower in fear of her awesome Christian-ness? Because you know, having a whole blog slamming people you secretly are jealous of is one way to show what a perfect little follower of Jesus you are...In fact I think she breaks a few commandments herself...Nope, that's The Golden Rule....dang, being a Pagan and all, what the hell do I know? Oh right. I know she'll get her malicious mud-slinging back threefold.

Wait, I've got it! She'll talk about what a fat whore I am, because I am overweight and I participate in Pay Per Post! CHECK AND CHECK. Wow, how original! I'm so upset, honest...I think I might cry. Because isn't it obvious I am totally unaware of how gross I am? I mean how could my husband possibly want to fuck me without being scared of being smothered by my large and natural chest??? Everyday, almost folks...sometimes twice in one day to make up for a missed day. And as for being fat? Why not let me worry about that...since I have shed 8 lbs in the last month, I'm looking a lot better, I think, and that's just the beginning. Just ask Misk, he'll tell you....(and I apologize for the TMI about my sex life, but sometimes, you gotta give TMI for attention, you know?)

Honestly, if this cunt posted about me? It would only bring me traffic. I could use it. I also could use more comments, so maybe some of her troll-friends could stop by and leave comments? I'll even leave them up, I swear! I love it when bullies try to bother me. Really. Just ask my last FRG. I bet they could tell you how I handle bullies. Muahaha....

Anyway, to my friends who have been targeted by this unsavory person? Don't let the crabby cunt get you down! I mean really, if she got you down, she might infest you with her disease. EWWWWW!! And figuratively? She's not worth it. You do have friends, and followers, and stuff. You ARE rock stars. This cunt is just jealous she's not.

Either that or she's fucking brilliant, because she's getting all the attention now.

I wish I could do that -- minus the itchy, festering, infectious vaginal disease, of course.

I'm going to go back to my boring life. It's Washing Wednesday, after all!

I do hope I haven't offended anyone. *snicker* If I have? Oh please, feel free to comment, or make a nasty blog post about it.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I signed up for PPP...and it's a Murphy's Law Day

What is PPP you ask? Well some of you know, some of you don't, so if you know, thanks for reading on anyway...

PPP means Pay Per Post. I figure, I post at least 4 times a week. So, why not take the time to possibly get paid to post about things, mostly products I like or think are cool? People do it all the time. I am not trying to make a career out of it or anything, BUT...hey, if I can get enough money to possibly pay for a domain name, that would be pretty cool, don't you think?

So here I am. This is my first PPP post, and don't worry, they will be obvious, because you will see this little icon thingie on them all:

I've already spied a few things I want to post about, and probably near the end of the week, you will hear about at least one of them. I would never ever try to endorse something I don't agree with, or that I wouldn't use. So no worries, ok? I still have some morals left!

Now, onto everything else.....

Well there isn't much. Misk got his nose splints out, and then proceeded to snore like a chainsaw, in my face, all night long. We all woke up late this morning and it was a mad scramble to get the kids off to camp. Then while getting breakfast, the entire contents of my change pocket in my wallet spilled into my purse. then the McDonald's we went to DID NOT HAVE SWEET TEA!

Today is a Murphy's Law Day. I am hoping with the addition of the PPP stuff, my day will get better! but if Murphy has anything to do with it? Things will keep messing up...of course, it's been three things, so maybe my Three-fold belief will kick in and some good stuff will happen! I guess we'll see :)

This afternoon we are heading to my kid's camp to see Emily perform in "Camp Idol" She's going to be singing! Woot!

Hvae a great summer day, folks!


blog reviews

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heartache to heartache, we stand......

Thanks to those who inquired in comments or privately about Misk and his nose. He's doing a lot better today, having progressed a big step everyday since his Surgery. Thursdays blood was enough to make me queasy a lot of the day, but I just turned my head and did something else. he gets the silicone tubes that are keeping his nose structure in tact out tomorrow, and I am sure there will be more blood, but I am hoping no nose structure changes.

It's been a fairly relaxing weekend. Friday I hung out with my girlfriends at one of their houses, Saturday, Misk let ME sleep in, then I watched more episodes of Weeds on Netflix....We had a lovely family dinner, which just at the end was punctured by the telephone ringing. I answered it, and it was Mom in RI, who was calling again. My cousin Dino somehow got her a cell phone so she checks in every few days....because ya know, spending a whole year with her means I want to hear from her all the time now, apparently.....

"Hey Mom, how are you?"

"Listen, I got some bad news,"

My mind raced, and I felt my body go ridgid and slightly numb. Please, please, please, don't tell me that you need a place to stay, I am not giving up my clean and comfortable home again!! OMG what if someone DIED??? Oh fuck, oh fuck! So I sat down.

"Ok, what happened?"

"Aunty Shirley has breast cancer."

"......WHAT?!" I was glad I was sitting, because I felt like I was suddenly in a tunnel.

Then my mom explained that she's gonna be on radiation, because of her diabetes, she can't be on chemo, or something. It's all hit me just now, while reading some other people's blogs on my news reader, that my aunt is battling something that I have never really experienced before. I don't know how to handle this, how to help, or anything. Hell, I don't think there is much I can do to help.

Now, my aunt and I weren't always on good terms, and I am glad to say that since I became an adult, married and became a mother, things have progressed nicely. but it's still a mind fuck to believe this could happen to this woman. This woman has been through so much in the last 15 years, it seems wholly unfair that she should have to deal with it. Seriously. I could go into it in detail, but to sum it up lets just say...she lost her husband, her mother, her sister, another sister had a stroke, but is a barely functioning person now, has had to move, been through a ton of crap with a lawsuit, and most recently moved 2 sisters back home from where they were. And that's just the stuff I know about.

Then I remember life isn't fair...we all know that. But I believe that there is such a thing as threefold in return for what you get/deal with, and this woman is definitely up for some goodness coming her way. Especially now.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers for a few seconds for my Aunt Shirley when you do your worship thing in the coming months. She needs all the good juju she can get.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dodio-doe, there'll be no nose job, Said dodio-doe, no nose job (smarter than that)

Today Misk is getting nose surgery. His septum is so deviated, it is completely blocked off one nostril, and he is not getting enough oxygen in his blood. he also snores like a fucking chainsaw, and I am hoping that the doctor is right and he will be a lot quieter when in bed...sleeping.....

I am hoping that his nose structure will not change, but the doctor said that it might. I mean, c'mon...look at this face....

(Misk at a BBQ on Martha's Vineyard last weekend)

How could I possibly want that hotness to change??

So, I will not be around to post day 2 of BrittCon, unfortunately, unless he ends up sleeping all day. By the time most of you all read this, he will be at the Naval Ambulatory Care Center, getting sedated in order to get cut up, and I will be in the waiting room, reading and hoping he doesn't die (although the 400K insurance policy might ease the pain -- KIDDING!)

I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be playing nurse to Misk. yay.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's called BrittCon, SUCK IT! (Day 1)

OK, well maybe you haven't been waiting for it, as Britt, Karl, Becky, Robin and Dawg have all given BrittCon recaps. I know it's over a week late, and you all are tired of hearing about it. But just for posterity, and since I promised to do we go....

Thursday - 6/26/08

I drove to New Haven that evening to park my car (for free) at Tink's house. We hung out, smoked cigarettes and drank the bottle of wine I brought. My friend Elizabeth, The Queen of Etiquette told me once, that Emily Post (the Empress of Etiquette) wrote something to the effect of : "A good guest ALWAYS brings a gift for the host(ess). You can't go wrong with Flowers or a good bottle of wine." So I always bring wine when I am a guest at someone's home!

So about 11 PM I crashed on the couch. The End

Friday - 6/27/08

at 5:30 AM I was woken to my LOUD ASS cell phone ringing. Bleary-eyed and half blind (glasses were on the table) I look to see it is Becky calling. She informs me that her flight as cancelled and she won't be getting in to NYC until about the time Britt and Karl are. Lunch plans with Becky are now null and void, but I get over it pretty quickly. OK, I go back to sleep for an hour and a half.

Waking back up, I dress, have coffee and a bagel at Tink's and we head out to Union Station. I took the train to NYC, happily listening to my iPod. My only issue? I am sitting in the opposite way as the train is traveling. Slight headache from motion sickness ensues, but lots of water helps me get over it. I arrive to Grand Central Station, and luckily, Lexington Avenue is one of the exits. I hoof the 5 blocks to my hotel partially uphill, and drop off luggage, call Misk to let him know I got to the City alright and haven't been mugged yet.

I decided to take a little stroll around the area to see how far away B,B, & K are from me. I get about 1/2 way there, realize I'll have to walk back to my hotel eventually to get their gifts and decide to grab food, since I haven't eaten since 7 am and it's now about 12:30PM. Still listening away to my iPod, like a Real New Yorker, I grab Micky D's, becaus eI don't want to eat a REAL New York meal without my friends! I hoof it back to the hotel, eat, and wait....and wait...and check the watch about 100 times, smoke about 5 cigarettes and FINALLY get a hold of BB&K -- they are in the taxi and on their way to the hotel.

I get myself a subway all day metro card (saves time and money, really) and head over. I get about 5 calls from BB&K trying to figure out where I am. Eventually I get to their hotel, and there they are! WOOOT!

Rich, who is from NY, meets up with us soon after, and then after checking into their hotel and stuff, we head off to be tourists. Now, this is not my first trip to NYC, and although I do take some pictures, I have to admit, that watching BB&K "ohhh" and "ahhh" and snap pictures of just about every building and sign made me laugh a lot. me and Rich thoroughly enjoyed seeing BB&K get all excited about it all.

We entered Grand Central, and more pictures were taken. We then decided to grab some food, and went down to the food court. I had Chili. it was damn good. We talked and talked, and then walked around some more, as we headed out. Rich had to leave us and head home while we were still in the food court. We stopped in the market place, which stank of fish, and was crowded as all hell. But BB&K loved it, and more pictures were taken and I think Becky bought something. Then it was on to Lexington Avenue, to my hotel where I needed to actually check-in, freshen up and change, as I had pretty much sweat to death all day, I felt nasty. We headed out once more and back through the streets taking more pictures. Britt had decided that her feet were killing her, so we went to Payless, near GST, and she found wicked cute flip flop sandals. They were hot pink and had sparklies. Very cute. It is then that the infamous phrase was uttered by (I believe) Britt:

"It's called BrittCon, not KarlCon, bitch! There will be shopping! SUCK IT!"

We then headed toward where the Bus Tour place was, back over to the west side of town, stopping at Ben & Jerry's for some delicious smoothies. We got our 48 hour tickets, and met up with Dawg. After having walked all day, my feet were killing me and I wanted to sit. So did Karl, so we crossed 8th Avenue to Starbucks, clamored for chairs, and chatted to Dawg. And of course, twittered like the Dickens about just about everything.

I am amazed at the stories Dawg told us about 9/11. It was everything I could do not to cry several times during the telling of his viewpoint of the day. It was so sad to hear about his EMT partner, who was the only one from his company not to survive. Seriously, thinking about it now? almost 2 weeks later, I still get a pit in my stomach. My phone rang and I excused myself, my girls wanted to say good night, and that they missed me. Sheesh, not even 24 hours and they were already calling! No, really, I didn't mind. They were so sweet, of course.

Back in to Starbucks for some lighter chat, and of course, more twattering. More pictures were taken, and we went outside to "make out". That's code for a Smoke Break. Finally we decided we better high-tail it to the Tour Bus Night Tour Pick-up. We said goodbye to Dawg, since he would be meeting Poppy who drove in that night from France. Then we got to the tour. Well the line, anyway. We waited for about 20 minutes and finally got on the bus, the lights of times Square lit the place so much, you can barely tell it was night. Lots more pictures were taken, and I realized my batteries were dying. I needed to remember to buy some the next morning.

At first the tour guide was alright. Then, he just got boring, and noted random facts that really, I don't think anyone cared about. I was sitting next to Becky, and the people behind us were bitching about her hair flying in their face. Whatever. She had a slight headache, i think, and that's why she didn't tie it back. They were German, and they muttered about it to each other the whole night. It kinda ruined the tour a bit, but I got over it.

I didn't realize it, but we were going to be going over the Manhattan Bridge. I am not a fan of bridges, and we were in an open top bus. I was freaking out. My fear is crippling, actually. When driving over the Gold Star bridge here in CT to get to New London, I grip my steering wheel so hard my knuckles turn white, and that's when I am in charge of the driving. I threw Becky my camera, asked her to take some pictures, and put my head down, holding the back of Karl's seat for dear life. I also silently prayed to the Goddess that I would not die. I didn't, so I guess it worked. After I calmed down we got to see some nice views of Brooklyn and stuff. more pictures. Then the damn boring ass tour guide decided to talk about CUNY - City University of New York. I dunno what the hell he was saying, but almost everything in Brooklyn has some friggin' connection to CUNY, I swear.

Back over the Manhattan Bridge, where I once again cling to the seat in front of me for dear life and put my head down. I am sure BB&K thought I was some sort of freak, but oh well. It's a fear, and that's how I handle it. I could have cried or something, but, nah, clinging in fear is more my style. We headed through Greenwich Village, and stuff, learned about the cast iron buildings, and how they helped to make NYC grow so quickly, and soon were coming up on a stop about 3 blocks from my hotel. I decided to get off the bus there, so I would have less to walk that night. It was a good idea. I said goodnight to BB&K, and got off (TWKS).

After the buss pulled away, I got out my trusty pink iPod, popped the headset in my ears, turned the volume down, in case I was being followed (hey, I do have some other fears, being mugged in NYC is one of them), and started to walk. got to the hotel, showered, listened to the iPod until 1 am, since I couldn't sleep, and finally went to sleep....sort of....

at 2:30 AM, my "roommate" who had just checked in, apparently, banged her way into the room and turned down the A/C. This did not please me, but I pretended to still be asleep, because I knew I was getting up at 7, and was in for a long day. I faked waking up after she banged back in from a trip to the restroom, semi-introduced myself, fund out the chick's name was CeeCee (heh, CeeCee and Cissa, coincidence?) and went back to sleep......sweating like a pig, because the A/C was no longer on full blast, like I like it.....and that, was Day 1!

Tomorrow? BrittCon Day 2...


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Bittersweet 4th of July

I know I said I would write my BrittCon recap when I returned, and I still plan on it. But I want to write about something a little more close to my heart.

This last weekend, while I was on vacation, I had a wonderful time. Misk had driven up n Thursday night, and we were having a great family vacation. It was kinda cloudy and hazy, but we still all had a fun time enjoying the warm weatehr, and being a family. We went to the parade, saw the Celtic's NBA Championship Trophy, and watched fireworks on the beach, while the waves crashed on the shore and whipped our hair around. We spent some relaxing time with our extended family and friends, and except for the traffic there and back, it was a vacation I thoroughly enjoyed. But it was not all joyous. The 4th was shadowed by a tragic event.

On July 4th, there was a fire in Vineyard Haven, the next town over.

The owners of the Cafe Moxie, that is now destroyed and no longer there, had just acquired the business in May. Everything they put into this business that depends on the Summer Season is gone. I cannot even begin to fathom the loss these folks are enduring.

The Bunch of Grapes Bookstore, which I have been going to since I was a kid, is right next door. Not even 18 hours prior, I was there right before Misk's boat pulled in to VH, making a purchase. When I heard the initial reports that Cafe Moxie was burning, my immediate though was, "Holy crap! That's right next door to Bunch of Grapes!" Yep, in fact, the two businesses shared a wall. Much of the bookstore was badly damaged by smoke and fire. All of the books now have black soot on them, some simply burned up completely since they were on the wall that was shared with the Moxie.

It's a devastating thing to see. Much like on my trip to BrtitCon, when we went to Ground Zero, I do not wish to see the damage. I don't do well with this kind of stuff. I know I don't have a great personal connection to the Bunch of Grapes, other than having been a patron for at least 20 years, and having ate at Cafe Moxie several times when it first opened 10 years ago. But to me, that's enough. I like things to stay as they are. I hate change, especially my childhood haunts. Every time I go back to the Vineyard, something is different. This time, the differnt is not just a new business where an old one's actually gone.

The good news? Bunch of Grapes has every intention of repairing and reopening. I am hoping for my birthday, when I head back for a visit, I can go and make a purchase. But who knows?

I am saddened by this, but I can find hope in the thought that I know The Vineyard Community will pull together and donate, help to rebuild, and climb from the ashes. I have no doubt that they will help to bring these two great businesses back to their former glories. That's somethign oddly unique about Martha's Vineyard. People are always doing benefits for something or another. I have no doubt, someone will step up and have a benefit for this tragedy. I only wish I could be there to help.

In the meantime, while I wait for my next trip to the Vineyard, I can keep the people who are really affected, the owners of the cafe Moxie and Bunch of Grapes, and their employees, in my prayers.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

On Vacation, no posts....for a little while, anyway

Hey Folks,

I know I said I would be writing, but you know, I am just having such a nice vacation, I keep forgetting to blog...and to be honest, when I do remember, I don't really want to. I think I am a little burnt out (and not just my time in the sun this last week). So I think a Vacation is just what the doctor ordered. I know I feel a lot better than I have in a few weeks!

By the time I arrive home on Sunday, I am guessing that I will have lots to say...but for now? I am reveling in a Vineyard Summer.

I feel like a kid again. I am only missing some of my old friends...growing up is sometimes a bummer.

I hope you all have a great 4th of July. I will be celebrating My Country's Birthday with My Favorite Sailor and my family.