Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Really Not Happy

So, those who know me in the Real World, know that I used to have 2 cars, and now I have one.  This is a bit of an inconvienience at times, but with Hubby gearing up for a 6 month deployment, school almost being out for the year, and T-Ball having it's last games this week, pluss Hubby being home because of surgery, I haven't had to do a lot of managing 2 lifestyles with one car.  But there are times that I wish I didn't have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to drive Hubby in to work, then have to pick him up, in addition to dopping off and picking up Emily.

However, the truck has been having problems that we have avoided being taken care of for a while, and I am at the point wehre I just can not take it anymore.  I got the truck to the mechanics today.  Mimi picked me up from the auto shop, and took me home.  But while I was there, I was told because we had custom electrical work from the previous owner, they may not be able to help us out.  This did not bode well on me.  Not to mention the fact that they also told me they may not be able to have the care ready today if they can fix it...

So right now, I have no car, and if I do get the car back, it may or may not have working tail lights. And a back hatch that opens.  The hatch has been broken for over a year.  The tail lights are a new development, but it means I can't drive at night. Remeber when I had to drive back from MA a couple weeks ago?  3 hours of hazard lights, blinking and clicking.  Because the electrical is all jacked up.

So before I took the truck to the shop, I was driving Hubby to work.  I mentioned, not for the first time, that I felt it would be better use of money to pay off the truck with his yearly re-enlistment bonus, and get me a used car, so that we both had a car again.  That idea did not go over well with him.  I am angry and frustrated.  HE would rather spend his money on building himself another computer...pardon my language but....he just blew $3000 on a fucking laptop!! WHY THE HELL does he NEED another fucking machine???  Why the hell won't he step up and take responsibility for his fucking family???? I HATE HIM RIGHT NOW!! I am going to go pick up a minivan my friend is letting us borrow.  Pray that my truck is ready today.  If they can't fix it, Hubby and I will be fighting again.  Because I am going to INSIST that we trade his truck in for a better car that actually WORKS......

later all.....

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Poker and Blogging DO Mix!

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Tagged.....Finishing Sentances

Jeopardygirl tagged me again.  I am not tagging anyone though.  But if you do it, lemme know on my comments....

I AM: so glad it is a nice warm day
I WANT: my wisdom tooth to stop hurting
I HATE: having to drive Hubby into work on school days
I MISS: being able to sleep in.  
I FEAR: I will end up alone
I HEAR: my iced tea maker and the whirring of the computer.
I WONDER: when the Navy is going to stop fucking with Hubby.
I REGRET: not working.
I'M NOT: going to cry.
I DANCE: to silly kids songs or when goofing around.
I SING: just about anytime I know the song playing.
I SEE: a therapist about my grief.
I CRY: less than I did 5 years ago.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: a nice person when asked my opinion.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS:meals for my family.
I WRITE: like chicken scratch.
I CONFUSE: myself when trying to be organized.
I NEED: dental insurance.
I SHOULD: clean the bathroom
I START: playing and lose focus of my goals.
I FINISH: driving Em to school everyday next Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Weekend - Day 2 - Saturday Part 1

I woke up Saturday morning at 10 past 7. Nessa was up and starting her day too, as she was going to her College Graduation Ceremony that morning. I had laid everyone's clothes out the night before, so I grabbed my yoga pants and tee and got dressed, put in the contacts and headed out the door for Breakfast. A lovely 2 minute drive to Dunkin' Donuts yeilded a large coffee, a breakfast sandwich for Hubby, and donuts and juice for the kids. I woke Kaity up, got her dressed, gave her the donut, and headed out just as Emmy was sitting down to eat hers.

Friday we had driven past the spot that the Great Strides Walk was to meet, just to familiarize myself with Roger Williams Park again after a long time. I got to the Carousel Village and had a PRIME parking spot, got out, loaded Kaity into the jogger stoller I borrowed from a friend in CT and headed to where I was supposed to check in.

I could spot my friend Pat from a mile away. Except for sporting a goatee and Moustache, or "Van Dyke" as Magazine Man tells the world it's called, he was relatively the same. Still thin -- I hated him! LOL...So I checked in, and scored some free food (Dunkin' Donuts was there, DAMN I wasted $3.00 for coffee for myself!) and juice for Kaity. I met Kerry, Pat's wife, and of course, Finn, the man of the hour, for whom I was doing this walk... More and more of "Finnz Friendz" showed up. I got a t-shirt, so did Kaity. I took some pictures...

Then the walk began! It was about 5k or a little over 3 miles, and I did very well. Pat and I walked with Kaity and Finn in strollers and we talked the whole time, reminiscing, sharing stories on how we met our spouses, etc. It was a great time. The best part was the fact that part of the walk through RWP was in the vicinity of where I grew up. I was bombarded with memories and stories of walking to Park View Jr. High through RWP, picking daffodills in the spring, parking and making out in high school....what a trip down memory lane....

At the halfway point, the RI Parrothead Club (Yes, as in Jimmy Buffet), had a "Tiki Bar" with water, juice, and fruit. It was real nice. When we got to the finish line, there was a Jimmy Buffet cover band playing and they were playing Finn's song! (according to Pat). I had Pizza strips (RI Italian bakery style, sorry I didn't take a picture, but I should have!) and more water to drink. Kaity had some pizza strip too. Then it was time for a "Team Finnz Friendz" Picture! YAY!

(I'm in the front on the right holding Kaity and wearing my Pink Red Sox hat....)

I checked my watch and realized I had to jet, so that I could drive to Woods Hole to catch the 2:30 boat to Oak Bluffs...We took a few pictures with Pat, Kerry, and Finn...

Then we headed back to Nessa's, packed the car, and got on the highway to Woods Hole! While in the parking lot, we ran into my Mum's college roomate, Darlene, who we ended up pretty much spending most of the weekend in the presence with.....We got on the boat, and landed in Oak Bluffs about 3:15....and from there, the craziness began!

This was a pretty long post, so I will try to finish Saturday's stuff tonight or tomorrow.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Weekend - Day 1 - Friday

OK So Friday we packed up the truck (SUV, whatever)and drove the 45 minutes to Nessa's house. We were greeted by Nessa's little sister, who played with the kids for about20 minutes before Mom, who lives downstairs, whisked her away to dinner. We hung out and waited for Nessa and Dave to arrive. I figured out the satelite dish. I rock!

Nessa and Dave got home and we all chatted for a bit, joked around and stuff then got our asses moving to the BEST chinese food in Rhode Island. New Canton Restaurant is what all chinese food should be, in my opionion, and waiting a good 10 years before having it again was worth the wait. Form my first bite to last, I was in a perfect tatse-bud heaven. My god, my mouth is watering now, just thinking about it.

After dinner, we dropped of Dave, Hubby and the kids and went shopping for the shoes I had attempted to get in New London, but they didn't have them at the Burlington Coat Factory there. I tried on shoes, we did a little perusing, then got in line. Now, call me crazy, but if you KNOW you've got a store full of people, and it's closing time, wouldnt't you have as many registers as possible open to get said people out as fast as possible??? Apparently, Burlington Coat Factory did not feel this was necessary, and we waited in line for nearly 20 minutes to pay for the 2 measly pair of shoes (which got heavier and heavier by the minute, I will add). Thanks to my keen eyes, I found a shorter line, else we would have been there forever.

We got in the car and drove home. Soon after arriving back at Nessa's, Danielle (pronounced Don-yell)arrived and we had a good visit with her. She's the other main bridesmaid for Nessa's wedding, and I was glad to finally meet her. We told sories about weddings, childbirth, ex-girlfiends of our significant others. It was fun. They left about 10:30 and we hung out and watched TV a bit longer before Dave went home, and Hubby and I attempted to get some sleep.

Now, I love Nessa, love her to death, but I think I am going to buy her a new fucking couch, preferably a queen size futon. Her pull out couch was NOT comfy, as Hubby and I discovered, and much to my chargin, I slept like hell on it. But before I went to sleep, I watched part of a movie called "Crash". No, this wasn't the movie that won an Academy Award for best picture. This was a twisted movie about people who litterally got off on watching and being in car crashes. James Spader, Patricia Arquette, Holly Hunter and a few others had lots of sex, watched lots of crashes on video, and even got in a few themselves..then had sex thinkign aout it afterward. Very very strange movie. So, then after about an hour of it, we got bored and went to sleep....

That was Friday...I'll write abotu Saturday later on....

Monday, May 22, 2006

My Very First Audio Post

this is an audio post - click to play

Oh yeah you guys get to hear my voice now!! you all will be subjected to's so much easier than typing!!

Yes, I know I sound like a 12 year old. I hear that a lot....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Letter "F"

I volunteered for this from Jeopardygirl's blog....I was assigned letter F...I have to list 10 things in my life that begin with this letter and a little explination....I don't think I could have gotten a tougher letter. Most of this stuff is going to be very general I think....

Father - Just about everyone has on at some point in their life...even if it's just a sperm donor...Anyway, my father is the source of many emotional issues I have at the moment. I'm getting through them with my shrink...

Fruit - I try to have at least once piece of fruit per day. Usually as dessert. Lately I'd rather hav an orange than a bowl of ice cream....which is good because I need to lose some wieght this summer...

Freedom - As an American Citizen it is my right to have this. I am reminded daily that I have it and try to exercise it in some way....

Finances - this should be listed as something I have very little of, but want more of. Hell, who doesn't?

Feet - since spring is here and summer is emminent, I need to pay more attention to them and get the occasional pedicure. My feet deserve it after all the walking they do on a daily basis!

Feelings - My emotions. I wear them on my sleeve most of the time. They can be intense.

Family - A constant in my life. I feel I never get a break from them....sometimes it can be smothering and overwhelming, and then there are days I am so damn glad I have them I want to cry with joy. I am also looking forward to seeing the extended family this weekend on the Vineyard.

Friends - Whether through the internet, or real life friends, I have some really good ones. I'd be completely lost without them for support, a listening ear, or the favors they do for me...

Family Support Group - a.k.a. the Boat Wives. I have been very active in this group of people lately. Cookbooks, helping other wives in times of crisis, volunteering for projects, I have been doing it all.....

Friday - always a favorite. And the last few have been really nice. Visiting with friends, doing things with family, and overall having a good time on these days. I am truly truly looking forward to tomorrow..I get to see Nessa again!! :)

OK, that was a little easier than I thought. If you are interested in playing, leave a comment and I will assign you a letter too....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Stupid Lottery....

Yesterday was a sucky day. I was rushed around running errands and missed the names being pulled for the All-Day Kindergarten Lottery. Emily was in it. She didn't get her name pulled. I am very very sad about this. Emily is very very sad about this. We are hoping that her name will be pulled in the second lottery in August.

It was raining once again and a friggin tractor trailer truck nearly ran me off the New London Bridge.

Add in a lovely monthly female issue, and you can see why I hated yesterday. Thank god the sun came out today. I was really starting to get depressed....

crazy weekend coming up. I need to start packing....I hope to post again tomorrow, if not, then maybe on Sunday night or Monday

Have a nice week/weekend all...

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Actual Surprise...

So where did we leave off....? Oh yes, the phone rang...

Wait. I need to give a little background.

I have 2 sets of parents - Mom & Dad and Mum & Dad...ok ...clarify...right...ok...Mom and Bob (whom I call Dad), my biological mother, who raised me and I spent about 9 months and every other holiday with and her husband of 3 years, and Dad and Donna (who I call Mum), whom I spent every summer and every other holiday with, until senior year of high school when I moved in for the whole year. Dad and Mum married 25 years ago May 21st...right, ok, so Mom had a son after me, JP. He's 23, schizophrenic and lives in a group home in RI. Mum & Dad have two kids, Shell and Pokeman (not thier real names, duh). Now that we have that cleared away...

Shell graduated from college on Saturday. Mum & Dad drove up to see her graduate, and then packed her apartment up and they were driving back to the Vineyard on Sunday. There was a ever so slight chance that they would have time to stop. But this is my family, and they are 99.9% of the time late, or running late. So, I figured they weren't gonna stop by. In fact, I forgot all about them....until I picked up the phone seeing my sister's cell number on the Caller ID.

"Hey Shell! What's up?" I love to hear from my sister...I assumed she was calling to tell me they made it to the Vineyard safe. It's something we do as a family. Call each other when we get home from traveling...anyway....

"He-eey! Is it ok if we stop by? I need to figure out how to get to your house too," I glanced at my watch.

"Uuuum, ooookay? About when?"

"Well," she paused. I assumed she was trying to figure about where in CT she was.

"OK, well, where are you on the highway," I said, trying to get info to gage the distance. This would help me figure how clean I could get the house in a limited time.

"Um, we're taking the Groton exit right now," she said as quietly as possible on a cell phone.


"You're on the exit?!?! So like, 5 minutes. Ok, um...sure! The house is a bit of a mess at the moment, and I hope you guys won't mind....EMILY!!!!" I then called my kids, got them dressed in about 2 seconds and got myself dressed while giving my sister directions to my house and managed to convince the kids to pick up the living room quickly. Litterally 5 minutes later, I was standing in my driveway, clothes thrown on, greasy hair (I was planning a relaxing bath later where Hubby could wash my hair), house a mess, and here come 2 cars, filled to the brim with Shell's things, and of course my parents, Shell and Pokeman. Emily recognized my parents SUV right away and was thrilled to pieces to see them. They were very polite about the house, and actually, made me feel better especially since my Mum knew about my crazy week.

Emily has been saving up money from the Tooth Fairy and her birthday to buy a new V-Smile game. Since she lost her 3rd tooth on Friday evening, she got her game on Saturday (paid with it too, she was so proud and told the cashier she saved the money herself LOL) So when my parents and siblings came, of course, they had to get a presnetation of the new game. It was funny to watch my parents help her play the game. Even Pokeman, who as you might have guessed is into the video game thing as well, was trying to help her with it. A nice time was had by all, especially Buddy the Birdhunter, who got LOTS of attention from my father.

They stayed about a half hour, and we had a nice visit. I am looking forward to seeing them this weekend for the Anniversary party.....

But you know what I did as soon as their car was out of the driveway and out of sight?

Changed back into my jammies and went straight back to bed! It was my day off, afterall...

Stress Levels Decreasing, Dr. Mc Dreamy....

So, my crazy week ended with a lovely Mother's Day. As many of you know, I stay up well past midnight most nights, and so on Saturday, after a fun 3 hour guild raid in EverQuest 2, at about 11:30 or so, I retired up to my room to read for a bit before I attempted to sleep.....

Hubby came up the stairs a little while later and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. It was after midnight after all, so it was nice. He then informed me he had something in his shorts for me. Har-har. I pulled his waistband open and told him with a snicker that I had already seen that, and wasn't in the mood for it. He then gave a whiny "Awwwww..." and proceded to fish in his pocket for something. I assumed it was to adjust himself. I was wrong. Oh so very wrong....

I would like to take this moment to say, that Hubby is reading over my shoulder while I type this. So anything he doesn't like, is just tough cookies.....

I have the most wonderful husband many days of the week. This fact was especially true about 5 minutes after midnight when I was presented with a little jewelery box that was pulled from his pockect where I mentioned earlier I assumed he was adjusting his ..... equipment.

I must inform you, I just got a good kiss and a chuckle while he asked "You really wanted the "equipment" didn't you?" "Yep" *rolled eyes*. "I knew you did."

ANYWAY..what was in the box, you ask? well after I squealed with delight, I opened the little box. I honestly was surprised, because I didn't really give any indication that I wanted anything for Mother's Day this year, except a day off. I was promised a day off. I got my day off, and it was FABULOUS. The least stressful day I've had in at least 2 weeks...oh yeah, back to the box....I opened it and here's what was inside....

I got LOVELY gold tear drop design post earrings that had real pearls at the bottom, and upon further inspection, I discovered that said earrings also had a tiny diamond accent on them. I gasped with awe and delight. I gushed about their beauty. Hubby told me that he got the idea last week when I was packing for Nessa's house, because I had packed a pearl necklace I have because it would have gone with one of the 5 outfits I had proposed for the Engagement Party...(which I know I still have to write about...Nessa I need Dave's email!). Incidentally, this is also the necklace I am wearing with the bridesmaid gown for the wedding. I have one pair of pearl earings, but the pearls are quite large, and I wasn't sure I was going to wear them....

ANYWAY, I put the earrings on and ran to look in the bathroom. I LOVE THESE EARRINGS!! They are classy and pretty, and Hubby has EXCELLENT taste in jewelry, but I am always amazed at how perfect the things he chooses look on me. Needless to say, my Mother's Day was getting off to a great start. All day I gushed about those earrings, making sure to thank Hubby over and over and tell him how much I love those earrings. Because I truly do. And I can't wait to wear them this weekend to my Parents' 25th Anniversary Party....

I am rambling, I know....but I cannot get over these Mother's Day was nice. I got a hand painted (litterally, it's a handprint) tile and samll jewelry box that Emily made in school. Hubby informed me that Kaity actually picked out the earrings, so they were partly from her too. I got to lounge in bed, and watch TV. Hubby even went to Dunkin' Donuts and served me breakfast in bed. I watched part of the Queer Eye marathon on Bravo. I was in the middle of picking a DVD to watch when the phone rang.....

damn I must leave you with a cliff hanger for now. It's time to get dressed and take Emily to school....I'll finish after I drop her off!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Finnz Friendz - Semi- repost!

I am reposting this, because the CF walk is NEXT SATURDAY!!!

Please consider making an online donation...every penny counts to help the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation research for a cure....I read that in 2004 the average life expectancy for a person with CF is 34 years. Thanks to CF research and development, it's been increaded to 36 years!!


I am going to participate in the Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis on May 20th in Providence, RI. An old high school friend of mine, Patrick, sent a bulletin message on MySpace about the walk and about his son's conditon with CF. I was inspired to help. So, I did the first thing I could think of -- I signed up to walk and raise money.

I like to donate to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in Mae's memory, but this year, my charity will go towards this. Please look over on the left and look for this logo and click on it, to learn more about this disease and the walk. And please consider making a donation to help me and Team "Finnz Friendz" raise money for CF Research.

Thanks in advance if you donate!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Like a Chicken With No Head

That's how I feel. I have been incredibly busy this week, and it's still not over...just a run through of my week...

Monday - was my slow day. But I did cleaning, because the house needed it. Took Em to school and picked up. See? Slow..

Tuesday - I volunteered in EM's class, then after school I went and got Mom, and had a Boat Wives meeting that lasted an INCREDIBLE 3 hours and 15 minutes....good thing I don't watch Americal Idol, I would have missed it.

Wednesday - got up early, and drove 1 1/2 hours to Newport. Hubby got the stitches out of his foot, YAY!! Took Mom home, rested for about an hour and then Emily had a T-Ball game at 5pm.

Thursday - Volunteering in Emily's class again today. After school getting together with Cookbook chairwoman (I stepped down in March) and hammer out what we are calling "Executive Decisions" because tomorrow.....

Friday - 9 am I have a Cookbook Committee Meeting. We are HOPING that the damn thing will be all finished. So long as a certain member of the committee doesn't decide to question everything AGAIN....then rush home, take Em to school.

Saturday - Emily has a T-Ball game. And that's it. THANK GOD...I really feel like I am the rope in a tug of war. I think that on Sunday, when I get to sleep will all be worth it.

Oh yeah, I also am actively planning Nessa's shower, organizing an activity for wives to send calandar cards to the boat before the Big Deployment, Heading the Welcome Committee, getting ready for my CF walk (if you'd like to donate, please click the button on the left that says GREAT STRIDES), working on parent's 25th Anniversary party next weekend, and still trying to gear up myself for end of school, end of t-ball and the actual deployment this summer....

So if you don't see me for a while, you'll know why....

p.s. Jeopardygirl, you have me addicted to Cake Mania when I do get to relax - gahhhh!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Home, Home Again

Well this weekend was fun for me.  Emmy did well at her T-Ball game.  Unfortuneately, I was running late, as per usual, and I was in a fit.  When we got to the game it was relaxing and fun.  After the game, Hubby asked me to stop by the mini-mart and get him some Dr. Pepper.  Fine. I just wanted to get home so I could LEAVE!!  as I was putting the Dr. Pepper case inthe car, the effing box broke and all the cans fell onto the ground and rolled in about 5 directions...2 of them spewed open, and the uncarriage of the truck and I got sprayed. I was PISSED. I got all the soda in the floor of the truck and headed home, grinding my teeth in anger.

We got home, and I quickly changed, packed up, and said my goodbyes to the kids and Hubby. Then I hit the road!  I blasted my RENT Soundtrack the whole way there, I sang my heart out.  I needed to feel better.  I was on my way for a fun evening afterall!  By the time La Vie Boheme came on, I was in a MUCH better mood.  I was also on the exit ramp off the highway and almost at Nessa's.

I got to Nessa's house about...5 minutes later.  Got my stuff upstairs and hung out with Nessa and Dave, her fiance'.  We hung out for a couple hours.  I even went downstairs and talked to Nessa's Mom about her shower.  I can't talk about it here, because Nessa comes to the blog, and she doesn't want to know too much about it...needless to say, decisions were made, a date was picked, and the invites will be in the mail in a week...YAY. Dave left to go to work, and we were on our own.

We decided that it would be better if we cooked dinner and hung out instead of paying more money for eating out... Headed out to the grocery store, got stuff for tacos and deserts, and it was only $20. Not too shabby!  As we cooked I called Hubby and checcked in.  Then Nessa started pouring the wine.  We ate dinner and then decided to work on what we would wear to the Engagement Party the next day. I tried on some outfits and we picked mine out. Nessa then decided she had nothing, and since she had recently aquired a Burlington Coat Factory gift card, we headed there. 

It was fun, we tried on stuff (me too) and had fun trying to aquire the perfect outfit that would be nice for the party, but that she could double as a work outfit at her new job.  We found a great skirt and sweater-weight tank, and she realized she could use a great blazer with it for work -- PERFECT!  She looked great in it and so we paid for it and went home.

Oh wait, I need to mention a couple things - first the store.  Actually make that the customers.  There was a group of people who had their kids at the changing rooms, and they were NOT paying attention to them, and letting them run around and act like animals. TWICE a little head popped under my changing room door while I was half-nekkid.  Now, normally, if it were my kids, I would not be bothered. But I didn't knwo these people, and I didn't appreciate having to be guarded about my changing room experience.  Ness and I were disgusted with the apathy of the parents.  I hate trash like that. grrrr...

Second - Nessa also had to get a pair of sandals. she promised the person who gave her the gift card that she would get some with it, so we headed to shoes. Now I love shoes, but I am not a big fan of heels. BCF has MOSTLY heels and old lady shoes. Nessa found some great wedge heels from Steve Madden and she was in heaven.  I was looking around for prosterity, and I found 2 pairs of heeled sandals that I AM going to buy eventually.  My problem is I have wide feet. Dress shoes/heels are usually nrrow in nature. My feet and heels do not mix well.  But the 2 pair I tried on, OH MY GOD!!  They were awesome!!  I mean it was like 7 at night, my feet were about as swelled as they would get, and these two pairs were comfy, and the height of the heel wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  AND both pairs were under $15 EACH...yeah, I am going to the BCF here in town and getting them next week....

So we went home, drank some more wine, ate some desserts and watched Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.  This is my favorite Monty Python flick.  We talked, laughed, and had a good time.  Then we realized - we...were...tired!!

So, we climed into bed and started to watch SNL. Tom Hanks was the host.  It was ok.  I called Hubby again to say good night, and watched SNL until after the musical guest (Red Hot Chili Peppers) did their first song.  I actaully dozed off in the middle of it, and at the end when the audience was cheering I woke and turned off the tv...then it was off to slumber land.....

I'll stop there.  I can't write about the Engagement Party just yet anyway. I am waiting to get pictures from Dave.  I HAVE to have the pictures to explain it better...truly I do....

So that was my Saturday.  I had a great night, and I know Nessa did too.....I am so glad that we are friends! YAY! And I get to see her again in 2 weeks!  I'll bring the wine this time Nessa! And be prepared for CHINESE!! YEAH!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Mimi got hom from the hospital a few hours ago.  She says she feels "crappy" but I know she's glad to be home.  She says the meds they put her on have given her some "crazy ass dreams"  and she's a little bit lost on track of reality cause she's been sleeping so much. 

So she's home. Still in a bit of pain, but home.  YAY!!

I know some of you have been checking here for progress reports.  I am sure she'll be back online in a few days...


Cinco de Mayo & The Weekend Ahead

Hola Muchachos!! Hoy es Cinco de Mayo! Una dia mucho impotante para los Mexicanos y Norte Americanos.

Translation: Hello friends! Today is the 5th of May. An important day for Mexicans and North Americans. OK So my spanish is bad...but I had fun.  I could be fluent if I had people to talk to in spanish...My dad is Colombian afterall, so I have a natural tendancy to pick up the language...but enough about's Cinco de Mayo!!

I thought in the spirit of the holiday I woud enlighten you all about why this day is so important to the Mexican heritage, as well as many Americans. This is from Wikipedia....

El Cinco de Mayo ("The Fifth of May" in Spanish) is a national celebration in Mexico. It commemorates the victory of Mexican forces led by General Ignacio Zaragoza over the French expeditionary forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

Historical Background

In 1861, in response to Mexico's refusal to pay off its debt, Britain, Spain and France sent troops to Mexico; they arrived in January of 1862. The new democratically-elected government of President Benito Juárez made agreements with the British and the Spanish, who promptly recalled their armies, but the French stayed, thus beginning the period of the French intervention in Mexico. Emperor Napoleon III wanted to secure French dominance in the former Spanish colony, including installing one of his relatives, Archduke Maximilian of Austria, as ruler of Mexico.

Confident of a quick victory, 6,500 French soldiers marched on to Mexico City to seize the capital before the Mexicans could muster a viable defense. Along their march, the French already encountered stiff resistance before Zaragoza struck out to intercept the invaders.

The battle between the French and Mexican armies occurred on May 5 when Zaragoza's ill-equipped militia of 4,500 men encountered the better-armed French force. However, Zaragoza's small and nimble cavalry units were able to prevent French dragoons from taking the field and overwhelming the Mexican infantry. With the dragoons removed from the main attack, the Mexicans routed the remaining French soldiers with a combination of their tenacity, inhospitable terrain, and a stampede of cattle set off by local peasants. The invasion was stopped and crushed.

Zaragoza won the battle but lost the war. The French Emperor, upon learning of the failed invasion, immediately dispatched another force, this time numbering 30,000 soldiers. By 1864, they succeeded in defeating the Mexican army and occupying Mexico City. Archduke Maximillian became Emperor of Mexico.

Maximilian's rule was short-lived. Mexican rebels opposed to his rule resisted, seeking the aid of the United States. Once the American Civil War was over, the U.S. military began supplying Mexicans with weapons and ammunition, and by 1867, the rebels finally defeated the French and deposed their puppet Emperor. The Mexican people then reelected Juárez as president.

Celebrations in North America

Cinco de Mayo is widely celebrated by Mexican-Americans and their descendants in the United States and Canada. Many cities with significant Mexican and Chicano populations throughout the US schedule special events on the 5th of May. In Los Angeles, most notably, revelers fill the streets in front of City Hall for speeches and performances by Mexican entertainers on this day.

Although the celebration of this holiday has historically been limited to Latin-American communities, particularly in the southwest, it has become increasingly popular across the US and Canada, and among all ethnic groups in the last 10 years. In recent years, it has been celebrated widely and in a similar style as St. Patrick’s Day — namely a celebration and identification with Mexicans, their culture, food, and music by Anglos and other unrelated ethnic groups. However, many Americans and Canadians have only a cursory understanding of the significance of this day; it is often mistakenly assumed to be Mexico’s independence day, and in practice, it is usually celebrated on a superficial level.

Wasn't that informative? I thought so.

Mimi is still in the hospital, but doing better.  I expect she will be home tonight or tomorrow at the VERY latest.  I think because t was major abdominal surgery, that is the only reason she is staying so long.  I am going to attempt to visit her tonight if she does stay overnight again....if I can get Emily out of the Kids Karnival in a decent amount of time...

This is a crazy/fun weekend for me! I am volunteering in Em's class today then Kids Karnival tonight. Tomorrow at 12 PM Emmy has a game.  Then I come home, change and head to RI to spend the night at Nessa's. We're going to drink, hang out, reminicse about our youths, and probably laugh so hard we almost pee our pants.  This is typical when I spend time with Nessa.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!  Sunday is Nessa's Engagement Party.  It's being thrown by her soon-to-be Mother-in-law.  Nevermind the fact that I am working on planning her Bridal Shower for NEXT MONTH! LOL...But Nessa says this is the way the woman is.  Wants to do things her way.  Whatever.  I'm going for my friend.  I am sure it will be lovely.....

So that's my weekend...hope all of you have a good one!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mimi Update!

Hello All!! I just got off the phone with Durk, Mimi's husband. Wait, I am ahead of myself....

I wrote my post at 10:45 or so. I didn't hear from Durk until he got in the house at 3:15 AM. She was transferred to the Big Hospital and had her appendix removed. He said at the time she was doing well and sleeping. I went home and back to sleep.

This morning I called him, she is doing fine. She's a little tired, given the late night, but said she was feeling much better, and they are both hoping Mimi will be home tonight. I am thinking she will be home tomorrow though. Durk will call me later and let me know if she is staying overnight again, and if she is, I will go visit her tonight after T-Ball Practice...if there is T-Ball practice...

So, Mimi is doing well, she feels better and that nasty old appendix is gone! YAY!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Worried about Mimi

A little while back (like about a week or so), Mimi, who is my neighbor and one of my closest friends here in CT, was complaining about having stomach pain. The pain went away though. Well, apparently, she had more. Tonight, she could not take the pain, this time longer and more intense than before. She called me to sit over at her house while Durk took her to the ER Clinic down the road. It was right before Baby Boy was to go down for the night, so of course, I was more than willing to watch/listen out for him.

About 7:50 PM they left. Durk called once, to let me know the cell number about 8:30. 2 hours later, just about 15 minutes ago, Durk called the house again. The ER Clinic thinks Mimi has apendicitis. What does that mean? means we probably WON'T be going to Bingo tomorrow night. It means my friend will have to have surgery again. This woman has had more than enough crap to deal with in the last year. Cancer, her son had muscle problems in his neck, she's in a place that she hates, and has had to fight to get a decent place to even live from housing. My friend does not need to have to have this scare. She is probably scared to death about her son who she loves more than anything. She is going to be freaking out that she might die and leav him with no mommy. I know her - she's doing it righ tnow. I would probably doing the same thing if it was me. I wish I could do more for her than just sit here, btu I know that watching her son is the best thing I can do for her right now.

I just hope that everything works out quickly and she's OK. I am waiting with baited breath for the phone to ring again...I'll keep you all updated.....

Monday, May 01, 2006

No Rest For the Weary

I didn't even have that much of an eventful day yesterday. We went to the mall. Hubby braved it on his crutches (with a few rest stops, thank goodness for benches). I got me a PINK Red Sox hat. Hubby got 2 hats for The Big Deployment this summer. The kids were relatively well-behaved (only one incident where Emily was whiny, but she obeyed me without questions much of the day).

On the way home from the mall, I stopped at a craft store and broke down and bought a Knitting starters kit and another "learn to knit" book. I figure it will give me something to do on nights when Hubby isn't home and I am lying awake in bed, trying to relax. I sleep worse when he's not home, but I figure maybe something I have to concentrate on to wind down will help.

So we get home. Hubby and I relax on the bed and watch the tube. The kids are watching TV downstairs and playing. We ordered Chinese (Thanks Mimi for telling me about Peking Kitchen, they ROCK). We watched out Sunday Night ABC Lineup (yay! a NEW Grey's Anatomy after a MONTH!!!). When the news came on, I attempted to start knitting. I actually did decent! I need ot work on it though, my gauge was all over the place...but anyway...

About 12:30 I turned off my light and hubby started to read. I had a headache and had taken some Naproxen at 11 or so. I still had it though. I slept terribly. I mean, fitful, and I feel this morning like I didn't sleep a wink. It took me a full 20 minutes to gather the strength to get out of bed and go downstairs this morning. I even made coffee instead of my usual sweet tea this morning. I need caffiene. I need more. A full travel mug wasn't enough.

I don't get it. I got about 8 hours. Why am I so tired? I think I am seriously going to have to go to the doctors again. This is getting ridiculous.

damn. It's already 11:45 am. I need to get dressed, get Emmy dressed and get her to school. Then it's grocery shopping and laundry. And I have a mountain of clothes.

I know this is going to sound terrible, but I can hardly wait for Hubby to go back to work tomorrow. Sure, he's on light duty, and he probably won't be at squadron long, but I need him out of the house so I can get back into my routine. For the last 18 days it's been blown out of the water and the house looks like a bomb hit it. I could have cleaned, but I felt like I had an obligation to be with him, play video games and do the family thing. Of course it took away from my cleaning schedule, and the house has suffered. NO MORE. Tomorrow it will all change...thank GOD. Plus, I hate him watching me clean. I feel self concious about it, and I feel like a maid. He just watches me. Or ignores me when I do it, and I feel like I am not a part of the household really. This is MY house, damn it. I clean it, I cook, I care for the kids 90% of the time. Why do I let myself feel like this when I clean and he's around?? It's weird I know, but I feel more productive and more independant when he's not there. I feel like a bad wife for wanting him out of ths house so I can get my stuff done, btu honestly, things go smoother when he's not here.

I am gonna go to bed early tonight. Like as soon as the kids go. I need a full nights sleep. Especially if I am going to get this house in order tomorrow.....

Hopefully things will be better in the morning....after a full night's RESTFUL sleep.

ETA: And of COURSE blogger is going to give me hell by taking forever to load a picture. This is one of those days wehre I feel like the whole world is out to sabotage me. I need a nap *sigh*