Tuesday, April 29, 2008

But occasionally, I wanna talk about meeee....

So Metalmom tagged me, and I accept. without further ado...6 quirks about me.

1. I have bladder issues. Nothing major, really, just I always have to use the loo at the most inappropriate times...usually when Misk is in the middle of making out with me. I think I get all excited, and my bladder freaks out and decides it needs to be emptied. Also during Nessa's wedding during the vows, it was so emotional, and I really had to go then...

2. I am a pack-rat. I try not to be, though. About once a year I go through all my stuff and get rid of things...but I always seem to end up with more's mom has spent the last 3 days going through boxes and bags of stuff she's collected over 7 years in order to get ready to move to Maine.

3. When I first saw Misk, I thought he was Christian Bale. Then I got closer and realized he wasn't. I still wanted to bag him.

4. I used to be a bit of a....promiscuous person. I knew I was in love with Misk for sure when I didn't sleep with him on our first date. In fact, it took me 3 months and 1 day exactly to finally hop in the sack with him.

5. Watching tv shows or movies that have proud patriotic moments makes me tear up. I wish I knew why. I can almost never get through the national anthem without shedding a tear.

6. I am a Goddess-loving, tree-hugging, dirt worshiper.

ok now the Rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you. Metalmom, YOU ROCK!

2. Mention the rules on your blog. ooooh, I can do that..wait, I'm am doing that no, aren't I?

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. I'm 3 for 3 so far, AWESOME!

4. Tag 6 bloggers and link them. Jeopardygirl, Dr. John, Lori (Serendipity & Rain), Hilly, Turnbaby & Slick (man I am reaching today...i hope you all read this!)

5. Notify taggees by leaving a comment on their blog. Well, I suppose I ought to now, eh? I think I will do this tomorrow when I have more time...

We are family, I got all my sisters with me....

It seems to me, given my recent foray into genealogy, that so many people are related. For instance, through marriages and births, cousins, aunts and uncles of my descendants, I am related to our current and former Presidents Bush, The Roosevelt Presidents, Ralph Waldo Emerson Humphrey Bogart and the Baldwin Brothers, just to start. The search is unbelievably fascinating, and me, being the instant gratification gal that I am, I just seem to point and click through an endless maze of names, until I find something interesting. Here's a few things I have discovered:

  • A very distant aunt of mine Mary (Perkins) Bradbury, was accused of witchcraft in Salem in 1692. Before she was tried, she was helped to escape and fled to another town. After the trials were over, by 1693, she returned to Salem and died a few years later.
  • That same Mary Perkins was a 16th generation of the Perkins Family, which may or may not have relation dating back to the 900's Dutchy of Brittany. With several royal connections including King Henry III of England.
  • There is a Sgt. Williams Harlow Association in New England. Their goal is to find all living connections to Sgt. William Harlow of Pre-Colonial times. (first 20 years in Mass.). I am among this list. I am a 13th generation descendant of him.
  • I have a descendant connection to THREE original Mayflower Passengers - Richard Warren, John Howland and John Tilley. There may be a fourth connection. I am still exploring.
  • People really liked the names, John, Mary, Ruth, Robert and David. A LOT. My eyes have crossed more times than I can say from all this reading of the same name over and over.
  • Desire is also a name which popped up a lot in my family. I think it's a rather odd name, for the times I found it in, but hey, I am not the one who named them.
  • This is going to take a LOT longer than I thought to fully finish. I may have to bring in the big guns and actually buy a family tree program. Writing it out is not quite working for me...LMAO
Needless to say, I have not been blogging a lot the last few days. I have been reading, just not commenting. I am working 6 days this week. Not to mention going to New Haven tomorrow, Friday is the Kids Karnival with Misk and the kids, and Sunday I am meeting with some friends to celebrate May Day (a few days late).

Sunday Night at 7:00 PM, however, I will the guest of Mr. Fabulous on Blog Talk Radio! I will make sure to link to the site on Saturday evening, but if not Mr. Fab ALWAYS has a link on his blog Sunday. Just think! an entire hour devoted to me!! LOL. I am actually a little nervous. I am curious as to what he will want to talk about, and how *ahem* dirty it will get. I will have to remind Mr. Fab I am a mother of two small kids...and they traipse in and out of my office ...a lot....hehe...nah, I will just kick them out or throw them in the bathtub, that ought to help keep them occupied!

Well, I am off to surf the net. I have a self-imposed break from the genealogy today as I am tired and also my eyes hurt from so much fine print reading. Then it's off to do some shopping!

Have a fabulous day, folks!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

And now that I am more concious....

This week, the plan is to make a complete chart of my family history with dates and all, to show you all and the Mayflower Society my connection to the two people I am a 17th or 18th generation to.

I started this because out of nowhere I got my self the idea to look up a certain family member who's name came out of literally, nowhere.

I was told by a very good friend that was something I needed to pursue. About 12:30 AM I got the first hankering of why I needed to do it. All in all, totally worth lack of sleep. I am still on a high about it.

ok, listening to Mr. Fab then Turnbaby on the radio. getting mentally prepared to start the "project" tomorrow sometime.

Hope you all have had a good weekend. Mine was awesome!

You spin me right round baby, right round....

I think I am gonna pass out. It's 1:30 am, and after 2 days of looking, I have found what I have been searching for...

I am almost positive that I am a descendant of not one, but TWO of the original passengers on the Mayflower!!

I cannot even begin to explain the excitement and exhaustion I am experiencing.....

I never believed it. I always thought it was a made up part of my family's history.

Nope. Totally right. I can NOT believe it!!

I look forward to figuring this out when I am more awake, but for now....


Friday, April 25, 2008

Hush! For a Good Cause...

Normally I would post. See why I am not HERE.

Thanks to Karl for the inspiration & information.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No music lyric for this post.....

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. It is also the day she died.

Her name was Ruth Mae. She would have been 8 years old.

I am going to direct you to 3 links, because I've already told the story once on here, and that was a hard enough thing to do.

Mae's Story Part 1

Mae's Story Part 2

In Memoriam

Most years I do not do anything on her birthday, literally; I lie in my bed and shut out the rest of the world, crying all day and clutching to the few remnants I have to remember her by. But because of circumstances beyond my control, this year is different. I am heading to New Haven today to sit for Angie in dental school, and then I am going to work this evening.

Usually I lock myself away from the world, for this one day, and mourn my baby girl. Probably not the healthiest thing to do, but I didn't know how else to handle my grief. This year is different. I have resolved to remember her, as always, and I will do my ritual of bringing out her box and looking at her lock of hair, her pictures, her blanket, etc. But this year, I will not dwell on it all day. I will allow myself to be a part of the rest of the world, and try to find peace within, despite the grief that swells up as it always does. I will not allow it to overwhelm me as it has in the past.

This year has been so crazy, Navy-wise, Life-wise, family-wise, that I almost didn't realize today was here until this weekend when my boss asked me to work on Wednesday. I knew it was coming, because it is April. I just didn't realize how fast.

Now it's here. But I can can handle it.....

I love you, My little Mae Flower.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

But the fevers gonna catch you when the bitch gets back...

I know that's a terrible title for the post, but it's been running through my brain ever since last night. And honestly I don't mean it. But it popped into my head, so there it is...

Mom and the girls are both back. The kids are back for good til Summer sometime.

Mom is back for a few weeks....til she MAINE!

I, of course, had to work all day during what was, hands down, the best bloody day we've had in 6 months. It was like 70+ degrees here in SE Connecticut, and I was in a restaurant ALL DAY.

How many customers did I get you ask? 2...YES..2 customers! I was bored out of my bloody skull. But at least I caught up on my reading!

The last customer for me didn't show up until 15 minutes before my shift was over, making me stay an extra 1/2 hour, which totally sucked because I just wanted to go home. I missed the girls more than I would have admitted all week. The freedom was great, and relaxing, but...

When I finally got home and heard the elephant tramplings down the stair and saw the shining smiles of Kaity then Emily, I just about crumpled right there. I swear, in one week, they both shot up at least 2 inches. New England blessed Spring break with gorgeous weather all week, and it was apparent that my father took full advantage of it and kept the girls outside most of it. Their faces were tan with twinges of pink from slight sunburn. They looked alive and happy, but I could tell that as much fun as they had with Grandma and Grandpa, they also missed home.

We hung out and I tried to get them to tell me all about their trip. Of course, they don't remember much, or just didn't have words to tell me, I don't know. I knew my mom was due back in that night so we all piled into the bed and watched MythBusters chatted and had tickle fights til I got the call from mom to pick her up. Mom was happy to be back, but I could tell something was different.

She said she couldn't wait til she went back.

Yeah, I am happy.

And now, I am going to sign-off and hang out with my family before work...but look for me tonight in the chat for Mr. Faboulous' Radio Show! By the way, May 4th, I am the guest on Mr. Fab's show! how exciting!! I can't wait...

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm not angry it's never been enough, It gets inside and it tears you up

I am going to write today about something that really bothers the hell out of me. A good friend of mine is dealing with this issue, and because I am so passionate about defending friends when they are wronged, I need to vent. I am really in a fabulous mood to be honest, but this is a topic that affects a LOT of people, so I am going to talk about it...among other things....

Ladies, girls, women...ALL FEMALES...


I guess I am a modern woman. I do have some notions of...what's the word, women's liberation and equality. Yes, I am married, and devoted to my husband. And yes, I do like him to get me flowers and open doors for me, so maybe I am a little traditional as well. But you know what? I don't have to be the perfect little wife and mother to be happy with my life. I love my kids, and am blessed to have brought them into this world...I know I could pull my own weight if Misk suddenly decided he didn't want to be with me anymore. And I would be OK with that. My mother may not have been a stellar mother, but the ONE thing she taught me was to always rely on myself before anyone else. Yes, I may have faltered here and there, but not for any amount of time that would constitute outright sacrifice of self worth and be the representation of my own life.

A loooong time ago, I was an actress. Yep, I was in college for theatre. Then I met Misk. I fell in love with him. I gave up theatre and acting for a while, but I always had a longing to continue -- and you know what? Misk encouraged me to pursue my happiness. So I did. I have performed in a few productions of local theatre companies in the places I have lived over the last 10 years. I've done quite a few auditions. Misk has always been there to support me when I have a role or if I don't get cast. I am lucky. I am very lucky because I know for a FACT that some of my friends' husbands would not be as supportive.

It drives me mad with anger that a man would try to suppress a woman in pursuing a dream. Even if it was a dream to learn to paint, or to grow a garden in the crappy little patch of dirt in front of the house. Nothing should be discouraged. How much do women give up to support their partners? SO MUCH. And yet, if a woman finds she is sad, depressed, or feels unfulfilled, it's assumed that she must be a terrible woman because she is not doing her job of supporting well enough. Which then leads to more feelings of inadequacy and "counseling" or medications. If she does start to pursue her dream, she is considered not being supportive of that partner enough...It's a double edged sword and it is NOT RIGHT.

I don't care what religion you practice. All religions have a basic "Golden Rule" about treating others as you would want to be treated. But how much does that rule apply when the "other" is your partner? More often than not, it is not even applied.

I am so angry, I cannot see straight when I see an example of this. I probably am not even making sense because my anger is distracting me and I am unable to conjure the words that I want to.

I don't talk alot of religion, but I will say this. There are religions out there where the main deity is a Female force. Obviously they are not Christian. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with that. I've got a news flash for you people out there who think that anything before Christ is not worth mentioning. For probably more than double of your religions time of existance, those other religions were thriving. The only reason why the top 3 world religions came about to be so popular was because Men decided they should be in charge and they did everything they could to get there -- including raping, killing and destroying any woman who did not want to conform. Over the last couple thousand years, Judaism/Islam/Christianity has been the dominating force, and that's the reason why women are so suppressed now. At least, from what I have been reading it is.

I thought I knew my heart. I thought I knew what I believed - with much conviction. I think I had that decision in my mind because it's the only thing I've been told for nearly my last 30 years. But I am not so closed-minded anymore. I know who reads this blog. Some of you are family even. Some of you are Good Christian People, and I do not have any malice for you. You believe what you believe, and it works for you. I think it's great. You are happy, and I say good for you that what you believe is what's for you. It's just not for me anymore. And I am not saying that I don't believe in God. I am just saying perhaps God isn't the only one out there.

So sum up my entry for today....Women do not need a life partner to be worthy in this world, no matter what society/your religion says. A good successful marriage should include a support system from both sides. I do not consider myself a Christian anymore.

back to the cleaning...


Thursday, April 17, 2008

I’m young and free, and suddenly it’s spring. ...

Random pictures taken of Yale as I walked around New Haven yesterday afternoon....The weather was fair and warm and I soaked up the vibration of the world being reborn....Yale University campus is truly enchanting in Spring..

Today, as you gaze at the wonders of these historical buildings, imagine the scores of young men and women who have passed through archways, looked out of windows and were awed at the beauty of architecture. Eager to learn and then bring to the world their thoughts and ideas of idealistic thinking that only can come about from being young and free....

I am finally ready to clean the kids room...enjoy and I will post pictures from that Tomorrow...


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It was ladies night, oh what a night!

I promised pictures, and after being chastized by Nessa, here they are.....

I am in my bath towel as I type having just taken a ridiculously long shower....Mr. Fabulous can day dream on that all day while I post pictures from Sub Ball...

Me with pin curls - front view

Top view

Back View

With the 'do rag on and a 2nd glass of wine...

Me after taking the pin curls out, before the brushing commenced

Mid Brushing.....

Finished Product-- Me right before we left

The Ladies and I at the ball...

Our Centerpiece
(we were the only ones who brought one -- apparently this base doens't do the centerpiece competition anymore)

Me, full picture

A really good picture of Brandi I had to put in because of the "Window Incident"
which I will explain later....

A really good picture of Erin too....

And that's it folks! HAPPY NOW NESSA???

(New) London calling to the faraway towns...

A mere 3 hours after my last post I was stuck in what I like to call "my worst nightmare"

Traffic. Due to an accident.

I wasn't in a hurry, but I was tired, Angie was tired, and we just wanted to go home and relax. Misk had called only a few minutes earlier because we were running a half hour later than I told him I would be home, and I waived off his "wondering" with a sigh:

"We're almost to the bridge dear, we'll be home in 10 minutes..."

2 minutes later, we were not moving.

We could see the news helicopter in the air, so we knew something was happening. Hell traffic on I-95 was stopped dead, and it was obvious it was right smack ont he Gold Start Bridge. That crosses the Thames River. Which litterally leads to my neighborhood. The traffic, which happened to fall in the midst of Rush Hour. Yep, it was 5 o'clock. traffic ended up being backed up for miles....

After waiting for a bout 20 minutes, Angie figured out that we could make the alternate route to the "Mohegan Bridge" and down rt 12. yes it would take a little while longer, but it was better than sitting in non-moving traffic, especially on a day when the weather was warm and we had a tractor trailer exhaust right next to us and we could not roll the windows down, for the fear we'd die from the diesel exhaust *sigh*

Apparently we were not the only people who had the idea to take the alternate route, and of course, even the alternate route was slow. Had we waited an extra 15 minutes, we would have been able to make it over the Gold Star Bridge and home a lot sooner, I think. But we didn't know what was happening or how long, so at the time, taking the alternate route was a good idea, I think.

So I didn't get home til nearly 6 pm. Do you think I was about to clean? Hell NO!

Misk and I went out to dinner, walked around Wal-mart then went home and hung out.

The cleaning was defaulted to today. Which obviously I have not started on yet. Because I am here, talking to all you people...Or tying rather...

Oh and did I mention it is Military Pay Day? Yep, I gots errands to run. Before work at 4 PM.

Damn, it's never gonna get cleaned, is it?



Monday, April 14, 2008

When everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am...

Greetings once more from New Haven! For the second time in a month I am at Big Book Store on the WiFi (note: not FREE WiFi), and decided to toss out a little howdy do to you all.

If any of you listened to Mr. Fab's radio show last night you will see that I made a phone call to Fabby, and of course Robin. Thanks to my general complains about his scheduling conflicts, Yours Truly will be the guess on Mr. Fab's show on May 4th!

Don't worry. I will make sure to link to the show lots of times that week. You will have to register with Blog Talk Radio in order to chat while you listen. I also chatted during Turnbaby's show. It took me a while to figure it all out (sometimes technology eludes my mind) but it was really fun. Thanks to The Absurdist for helping me figure out my techno problems!

Alas I had to leave at 9 pm, as I was getting up this morning at O-Dark-Hundred for Angie to pick me up and head to Yale Country. Except, at the University of New Haven....on the other side of town...

Speaking of Yale, last Wednesday I was there with my good friend Tink (link on right, although she hasn't updated in ages, the punk), who just happens to work there. Has anyone ever been there? It was such a surreal experience! The buildings are flippin' GORGEOUS! I felt like I was walking in the middle of a movie set or something. It's EXACTLY how an Ivy league school should look. I am going to take pictures this Wednesday when I go back.

Now, I know I promised you all pictures of the Sub Ball by today, but the ole laptop does not have a card reader and I was simply too busy getting it on with Misk last night to add the pictures. So I am sorry but you all will have to wait another day to see me in all my poodle-haired glory.

So today I sit here, enjoying my Mocha Lite Frappuccino and least til I get bored with the internet in this craptastically glaring window seat (the only spot that had access to the LONE PLUG in this place for the laptop). Then it's off to the crafting store to find things for a specific personal project I am working on (sorry I can't talk about everything in my personal life, as much as you folks crave it :P...and NO it's nothing perverse or sexual, those of you who would think in that way)

Then I head home and begin the pinnacle of The Kids Are Gone Week -- Cleaning the kids' room. I've got large black outdoor garbage bags, and I am NOT afraid to use them! I am taking bets on how many it will take to finish. I say 3 bags. Any takers? The winner(s) will get something...I dunno what...oh I know! An entire week of blogs on the topic(s) of your choice, no holds barred...I will talk about whatever you people ask, no matter how personal, how disgusting or kinky (hey I KNOW Mr. Fab would LOVE to win and come up with some whopper topics for me). Multiple winners will have to split the week amongst themselves.

If I win, all who placed a bet MUST one day next week, mention my blog (with a link), and give a paragraph talking about how wonderful I am. (Can you tell I need the ego boost? LOL) I'll announce the winners & losers on Friday, as I predict it will take me at least 3 days to clean their room (yes it is THAT BAD).

Well I am off.....take care all.....and wish me luck witht he cleaning this afternoon!


Saturday, April 12, 2008


No Kids, Sub Ball done, house is quiet, even if Misk is in the next room sleeping...

I REALLY wish I didn't have to work this weekend.

Oh well at least I can enjoy tonight.

Yay! Sex with Misk! With no kids in the house!

I fully expect the cops to show up from all the screaming...heh...


Pictures from the Ball and stuff to follow sometime in the next 48 hours.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A remedy for all your ills at the Lost & Found....

I cannot find my ditty bag.

I have been tearing this house apart trying to find it.

Oh yeah, ditty bag...that's military for "Toiletries Bag".

I had this really nice one that came with a luggage set that I got when I went to Florida back in October. It hangs on a self contained hook and has organize nooks and crannies, etc. It's really cute. Last I saw it was back in December when I spent the night at Nessa's. But it's gone now, and I am freaking out.

It has stuff I left in it, you see. Things that I specially selected for my anal retentive self for trips overnight. I have this huge fear of running out of something I will need on a trip, even an over night one. Granted, Nessa live litterally, right down the street from a CVS and Wal-greens and a Wal-mart even. Hell i bet she even has stuff of her own I can use!

But I am still freaking out.

Come to think of it...I haven't seen that little gym bag it came with either....last I saw that I was with Nicky...hmmm...maybe it's in the garage...

But I am entirely too tired to look for it now. I would have to go downstairs to the garage. At night. With bad lighting...into a garage filled with total I am thinking I will wait until tomorrow when it's daylight. I will save the risk of falling and breaking my neck. Plus I might actually find it tomorrow.

If it's not in there, there's only one other place it could be -- in Maine with my mother. I truly hope it isn't. I mean not that I mind really, but if she did borrow it, some warning might have been nice so that I did not freak out like I am now...and could have at least emptied it before she took it.

I guess I will just wait and see.

In the mean time, I must stop with the packing and get some sleep.

I bet that Diet Coke I just drank while I freaked out isn't going to help that. Damn...

Have a great rest of your week, folks.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Man! I feel like a woman...

This is how I spent my Morning....

Ooooh, Pretty nails....i got my feet done too, total pedicure, but those pictures came out lousy...

Ahhh...SPRING is in the Air!

I have laundry and packing for the kids to do, and myself, since I will not be going back home after my jaunt to RI & The Vineyard on Thursday/Friday. Going straight to Brandi's to get ready....Misk is probably so friggin' and no kids for like 2 days.....

I promise to post pictures on Monday...

Speaking of Monday, mine was fabulous! I did a whole lot of nothing. I even went to a friends and played Wii Bowling. Have I mentioned yet how much I love Wii? I totally want one. Seriously. It is so flippin' fun!

Anyway, as I have much to do, and emails still to answer, due to my lack of being here this morning, I must be off...I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

For Nessa

I miss you...

Oh, by the way...

I will be at your house on Thursday night!

call me Woman!!

We need to watch Our Movie.....

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Friday, April 04, 2008

I go crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby...

**WARNING: Tons of swearing apologies to Dr. John**

Yeah, so uh....yeah.

You know when you have one of those weeks that you just wish you could "do over"?

This was one of them.

Kaity has bronchitis. Yep, Mother of the year, I am not. I passed BRONCHITIS onto my poor kid. I am just waiting for the fucking call from DCF.

Misk started his new job at SubSchool. He pretty much hates it. And the office he's in is FIRM on him not leaving a fucking SECOND before 4:00 pm. Did I mention that I have to BE AT MY JOB at 4:00 pm? boss is really not happy. Oh fucking well. Let him fire me, then.

I went to New Haven this week for my Dnetal Hygene Clinic Patient-being for Angie, and because of some scheduling issues (Kaity was sick and I volunteered to cover Wednesday night shift at the reatuarant for a sick co-worker), ended up driving in Misk's truck. SUV. Whatever. I call it the Piece of Shit. I feared for my life, lemme tell you. This was promptly followed by me informing Misk that he has until next Tuesday to suck up his foot pain and start driving his truck again.

I REFUSE to drive to Woods Hole next week WITH THE KIDS in that Piece of Shit.

And yet another reason why I do not want to go all that way in Misk's truck:

My friend was in a car accident with her kids. IN AN SUV.

Her daughter is Kaity's classmate. We've done play dates together. I have done my share of crying and praying since I found out. God, Goddess, Buddah, Allah, all of them, I am not going to discriminate. If ANY deity can help my friend and her kids, I'll take it.

Let's see what else? Oh yes! Finally some good news on the Fireheart Front: I got my first donor to my Great Strides campaign! THANK YOU LIZA!! I know for you it was a little more personal, but I do appreciate it. If you want your "award" please let me know!

I also got a request for a smaller button. Apparently this button does NOT want to be resized, and looks like crap, it is....along with the original button, for those of you who would be wonderful and put this on your blog to help me raise money for Finnegan....

Help Cissa Help Finnegan!
Help Cissa Help Finnegan!

Help Cissa Help Finnegan!
Help Cissa Help Finnegan!

Again I will say, if you would like to help me out, just click on the button to the right, make a small donation...$5, $10, if that's all you can spare. Help my Friend's son by helping to fund finding a cure! Thank You!

I have noticed so much entertainment news this week as well. Most importantly was New Kids on the Block "officially" announcing a reunion !! *SQUEE* I DVR'd it, so I can watch over and over. Misk just rolled his eyes when he heard. I am a child of the 80's. I really loved them. I even went to a concert of theirs once. I have fond memories of hearing a rumor they were coming to the Vineyard one summer, and Janey and I stood at the Oak Bluffs terminal ALL DAY, hoping and praying to catch a glimpse of them. Oh yeah, I was obsessed.

So I cannot wait for May. They will perform for the first time in like 14 years or something. I think they broke up in '94. I can't wait to hear what they've got now, with boy bands having come the way they have since then. It will be interesting, no doubt.

So there you have it folks, Cissa's week in a nutshell. Today is Friday. Tonight is Girls' Night Out. THANK GOODNESS! I know that at LEAST Nicky and I need to get together with our friends and regroup. I am sure that the rest of the Gals will need it too. When it rains, it fucking pours for us Navy Wives. Call me a psychic. April Fools Day really fucked with our systems. I really think tea and cake are in order tonight. Lots of cake, in fact. Those poor waiters at the restaurant don't know what's coming! LOL

Well I must go for now. Time to get the Piece of Shit Truck to the Oil Change Place. And get it inspected. And go buy a corset to wear to the ball next week. Yeah, I am fat and have a pooch. It needs to be hidden. For one night anyway.

I will try to blog tomorrow before or after work. No promises, cause there's no telling what will happen between now and then with the way my week's been going!

Have a FABULOUS weekend, folks!


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No knows what it's like to be me....

Can't talk, must clean. Must pack, must work, must unload groceries and care for sick Kaity...

no time no time.

I've already had one breakdown today, i feel another coming up because I sat down for 10 min break.

more tomorrow -- sorry folks