Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I’ve got better things to do, Than my todo list anyway, Hide under the covers, And waste away the day...

Cissa's To-Do List for Wednesday

1. Shower & dress

2. Get kids dressed

3. get to 10 am free brake inspection on Misk's piece of shit truck

4. get brakes fixed (maybe)

5. lunch

6. Children's Museum w/kids

7. haircut so I don't look to scraggly for another 6 weeks

8. eyebrows waxed so I don't look like a crazy woman

9. dye hair at home so I don't look like white trash with roots

10. laundry

11. dinner

12. start to pack for BrittCon

13. listen to Jester's Radio show at 10 PM

14. slip in an episode of The Tudors somewhere because I love Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

15. somehow fit in a blog post or two for the weekend since I won't be at home and debating bringing the laptop

I hope I get it all done today! It's my first full day of summer vacation, and I am already super busy. At least I will get to go to the beach tomorrow -- I hope!


Edited to Add: Welll I've gotten some things accomplished, thank the Lord and Lady! As of 11:45 am, however, I am still waiting to hear back from the brake inspection, and this makes me nervous....I am thinking the worst...mega bucks to get the brakes done....*le sigh*

Yet another Edit: More accomplished today - YAY! Unfortunately the brake thing didn't work out because they wanted $525 just for the front end pads and rotors! I made some calls and have to take the truck in to another place tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.....

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