Thursday, June 05, 2008

I once was lost, but now, am found....

I'll be wangoodled! I found something that's been missing for a while now, and honestly thought had "disappeared" forever into my Mother's hoarding possession, never to be seen again....

Remember when I was getting ready to go to Nessa's house about 2 months ago? And I could not for the life of me find my ditty bag?

Well, I found the bowls that is my linen closet!

How? Well, lemme es'plain my linen closet. It is literally bursting with linens,mostly ones I don't use anymore since I got a king-size bed. I am saving these linens for the sake of Miss Britt, who will eventually get an address, to send items to her tornado-devastated hometown of Parkersburg, Iowa. Anyway, this morning as I was digging for a facecloth for the kids' bath, my hand came across a rather stuff fabric. It was definitely NOT a towel or facecloth.

"What the hell...?" I muttered as I grasped it and pulled it out from a huge pile of towels, sheets, blankets, etc. And there, in all its navy-blue, light-weight glory, was my beloved hanging ditty bag!

"Oh! My ditty bag! Ohmigawd!" Oh yeah...the sweet bliss of finding something you lost. It's almost like a kid rediscovering toys from the bottom of the toy box. I moved it to a safe location (my bedroom which is it's own pile of clothing and stuff, but more accessable aftertoday when I start to fold and put away stuff) and am a very happy camper. I can't wait to pack it in 2 weeks and bring it to BrittCon!

Now if only the miracle of finding lost things would happen again for my earrings I misplaced last weekend....


2 flame(s) added to the fire:

Miss Britt said...

Oh honey. Thank you so much.

Eamil me, K?

whall said...

I wish *I* had a dittie bag I could lose, then find, then blog about