Saturday, June 14, 2008

I cannot come up with a song lyric

You people are not going to believe this: I think I might have bronchitis...AGAIN!

Seriously, I have been hacking up a lung for the last few days, sucking down generic menthol eucalyptus drops like they are going out of style, and generally feeling miserable, including a stuffy nose and my nodes are swollen all nice and stuff. (TWKS)

I am sick, but I don't have the time to be.

Today and tomorrow are my last 2 days of scheduled work for my waitressing job. I doubt I will make much money, only for the simple fact that I have to share the shift with another waitress, my replacement, as she trains to fill my position (TWKS...damn I'm on a roll!).

This kinda sucks, because I am willing to bet that my tips would help a lot with my financial situation in trying to make it to BrittCon. but now that they are halved, maybe not. I don't' feel too bad because the girl who is taking my weekend shifts is a nice girl, and I actually am kinda sad I won't get to work with her. But still, lots of money would be nice too.

After being done with work, I have the following to do next week:

  • get mom finalized and all packed up (non-furniture stuff)
  • be a chaperone on a field trip for The Bug
  • attend a "end of year" class picnic for The Bug (must remember paper plates)
  • read up on Litha (Midsummer) rituals, which is this week and ritual is Sunday
  • get the U-haul (reservation made)
  • pack the U-haul, with just me and Mom to do it (Misk will conveniently be at work)
  • get the U-haul with mom's stuff to RI and then unpack it.
  • get back to CT not too late so Misk doesn't bitch more about having to drive somewhere after a "long week" of sitting on his ass in an air conditioned office until Friday when he actually does his work.
  • move my furniture that was in the garage for the last year back into my living room where it belongs...then vacuum and deodorize it....
  • Clean my house with lots of hot water, bleach, ammonia, anti-bacterial Mr. Clean, etc. on my knees scrubbing and throwing out a LOT of crap that mom will have left for me "to sell at a yard sale"
  • FINALLY set up a permanent altar in the living room, like I have been wanting to do for months.
  • get together with my friends for an "adult toy party" stay up late and drink, etc.
  • go to Litha Ritual on Sunday.
  • constantly remind Misk that I am not going to BrittCon because his piece of shit truck needed brakes And also remind him he isn't getting the lovin' from me.
  • check the mailbox with fervor everyday at 4 pm for that fucking stimulus check.
  • Revel in the fact that my Mother is going to be out of my house and after she is gone, enjoy my home once more!
Misk is still holding out hope for the stimulus check. He really wants to get laid. Yesterday's post still holds true. I refuse to have sex with him if I don't get to go to BrittCon and he gets his brakes on his piece of shit car.

But anyway. So as much as going to work thrills me, and I'm being ironical here, folks, I don't want to go because I feel like total crap. When I go in, I am willing to bet my boss (for 2 more days) will try to say I am faking it, make some disparaging/insulting comments about my home life/sex life/marriage/friends and I will be even more ticked off.

I totally will not miss his comments.

I hope I make it through today without too much crap from anyone. Maybe it's just PMS or something, but I will crack some skulls if I have to this week.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


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whall said...

Cool! A party with seadoo's, boats, motorcycles, pool tables, big screen tv's, poker tables, dune buggies, parasailing equipment, etc?

Aren't those adult toys?