Monday, June 16, 2008

And a new day will dawn for those who stand long, And the forest will echo with laughter....

I am feeling a little better today, and I feel one large weight lifted off my chest.

I am done at my waitressing job! And I don't have to go back, except to pick up my last paycheck right before BrittCon. I made a decent amount of money because the girl who is supposed to replace me did not come in, and we had a good amount of tables plus a large party of 15, and they alone gave me a $35. then I remembered this was pay week, and after I was done working, I got my paycheck. combine that with the left over money from last paycheck, and I have enough to pay for train, hotel and some food in NYC! (this is assuming of course, that our stimulus check never arrives)


So after feelign the weight of no more work lift off my shoulders, I am ready for this week and all that it holds. I am busier than I thought, as I forgot about a social function I will be attending on Wednesday night as well! It's ok though, really, I am looking forward to it. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for me. Freedom is a mere...well whatever that little countdown timer says over there away ---------------------------->

Let's see what else can I tell you all about?.....I dunno, I've got a racing mind and am looking forward to Friday like you wouldn't beleive. I am actually contemplating getting a bottle of Champagne for Misk and I. Nothing major, just somethign for us to drink while we clean! haha

Speaking of Misk, I think he had a nice Father's Day. He got breakfast in bed, spent the day watching movies in bed and only left the house to be taken out to dinner. That's pretty good for him, I think. He knew he wasn't getting a gift since his car repairs are this week, so, the fact that the kids gave him home made cards and stuff was good enough for him. I'm still holding out on him though hehe....he doesn't know I have the money for BrittCon, because I want to make sure he understands that he messed up. Because he did. Big Time

ANYWAY, I have got to work on cleaning this office! I want as much as possible cleaned of our own stuff upstairs by Friday so that when we get home, we only have the downstairs to deal with on Saturday. The real major things to be cleaned now are the office and upstairs bath and today is office day! I already managed to get $21.35 in cans and bottles from a bag of cans in the garage and The Leaning Tower of Dr. Pepper! Yes it's ALL Misk drinks, so we had a lot of it!

Totally insane, right? Seriously. Naturally, I have been trying to convince him to just take it all to the store and turn it in, and naturally, he always says he's so tired from work and just wants to be at home. So now he has no choice, and since I did all the work and got icky, sticky hands from it, the $21.35 goes to the BrittCon Fund! hahaha

Really, I am going now. It's so awesome to feel some semblance of relaxation and happiness. It's nice to know I will not have to endure the crap I have had to for the last year for much longer. It is amazing to think my family will feel "at home" at home again in just a short time!

Is it Friday yet????

Hope Everyone is having a good Monday,

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whall said...

Love the subject lyric...

That is a LOT of Dr. P. I used to drink nothing but in my Unix admin days (it's what any Unix admin worth his ssh key drank) but not so much anymore.

Have yourself a wonderful time.

(PS: I thought it was spooky how Woopra told me you were on my site watching my DITL just as I was reading your entry - WEIRD!)

Cissa Fireheart said...

Wayne: Seriously, that IS Spooky! good DITL though! :)