Tuesday, January 31, 2006

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Had the doctor's appointment today. A bit of a mixup initially, but it all evened itself out. Apprently the people who schedule the appoinments think "I need a complete physical" means "I want a pap smear, please."

So after the intention for me waiting 2 weeks for an appointment was cleared up in vitals, I get to see the doc. He was a nice guy. If he had black hair, I'd think he was Hawkeye Pierce's Son, or maybe his nephew....Great bedside manner, good looks, and hey, he wasn't afraid to talk to me about my concerns.

After taking a quick looksie on my online record about my sleep problems, he noted I had been given a sleep medication in September. I must have looked like a deer and headlights. I laughed. I honestly don't recall that. I rememebr goign in for allergies in the fall...but don't recall gettign sleep meds. Odd. I told him maybe I took them once or twice and didn't like the way they made me feel the next morning. That's probable, Doc says. Then he said the ones I had did tend to make you "space out" for the first week. With 2 kids, we all know I don't have that option.

After some more questions, he decided I do need some labs done. Especially with my history of insomnia, anemia and mental health issues, he thought is was a good idea I was finally coming to see him. I've got a 30 prescribtion of Ambien. I am eagerly awaiting bedtime. I may actually get to sleep, and wake feeling rested. If I still feel fatigued all the time, after a month, the doc wants me to do a sleep study, to make sure I don't have any issues, like apnea or whatever, which is causing the fatigue. He asked if anyone in the family has chronic fatigue syndrome. I told him I didn't know, but I wouldn't doubt it. But we're an "old New England" family. We whisper about our health problems and only talk about them in full volume after the person has died.

Oh yes, and I can't eat for a 10-12 hour stint then have to go give a gallon of blood. Yippee. But maybe the tests will show something. I almost want something to be wrong with me. Then I can get on the road to feeling better....That'd be a nice change for once.

One thing I have to rant about: The effing clinic in Florida STILL has not sent my and Emily's medical records to Connecticut. WTF??? The request from Groton was sent back in MAY!! I saw it with my own eyes that it was. Do the math, that's almost 8 months ago. I have 7 years worth of health issues in there, including my first daughter's autopsy, and my psycho files. I will go down there and raise some major hell if the second request that's sent produces no medical files. I AM PISSED.

I'll update you all tomorrow. I know you'll be waitign with baited breath to see how I fared. haha. Until tomorrow...zzzzzzz

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Sassy said...

Here's to happy sleeping and blissful dreams!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that's not even legal. Must have got lost somewhere. Definitely call and raise a ruckus and I bet they'll get their butts in gear. Sheesh. Hope you get some sleep!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you finally went and that you have a doc that seems to really be intrested and care. That is kind of rare at the NAC! I hope that the medication helps. I know how you feel about the medical records issue. I have had that problem. I hope this situation gets better for you! Bang if you need anything! LOL :)

Eric said...

Ambien will knock you out. We had a older lady come through our department with the exact same problem you are having. She told us that she took one before bed and after talking with her husband about a hunting trip he was taking for the next day.

She got a little groggy and thought she wasn't getting sleepy fast enough so... she took a second one.

Her husband came back the next afternoon to find her on the floor next to thier bed. The lady slept so hard so rolled off the bed smacking het face on a step stool and had a wicked shiner. She didn't remember a thing. With the exception of the black eye she said she felt rested and ready to go.

Cissa Fireheart said...

sassy- thanks!

karin - this is the military we're talkign about. technically my records are property of the Navy. But the Navy never is as efficient as it likes to think it is. otheriwse, my records would already be in CT! LOL

mimi - thanks. I think I lucked out on the doc. Hey wanna go to Bingo at Foxwoods on Thursday night? I'll come banging later...or I'll IM ya :)

eric- well I'm not a complete idiot, I'll only be taking one pill, thanks....I am leery of the drug as it is, why would I take TWO at once??? LOL

JaneyGrrrl said... recommendation is start with half a pill. I'm a big girl and I could NOT wake up the next morning after taking a whole one...seriously couldn't roll my fat ass out of bed until about 3pm and even then I felt all kinds of groggy. I'm not a doctor, but I would seriously start with half until you see what it does to (er....for) you.

And take it a while before you are actually ready to go to bed, that way it has time to catch up to the right bedtime.

Good luck. Hope it works for you.

JaneyGrrrl said...

um...or maybe since I just read this and it was written already took the damn thing and you're STILL UP!!