Friday, January 27, 2006

Flashback Friday - Pets

The theme for FF this week is Pet Memories. For some reason I can't get the FF image to come up...I think blogger is screwing up again....but I am contributing...

Well dear readers, I have had so many pets, it's very difficult to pin point a certain one memory that really sticks out that isn't about their demise. So instead I am going to tell about the most happy thing I can recall about pets in a while: How My Cat Got His Name...

Back in 2003, August 2003 to be specific, I was about..oh....36 weeks pregnant. I was due at the end of September, and I was feeling HUGE. Well I was pretty big, to be honest. Hubby comes home from work one day, and seeing as my birthday was in a couple weeks announces he knows what to get me for my birthday.

"I know you've been feeling down without a pet (we had given up a cat about 7 months prior - long story) so I thought I'd get you a kitten."

I was overjoyed. I immediately went ot the internet and got the local paper classifieds, and started making calls. I found a man who was giving away kittens. All I had to do was show up. So, Me, Hubby and Emily, who was about 2 1/2 at this point, and talking like a professional I might add, got in the car, drove the 12 miles to the guys house and looked at kittens. I picked out of the 2 left. A tiger and a black with white patches. He has white feet and most of his back legs were also white. A little puff of white on his nose. He was perfect. We took him.

He was a strange little thing. I held him and he mewed and cried. We put him in Emily's arms and he was almost instantly quiet. Hrm. So. I let him sleep on her lap for the car ride home. She was in heaven, petting him, scratching him behind the ears, and telling me how we had picked the best cat ever. Finally I started to think about names. I suggested Boots, Mittens, and some others that had to do with his physical appearance. No one else seemed too thrilled with my suggestions. So I turned to Emily and asked her.

"What should we name him, Emmy?"

"Um, I think Buddy is a good name. How about Buddy, Mommy?" I looked at my sweet little girl holding "my cat" and knew it was futile. He was mine, but really, he was Emily's. I looked at Hubby and he glanced from the road at me with a smile.

"Buddy it is!" I said and Emily grinned. Hubby, Emily, Buddy and I drove home the rest of the way, in relative silence.

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Anonymous said...

Aww...that is such a sweet story! There is some special connection between kids and animals that's just hard to explain. Thanks for playing! :)

Shannon said...

I think that's the way it goes. Almost 5 years ago my kids and I went to our local shelter to pick out a black lab puppy they had just put up for adoption.

I picked out the puppy and when we were in the car my son asked if he could name him. I told him of course and the name Pongo was given to him. Pongo has "belonged" to my son ever since.

I jokingly call them my little traitors sometimes!

Rebecca said...

We had an all white cat named Sugar, who passed away when I was 29 and he was 16; our other cat, an all brown one named Cocoa - just passed away this past year at 21.

I presently have a dog Brandy - a Jack Russell Terrier who's 9. Prior to her, I've always had Dobermans. And actually - you've just inspired me to post about my favorite one. :) Coming soon.....