Friday, January 13, 2006

B I N G Ohhh...damn it!

So Me, and my "girlz" Michelle and Jen went to Bingo at Foxwoods Casino last night. I hadn't been since I got back to Rotten Groton, and though I kept wanting to go with Michelle, it never actually transpired. Last night, we finally went though.

On a side Note: Jess, I am sorry you couldn't make it this time, but absolutely next time I will make sure you are coming. Even if I have to tie Dan down so he doesn't have to deal with work and has his arms free to be with his son. (Jess reads the blog, ladies and gents...and like most sailors, her hubby's over-worked and underpaid....)

ok..back to my thrilling evening...

Well....wait...first, I should explain something. If you get 2 or more Navy Wives together in a car for at least 30 minutes, eventually they are going to tell housing/neighbor horror's unwritten rule. We all have to share this stuff with each other. It's a survival mechanism, I honestly think so.... ok anyway

Well we all hd a blast telling and hearing stories on the way up, and though the walk to the Bingo Hall. Then we started playing.

I love my freind Jen, but she was having a hell of a time. So I was helping her mark her cards as well. It was fun for everyone. In fact we agreed we need to do it at LEAST once very 2 weeks. But....none of us won any money. Which damn it all to hell, would have been FRIGGIN SWEET....but alas, it was not in the stars....this time....

So we decided after sitting for 4 hours straight and not getting up once to walk around the casino and look at the sights. Well Michelle did get up, twice..I however was an idiot and did not stretch at half-time. I was limping. I have bad knees. I always have since HS and my cheerleading days. I landed on a jump once, and my knees didn't like it. I suffered through Boot camp for the Air Force with it. To this day, going down more then one flight of stairs makes my legs a bit shaky...but of course, I digress.... So I was walking by thse stands and I saw someone who looked so familiar I had to call out her name....

"Jane? Jane Herlastname?"

"Cissa?? HEY!!"

Yep, that's right, it was JANEYGRRRL!! I couldn't belive it. She had been in Bingo with another face from the past, was insane! They ahd been at the casino all day. We could have spent 4 hours together at Bingo! But alas, it was not in the stars.....But it was so great to see her for a few minutes. She didn't realize how close to the casino I actually live, so she hadn't called me. Well, now she knows to call next time, doggone it!

So altogether a fun night. Of course, as is Navy Wife tradition, we talked about our husbands and their "quirks" on the way home. LOL What's a girl's night out without a little husband-bashing, I ask you? Honestly, not complete!!

I got Home and Hubby was still awake. we talked for a little while then drifted off to sleep.

A fun night indeed!

4 flame(s) added to the fire:

Laurie said...

Hubby was still awake and you didn't tear off a piece?? ;-)

I love bingo (shhhh, don't tell anyone), but haven't played in years.

Rebecca said...

A night with the girls is ALWAYS a good time, no matter what you do! I'd love to play Bingo - but no one around me goes, really.

:P fuzzbox said...

Bingo damnit is right. One yelling Bingo and a horde yelling damnit. A fun time indeed but I'll stick to Blackjack.

Sassy said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun!! god, I miss my girls back home. :( Can I live vicariously through you and your friends?? :)