Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wow That was Bad

So I took the Ambien on Tuesday night right before bed. I wish I had Janey's advice ealier, becuase not only did it take a while to kick in...when I woke up the next monrning, I felt like I had a hangover. Factor in Kaity was screeching mercilessly about something or ther, and Vi-Olay: One Migraine for Cissa.

Mimi was kind and took the girls for me so I could sleep off the migraine and the medicine. After waking from my nap, I did feel better. As it was payday, I got ready to go out with the girls when Emily returned from Justin's....

Gotta go to the bank today and get some answers about stuff. Then to lab to do bloodwork. Then grocery shopping. Oh yes, somewhere in there, I have to drop off Emily at school and pick her up. haha

Tonight I am going to Bingo with Mimi, Michelle and possibly Jen (not you Jeopardygirl, lol). I probably won't take the pill again until Friday....if I don't go to RI to try on my bridesmaid dress for Nessa.

Nessa, call Me! I need to know the deal with this weekend...Yea or Nay?

3 flame(s) added to the fire:

jeopardygirl said...

Oh, come on! You know you wanna go to Bingo with me... :)

Rebecca said...

That stinks Cissa; I suffer from Migraines as well... :(

Laurie said...

Ambien will f*ck you up.. I tried it once, and said NEVER again.