Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bummer, Man!

We got some kinda snow/sleet storm and school is not opening today. Damn it. My kid is bored, I can't even let her go out to play, cause it's all gross, icy and sleety out....if it were proper snow, I'd have no problem...Today is going to ROYALLY SUCK...and she doesn't have school tomorrow either, cause Wednesdays the PM class doesn't have it...damn damn least she is going to her friend's grandpa's tomorrow -- she won't be bored....*sigh*

The quitting is comming along. I had about 10 cigarrettes yesterday. I played EQ2 and it made me want to smoke more...gotta find an alternative for the cancer sticks...maybe I'll start chewing gum or somehting...not that nicotine gum, just regular Trident or something...cause I have found myself eating more when not smoking....I guess the old addage about gaining weight when you quit IS true...damn damn damn!

Back to life....and bored children...and resisting the urge to smoke...*sigh*

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Dear Jane... said...

you could try sucking on lollipops...they sometimes cure the oral fixation better than chewing gum. And just blame the cursing on your bad mood caused by nicotene withdrawl...Happy New Year!

Rebecca said...

We got nothing here.... maybe 2 inches??? I was off today anyway, so I didn't mind. :)

Don't feel badly if you slip here and takes time to really kick smoking I think.

:P fuzzbox said...

I finally got to see that drop kick highlight. You are correct that was the Coolest. Good luck on the quitting.

Laurie said...

Finally, someone besides us has snow! ;-)

Don't know if I gave you this link before, but check out this website for lots of quitting info:

You can do it!!