Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Belatedly Tagged

A few days ago, Dear Jane tagged lil ole Me. I am an idiot and deleted the email that contained the comment. DUH, I just realized that I can look it up on my actual here we go:

Four Jobs You've Had in Your Life:
1. Supply Technician for USAF Nat'l Guard
2. Sandwich Artist for Subway
3. Exotic Dancer
4. Administrative Assistant

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
1. Dazed and Confused
2. Down Periscope
3. Harry Potter Movies - any of them
4. Newsies

Four Places You've Lived:
1. Rhode Island
2. Massachusetts
3. Hawaii
4. Florida

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
1. Jeopardygirl's blog
3. Yahoo Entertainment
4. My bank website

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:
1. M*A*S*H
2. Desperate Houswives
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Four of Your Favorite Foods:
1. Fettuccini Alfredo
2. Chocolate ice cream
3. sunflower seeds
4. Pizza

Four Albums You Can't Live Without (at least for the moment):
1. Rent Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2. Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack
3. Dazed and Confused Sountrack
4. um...... uh.....I ahevn't bought a new CD in 2 months (#1 &2 on my list), before that about a wait I know: Alan Jackson - Drive

Four Places You'd Rather Be:
1. Central Florida - not as cold there, and lota to do. Oh yes, and cheaper cost of living
2. Oahu, Hawaii - more expesive, but warm weather
3. England - it may be cold there, but I still would be in heaven
4. Italy - again, the warm weather thing, and I would love to see the sights....

And finally, per tradition, Four People Who Are Now Obligated To Do This on Their Blog:

I am going to break tradition and list NO ONE *gasp* Only because I know all my contacts have done it already! haha.

Hope you enjoyed....

3 flame(s) added to the fire:

:P fuzzbox said...

Wow, you learn something new every day. I had no idea that you were once an exotic dancer. If you have ever mentioned it, I guess I missed it. You are going to have to post some recollection stories.

JaneyGrrrl said...

no seriously....when the hell were you an exotic dancer?!! I woulda TOTALLY come and shoved dolla bills into your G-string..

Bilingual Blah Girl said...

The exotic dancer thing surprised me, too.

I like this "Four ... " thing and I think I'll do it and post it on my blog on the weekend.