Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tagged.....Finishing Sentances

Jeopardygirl tagged me again.  I am not tagging anyone though.  But if you do it, lemme know on my comments....

I AM: so glad it is a nice warm day
I WANT: my wisdom tooth to stop hurting
I HATE: having to drive Hubby into work on school days
I MISS: being able to sleep in.  
I FEAR: I will end up alone
I HEAR: my iced tea maker and the whirring of the computer.
I WONDER: when the Navy is going to stop fucking with Hubby.
I REGRET: not working.
I'M NOT: going to cry.
I DANCE: to silly kids songs or when goofing around.
I SING: just about anytime I know the song playing.
I SEE: a therapist about my grief.
I CRY: less than I did 5 years ago.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: a nice person when asked my opinion.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS:meals for my family.
I WRITE: like chicken scratch.
I CONFUSE: myself when trying to be organized.
I NEED: dental insurance.
I SHOULD: clean the bathroom
I START: playing and lose focus of my goals.
I FINISH: driving Em to school everyday next Tuesday.

3 flame(s) added to the fire:

Betty said...

I am going to do the finishing sentences. It will give me something to blog about. Thanks

Dr.John said...

Well we have another thing in comman. I also write like chicken scratch.

Honey said...

I did this one too. I am not cleaning anything today so I have a total of 3 blogs. Yeah, I life...guess I should go clean something!
LOL!! I have a busy next 5 days after tomorrow, so today is my day of rest!! Tomorrow I clean and so on and so forth!
Take Care!