Tuesday, November 15, 2005

OK, then...I got some PEACE!

Are my links showing up? Maybe it's just blogspot being jacked up again. It happens occasionally, I have noticed....

So today after school, my daughter went to her "best friend" Justin's house. He lives around the corner and about 10 houses down. They are in the same Pre-K class. He's a boy, but apparently this doesn;t matter to Em. Works for me.... About 6 pm I still hadn't gotten a call to pick her up. So I call the house, and his mom is like "Oh I was gonna have her eat here, if that's ok."

What? More time? TAKE HER!! that's what I was thinking. She came home at about 7:30 pm. Not even fully through the door she asks:

"Mom? Can I sleep over Justin's house?"

"Um, did you ask Justin's mom?" I look at the mom, my friend.

"It's fine with me, if you think she'll be OK."

"Sure, she's been on sleepovers before." This is true. She loves them.

"Then it's fine with me." My friend said.

"Okay, I'll pack her a bag." 1/2 an hour later, they were gone. An hour after that Kait got put to bed. I have had an EXTRORDINARY 3 wonderful hours of peace. I played EQ2. I answered e-mails. I read some blogs. WOW. I can't wait for the kids to both be in school full time. Imagine what I'll actually accomplish then! Once I get tired of having "Me Time" of course ;)

So, this has been a fabulous day. Yay for Today!

I'm off to read in, I may even finish a chapter or two!!

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