Thursday, November 17, 2005

I STILL have a Crush on This Man

Christian Bale. Some of you know him as Batman from the latest movie "Batman Begins". Some of you may recall him from "Empire of the Sun"- He was the little English kid. Some of you, like me, may recall a little Disney Musical called..."Newsies"! Newsies is where I fell in love with this man. About 10 years ago, no, actually, more like 11, my best freind Jane played a video of this movie for me. I was hooked right there. I had two VHS tapes of the movie, and plyed them constantly -- until they ran barethread. Now I have the DVD of Newsies. I play the soundtrack in my car. He was also in "Swing Kids" wich is a great movie in it's own, but to see CB dance like that...Good God, did I want this man to be mine....

I have seen nearly every movie Christian Bale has made an appearance in. I even saw Pocahontas where he was the voice of Thomas, and YES, I have that on DVD too. I try to urge my daughter to watch it, so I can hear him do the voice of Thomas. She is resisting. DANG HER!!

Chritian is the epitome of Handsome to me. When I first saw my husband in a nightclub over 8 years ago, I thought at first it was HIM! He's got deep piercing brown eyes, a chiseled jawline. his hair is just awesomeAnd his body....SWOON!!! Hubby has many of his facial features. it's nice....anyway, I will always have a crush on Christian Bale. Damn him for being married. I have no hope of ever seducing him now, should I end up single again, that is!

I have spent the morning talking to two fellow Baleheads (that's what his fas call themselves)- Jeopardygirl, and Lauren. Just like the old days of CB Fan Site Chats (when the site was OPEN, that is)....these girls are wonderful. I've met Lauren in person, and SOMEDAY, I am going to drive to Canada and visit Jen. After I get my passport, that is!

So here's to Christian Bale! May his next few movies be as entertaining as his first few!

4 flame(s) added to the fire:

JaneyGrrrl said...

Listen, ain't the only one STILL smitten. I even forced my ex-boyfriend to watch Newsies...some things never change. I guess I'll never really grow up, will I?

Dr. Cissa Fireheart said...


for those of you who think I am freaking for no reason janeygrrrl is the "Jane" who introduced me to the Fabulous Mr. Bale


Laurie said...

yeah he's hot... and the best batman yet, I think.

thanks for the eye-candy :-)

jeopardygirl said...

I could drool forever...I miss his crooked teeth, though. :(