Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thank Go for Small Miracles...

Well, the hunt for "the perfect outfit" is over! Today I spent 4 hours scouring the stores of the Greater New London Area for something that complimented my figure, wasn't too dressy, yet still made me look sexy and mature. I actually found two outfits, and bought them both. I am going to bring them both to RI and let Nessa help me decide which to wear.

The first outfit is a purple/grey mix pant suit with vertical stripes (slimming) and a lilac stretch satin camisole. It hugged my curves, and accented my fabulous bosom, all while still making me look slimmer than I really am. I nearly cried when I tried this outfit on, I looked that good.

The second outfit is a pair of deep purple dress pants with a multicolor, dominantly purple sheer top with a semi sheer black camisole underneath. Again, I looked slimmer, and this outfit accented my curves, while not showing as much cleavage. I almost cried again.

I'll probably take a picture of myself in both outfits, and let y'all tell me which one you think is best. But Hubby is stopping in at home shortly, and I don't want him seeing both and freaking out that I bought so much. Actually both outfits were under $90 with tax (THANK GOD for sales), and so, I think it was a really good deal! And if I want, I can take one outfit back...but I really doubt I will! ;)

I have decided that J.C. Penny ROCKS, for the simple fact that they have an AWESOME petites section. It is so hard to find nice clothes for short women at decent prices. WOOT for them!

I also scroed a M*A*S*H 4077th T-shirt at Target. I am so excited. I am wearing it now!

So, today is definitely looking much better than yesterday!

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Dick the Boomer said...

Looking forward to the pics :-)