Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Crazy Couple of Days

I think the picture says it all: A turkey running around like crazy balancing Dinner. That's how I feel about the next couple days. I have major cleaning to do. I guilted Mom into taking the girls for a few hours today, so I can clean their room. It's simply too much. I MUST get rid of excess toys, and do their laundry. I can't put it off anymore. I told Mom that I've been waiting over a month for her to take the girls for me so I can do it. That was no lie.

The plan is to put the bunk beds back together on Friday. Hubby actually wanted to do it on Thursday Morning, but the look of Death I shot him stopped him mid-sentance. I have a 20 lb bird, and sides to make that day. Sure, dinner isn't until after 5 pm, but I plan on cleaning whatever I DIDN'T finish in the kitchen tomorrow morning, as well as work on dinner. Why put the bunks back together? Easy Answer - MORE SPACE. My kids have a tiny room, and little space to play. They hate to play in there because the beds are side by side and there's no room for thier toys. Hence why a sea of toys 2 feet tall encompasses that room and spills out into the hallway. Perhaps with the bunks up, and less toys, they will find playing in their room more enjoyable. One can only hope.

SO, after todays' cleaning frenzy, tomorrow's dinner, and Friday the bunk beds, I have to prepare to go to RI for THE REUNION. Yes, Ladies and Gents, it is this Saturday. I have stuff to find, prep and pack. I have shoes to polish and photo albums to throw together so I can brag to my friends about my fabulous family- My Handsome Sailor (who's got duty) Husband and Georgous, Well-Behaved Children. Jewelery needs to be cleaned and shiny, and dang it, where is my lapel pin? It will go awsome with my suit. Oh yeah and I still need to post a picture of me in the suit for those of you who have asked!

AAARGH!! TOO MUCH TO DO -- NOT ENOUGH HOURS!!! Anyone got a maid and some Valium I can borrow for a couple days? Yeah, THANKS!!

SO, dear friends, in case I don't have a chance to post again today, or tomorrow (unlikly, since this is part of my morning routine),


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