Monday, November 21, 2005

A note to those of you who dye your hair at home....

Dear Home Dyers,

Do not EVER buy and use Revlon Colorsilk! First, they don't put enough product in the box to cover a small head of short hair (look at my picture, that's my hairlength). Second, the color that comes out on your hair is not even close to what they say will come out to look like.

My hair has been two-toned since Saturday afternoon. It's a golden brown on top, and about 4 inches on the bottom is a DARK ash brown that looks TERRIBLE with my skin tone. I have waited a couple days until I attempt dyeing my hair again, because I want to let the natural oils build up, so my hair will be susceptible to take dye better again (i.e. I haven't washed it. It's not like I've gone out since around dark on Saturday, so no one's seen it....)

I have since learned my lesson. I went out and bought a more reputable hair color product from a different company. A trusted brand that cost about triple what I sepnt on the Colorsilk, but I know I will have better results....the fact that I tried to save a bit of money has only resulted in me spending more....damn that Revlon Colorsilk!!

So Ladies, please, refrain from the above mentioned product. Your hair will thank you!

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Laurie said...

oh girlfriend, I have totally learned the hard way the lesson in the phrase "do not try this at home".

I turned myself into "carrot top" once. Never again!

You might want to have a pro fix it for you..

Anonymous said...

I've been using Revlon Colorsilk for a while, and it's been really nice to my hair (medium golden brown)--good coverage, and more than enough for my medium-length hair.

Revlon is the only drugstore brand that stopped the terrible draize testing where haircolor is put into a bunny's eyes and then the time measured until the dye burns a hole through the cornea. All the others (Clairol (from Procter and Gamble), L'Oreal, Garnier) still do that. Since I didn't want to be part of this barbaric practice just to cover my grey, I decided to stick with Revlon.

Cissa Fireheart said...

Let the bunnies die then, because I will never use Revlon Products on my hair again. It may seem cruel to some, but I am one of those people who honestly, just don't care .... I am heartless I know. I also LOVE FUR or LEATHER COATS. If fur/leather was good enough a million years ago to keep man warm in the winter, it sure as hell is good enough now.

Whatever, I am not a PETA member as you can see. I have a very poor opinion of them all...but I won;t get into that here...LOL