Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hurry up and break....a FTN and Hubby too post.

So the Navy is keeping my husband hostage, sort of. He went out to sea over the weekend, for what was supposed to be a few days. He was supposed to be back yesterday. I got a call late in the afternoon that the boat was not coming in until tomorrow. Lovely. My husband is probably so pissed off right now. He's been waiting for this little underway after dry dock for about 3 months now. they kept delaying it going out cause stuff kept breaking. Hurry up and fix it...then something else will break....the poor guy hasn't had a full weekend off in a month. And it seems to me that this weekend is shaping up to be no different.

I made plans with a couple who are friends to go to dinner with Hubby and the kids on Friday. I know he is not going to want to go now, because he will claim he's "too tired" and will want to sit on the computer and get as much EQ2 in as possible before he leaves again for another underway. So I will probably end up going without him. Why should I sit around and be miserable with him? I'm going to tell him that I am going, and if he wants to go, he's more than welcome, otherwise, he's watching the kids! So there :) He'll be a stick in the mud, and I'll be miserable? No thanks, pass the tequilla, John & Heather -- Dad's home with the kids! He'll probably have duty anyway. it always seems to fall on days when I have plans for something - my birthday, school functions....the only thing my husband hasn't missed in the last 4 months is his birthday and our anniversary. It sometimes sucks being a Submarine Wife.....

2 flame(s) added to the fire:

Jill Monroe said...

You're preaching to the choir. If they want to stay home, I can always go out and leave the little ones with him!

jeopardygirl said...

I'm with Jill. Go out and have a good time. If he wants to stay home and be miserable, that's his option, but you hardly get out as it is.