Friday, November 04, 2005

Tragedy in The Fireheart House

It is a very sad day for Emily. She's sick (still), she can't work on her at-home school project (sissy would make a mess with her art supplies), and two of her beloved fish died within 24 hours.

It started last night. I was sitting onmy computer, trying to knock out the rest of chapter 2 of my NaNoWriMo Story when I heard those fatal words:

"Mama? I think one of the fish went up to Jesus..." I sighed.

"Ok, baby, let me take a look." I go to the tank, and sure enough, a fish is upside down, floating at the top of the water.

"Yeah, baby, the fishie is dead," I say as I go to find the fish net. Damn. I was afraid this would happen before I had a chance to replace the motor for the tank filter. It crapped out about a week ago. I just kept forgetting about it. The poor fish.

We got the fish out of the tank and gave him a proper burial, sending him back to the ocean via the public sewer system (Rememebr in Finding Nemo? All drains lead to the ocean. Emily has taken this to heart.) I tried to see if I could get the pump going again, but to no avail. We checked to make sure the other fish and our tadpole were still ok. Then we fed them, and soon it was time for bed.

This morning, just 10 minutes ago I heard a cry.

"Mama!! Sweetie Pie is dead! WAAAAAAAAA!!!" Sweetie Pie is Emily's favorite fish. I go to look, and sure enough, she's gone to Jesus. After a quick diaper change for her sister, Emily and I brought Sweetie Pie up to the bathroom.

"Ok, Emily, say goodbye to Sweetie Pie," I say solemnly.

"Goodbye, Sweetie Pie," Emily says. Tears running down her face, her voice quivvering. "I'll miss you. I'll never forget you. WAAAAAAA!!" I get Emily some more tissues and we head back down stairs. She gets over her loss eventually, but asks if we can get a new fish today. What was I to say? I have now promised her two new fish today, along with attempting to get a new pump for the tank. I have to do it now. If you saw how broken hearted that poor kid was, you'd be making a beeline to the store right away too.

So long fishies. See you in Heaven.

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