Friday, November 25, 2005


Yesterday was a long day for me. It started at 7 am when I awoke and prepared to feed the bird...errr, stuff the turkey and get it in the oven. But before I got that done, I opened the curtains on all the windows. I like natural light. The pictures you see are what I was greeted with yesterday morning. I let out a loud gasp and ran upstairs to tell Hubby, who of course, was still sleeping.

"IT SNOWED!" I yelled into the bedroom. This of course, woke the kids, who both ran downstairs to see thier first snow.

There was only a dusting of white, and it wasn't even an even dusting. Patches of white here and there. Some had already begun to melt. It all melted eventually, and the sun came out. If it had not been for the cold temperature, yesterday was a beautiful day.

I worked my ass off in the kitchen. I did almost everything entirely by myself. I even had to stop twice, to get my step-dad from New London, and my mom from her work parking lot where she gets shuttled to here in Groton. I set the table, I got drinks, I baked the Brown 'n Serves. I put everything in serving bowls. Hell, I even woke Emily up from her nap to get her downstairs for dinner. It was delicious. Possibly the best turkey I have ever made, I swear. My potatoes were creamy and well seasoned/buttered, and my stuffing was exactly as I remember my grandmother's (I got her recipe). Even my dessert was delicious. I really was proud of my cooking for the first time -- truly -- yesterday. I pulled off Thanksgiving Dinner 99% by myself. I felt so awesome about it.

Well dinner was done. Hubby had not done much all day but sit at the computer and/or yell at the kids. I had to practically beg him to help me with a couple things I needed a third hand with. Otherwise, he did nothing to help. I asked him numerous times to do the dishes. they did not get done. I went upsatirs to lay down, because I was feelign dizzy and tired. I told Hubby to wake me when my parents were ready to go (I knew it wouldn't be long). I secretly hoped maybe he'd take them home for me -- since I had done so damn much that day, and was feeling lousy. Or maybe when I got home from dorpping them off, the dishes would be done. No such luck. He didn't do a damn thing. So I banged around the kitchen, cleanign up, and making a point of muttering loudly enough for him to hear about how tired I was and how all I had asked of him all day was an extra hand a couple times, and how he should be doing this -- not me.

He said to me "I figured I would do it tomorrow"....yeah do it tomorrow...bullshit. So I filled the dishwasher and ran it. I left stuff soaking in the sink. I will put money down on the fact that those dishes will be in my sink still when I go to bed tonight. Meanwhile, I have a list of things to get done and packed for tomorrow.

Oh, did I mention Hubby stayed up til past 4 am playing his video games which he had been playing all day as it was, save for the 45 minutes he tore away to eat, and then shirked his dishes duty for? yeah....Does anyone else fell I am justsified in my anger with the Hubby?

I better get some roses today or something.....

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