Thursday, November 10, 2005

And So It Goes....

Well, I managed to complete and post Chapter 3 of my NaNoWriMo Story last night. Jeopardygirl and myself stayed up later than usual, and did a group writing session, IMming eachother back and forth at points when we were at a loss, or simply just had something to say. I was greatful for the support, and am happy that I am less behind than previously!

Prior to my writing Pow-wow, I had had a very long day in my eyes. I had errands to run, I got a movie and watched it with my oldest kid, I baked two things for the Family Support Group meeting, and I also did a load of dishes in the diswasher, washed and dried clothes, and put together a lamp I had purchaed at Wal-Mart. All this between 10 am and 6 pm.

Then I had the meeting. It was long. It would have been shorter, but you get a bunch of Navy Wives together, especially if the guys are out to sea, and it's like a friggin' circus! Talking, laughing, interruptions -- we even had a pot luck last night (hence my baking) -- I am surprised we managed to get the hell out of there by 8:30.

Now today is the mad rush to clean before Hubby comes home. it's not that I haven't cleaned since he's left -- I have! It's just that in the last 24 hours, my children have been more destructive than usual. For example this morning:

"Moooooom!" I heard come from the stairwell.the sound of feet stomping up the stairs soon followed. Emily came up to my face in bed

"Mom! Kaity made a big mess!"

"What? Where?" remember, I was still 1/2 asleep.

"All over the living room floor. you better go down there." I got up from he bed to see the damage. Kaitlyn had spilled the entire content of a bottle of Windex all over my floor. It took me about 10 minutes to clean up, the whole time I was questioning Emily.

"If you saw her with the bottle of cleaning stuff, why didn't you take it from her, or come get me? Why did you wait unitl it was all over my floor?"

"Well Kaity was cleaning, and I thought that was nice. Then all of a sudden it was everywhere!"

"You know you guys aren't supposed to touch my cleaning supplies! It's poison!"

"But we wanted to clean for you." she reasoned.

"Well if you wanted to clean for me you could have picked up all the CRAP on the floor that you left here yesterday. Look! There's paper and styrofoam (from the box the lamp came in) strewn EVERYWHERE." The whole arguement would start from the beginning. This happened about 4 times before I gave up, and the mess was cleaned.

We were at an impass. Emily didn't think she did anything wrong by letting her sister "clean", and I was angry that she let her sister play with my cleaning products. *sigh*

It's almost time to take Em to school, so I'll be able to fix this mess while she's there and Kait's napping. But I am still not happy about it. Kaitlyn is 2, and I thought past the going into cleaning supplies stage. Apprently, I was wrong....

I just hope Hubby doesn't show up at home when I am in the middle of cleaning. I'll never hear the end of it....

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