Tuesday, March 25, 2008

But I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For...

I am back into blogging. And wow, you know, since I have taken a bit of a hiatus, I have realized there are some crazy new fangled things out there.

Dr. John is putting video ON HIS SITE of his church's choir.

Mr. Fabulous is doing pod casts, which a bunch of cool people I have just discovered.

People are actually sending money or posting a link like this:

Click to help a GREAT Woman to go to TequilaCon when she can't normally afford it. How awesome is that?

(that's an entry for $50 gift card for something...I LIKE GIFT CARDS!! See Miss Brit and Avitable?? I put up a link!!)

I need to get back in the game.


"Gotta gotta gotta gitcha head in the game..."

Holy God, that was random....

I noticed, back a while back when Ugly Betty was playing New Episodes, and the 2nd season was fresh with possibilities and great plot lines, that the episode where it's revealed Daniel doesn't need a wheelchair because he's up and playing basketball...they actually USED that song in the montage of basketball playing....I nearly spit out my tea. I had a coughing fit instead trying NOT to spit out the tea. It was rather painful....

I wonder how many other mommies realized that they were poisoned with the "I-know-my-kids-crappy-music Syndrome"

This isn't supposed to happen yet. I STILL HAVE 3 YEARS PEOPLE!!! SHE'S ONLY 7!!!

ok, back to random musings...

So, where were we? Oh yeah, Blogging. So people are doing pod casts, cleavage guessing games for prizes, um, creating Churches for Blogging (I've put in my application, if I get accepted, look for a new link heheh)

I really want to get into this podcast thing. it seems like fun. There's this thing called Internet Radio. People can create their own little radio stations to listen to on WinAmp or Media player....I used to DJ on one of those a few years back. I miss it. Maybe I will look into starting it up again once my Mother moves out....She leaves in ....3 days for 3 weeks!! Glory Hallelujah!!

Anyway, so...if anyone out there, like oh I dunno, Mr. Fab, Avitable, Hilly, Metalmom, Turnbaby....any of you folks...that happen to have a Monday or Wednesday or even Saturday early evening show, and need a guest? email me...seriously...It sounds like a fun thing to do....and I wanna do it...and believe me, I have no fear of public speaking...especially since NO ONE CAN SEE ME! haha...


Hrm what other random stuff can I blog about? Oh I know.

Hubby went back to work yesterday, right? Wanna hear some ironic crap? He's working at Squadron Medical! HAHA!! the same guys that pulled him off The Boat, will be training him to work with other people pulled off boats...for at least 2's that for funny? He's gonna learn how to take vitals and keep records....maybe if he likes it enough,when he gets out, he can go to school to be a medical assistant! LOL yeah right....a girl can dream..

He can't use the excuse that he doesn't know how to check the girl's temperatures anymore.

I need to -- you guessed it-- clean. I actually took all of yesterday off and played EverQuest II like I said I would. then I made dinner. Homemade Fettuccine Alfredo! it was dang good. mmm.....Hubby was happy, and we had a Family was nice. I like my family. Mostly.

OK, back to the grind. Go visit links people! That is All....

6 flame(s) added to the fire:

Dr.John said...

It's good to review your visiting every once in a while. I am also posting videos of grand kids in bumper cars and not just Church choirs.

Trukindog said...

Hi Doc
I'm Trukindog and I think all of those bloggers you mentioned and more are super cool folks, I've only been blogging since 10/07 but they all welcomed me to the blogsphere right away and I have made some very good friends.
I look forward to reading your blog and I hope you will stop by my place.

I love your blog template, can you tell me where to find the HTML code for it. I'd like to customize one for my blog.

Miss Britt said...

I see the link! LOL

Thank you :-)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Are you busy on June 8 at 7 PM? :)

Dr. Cissa Fireheart said...

Dr. John - Yes I saw that yesterday after I worte my blog! :)

Trukindog - click on the tab for layout and choose Blogger layouts...they have layouts for EVRYTHING!

Miss Brit - YAY!!

Mr. Fabulous - Why Yes, yes I am! Does that mean I should pencil your show in for that evening? ;)

Trukindog said...

Thank you I'll check that out.