Monday, March 24, 2008

And no one dared disturb the Sounds of Silence

Hello Monday!

Today is a good day for me. It's my favorite day of the week. It's Monday!

Now, I know a lot of you are saying to the computer screen "But Cissa, surely you must be smoking crack again! How could ANYONE possibly like MONDAY???"

Well my friends, because of the peace and quiet.

Hubby checked back in from med leave.

The kids are at school.

I am not working, cooking, or dealing with squabbling children while I attempt to relax. I can Cissa for a few moments without interruption. It's bloody brilliant.

The only other person in this house is busy watching Jerry Springer downstairs at a low level...only the humming of the computers is here to lull me into a relaxed daze that I will enjoy for the next 2.5 hours.

I am a happy happy woman.

Because it is Monday!

So, before I go onto anything of real importance, I want to say thanks to those of you who either e-mailed me privately or posted a comment on the blog about yesterday's, yeah, I get kinda glum. But today is another day, and I am feeling better.

Plus, it's Monday!

So over the last week, I cleaned my downstairs. I mean SPRING CLEANED...

You know those big black bags people get for yard trash or at Christmas when they know there will be a lot of trash? Yeah, my tiny, 6 X 10 closet downstairs filled TWO of them. My kitchen? one whole big bag. it was crazy. I didn't realize how bad the downstairs needed to be cleaned until I started to do it.

Plus I got new cookware. My $20 set that I bought when Hubby and I first lived in sin (before we got married 2 months later) finally crapped out on me. Took it 10 years, but the Teflon was flaking off into the food; Time to replace! I spent $40 this time, and fully expect this stuff to last me a good 15-20 years! LOL

So, I swept, got on hands and knees and ammonia scrubbed the floors, replaced the icky off-white, stained and stuff rug and got a smaller more colorful, new one. Vaccuummed furniture, dusted, moved stuff around, added the spare comp downstairs for I cleaned all bloody week....and Finally, finally on Friday it was done....well...the downstairs was...

Today, I move upstairs. Today, I am attacking the office and bathrooms. I fully expect to fill another huge trash bag. Go Cissa. How exciting to read about, eh? Anyway...

I learned something this week. Don't have a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard from the same company on two separate computers. you will think you have a virus and wonder why your computer is typing things when you aren't even close to typing, or typing what's coming up on your screen. We figured it out, eventually...but not before getting a great deal on a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard because we thought the keyboard needed to be replaced. This is the effing coolest board, ever. I love it... Seriously, check it out ...How cool is that??

Maybe I won't clean today....I mean, really, I deserve a break after cleaning all last week and making an Easter dinner , right?

EverQuest II has been neglected...He needs love....I think I will go give him some!

Enjoy your week! I think I may get into regular posting again....I may be back before Sunday!!


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Dr.John said...

Glad to see you have a moment of quiet. Hope you had a blessed Easter.