Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily Jane


Today my oldest living daughter, Emily, is 7 years old. I feel particularly nostalgic on the kids' birthdays, because I have fond memories of their births and being babies.

The party was fun, but insane. It was raining torrential downpours in CT yesterday, and so EVERYONE in the greater New London area felt it was important to bring their child to Chuck E. Cheese's. So yeah, lots of kids, lots of noise...but really, not so much stress for me. My main concern was how many kids showed up, which was less than I was expecting. But Emily was happy with who showed up and so , if she's content, I needed to be, so I was.

Nessa and Dave surprised Em by coming to the party from RI, and Miss Nicky also came and the both Ladies brought SUPER NICE gifts for Em. Artsy and Hannah Montana...Emily was in heaven!

Well I must be off. I have work and as I type Emily is talking to my parents and she is closing her conversation. Hope you all have a good week.


p.s. Glad to have you back blogging Mimi! We missed you! :)

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Dr.John said...

Glad the party went well.