Sunday, March 02, 2008

Life has been patiently waiting for me.....

This week has been interesting. I am adjusting to Hubby being home all the time once more, and though I am learning that I CAN leave the house and live my life, see my friends and still be a good wife, there are times I wish I could take him with me, because he needs to get out too. But I feel confident and less guilty, and so, less inclined to be a hermit like Hubby, unlike the last two times he's had surgery. It's rather liberating to know I can live how I want, and not feel guilty for my life obligations. I think Hubby can tell the difference too. We had a long talk about how he doesn't want me to feel bad, he knows I am one who likes to get out. It's nice to know he doesn't resent me wanting to get out once in a while. It makes me feel more confident about it.

Mom News: A few weeks back, I was informed of a message on Craigslist for someone looking for my mother. I contacted the person, and we began correspondence. He is an old boyfriend of hers (before she met my father), and, apparently he even met me when I was a baby and sent the pictures to prove it. IMO, he still smitten with her. It's very sweet, and he's a very endearing person. I gave Mom his email and they have been emailing each other now several times every day, and he's invited her up to stay with him in Maine for a couple weeks at the end of this month. I have convinced her to go. My step-dad would have been happy to see her move on with a man who is so dedicated to her as he was. Moreover, she may be moving up there with him. This is good for both her and I. She'll move on with her life, she'll move out, and I am hoping will be happy. And I will have my house, privacy and family happiness back. There will be no hard feelings, no grudges, and no guilt....I like that.

Emily turns 7 a week from today. Her party is on Saturday, and it's strange to think that she is already 7. Her party is a Chuck E. Cheese's, and that means little to no work for me. It'll be expensive as hell, but no more so than if I hired a clown or magician or whatever. Plus I won't have to clean up afterwards, make goody bags, cook or clean. I know the kids will enjoy it immensely, and even Hubby said "yay! I can play video games and eat pizza!" LOL

Hubby and I started cleaning this week. Spring Cleaning. We cleaned the office, or started it rather, and I am about 1/2 done. I still need to take apart the computer, set up the new desk and hutch and organize/clean out the book cases. But that's what the school week is for. My next project? The linen and "big" closets. Just in the office we had 4 trash bags full of trash. scary, eh?

I am reserving the real cleaning of the downstairs until my mother goes on her trip to Maine. I won't have her hovering over me, watching me like a television show, and I can express my frustration without upsetting her. And I can throw out that effing rug in the LR that I refuse to deep clean again because I know that it's pointless being a light beige rug in my house. I am going to ditch it until she is moved out, and her furniture is out, then get a different rug, once my furniture is all back in place.

I am sure all this "news" is terribly boring to you all, but this is what I am. This blog is my outlet. I hope you will keep reading, and maybe once my life and house is less cluttered and more clean I can get back to blogging about interesting topics. Or at least more interesting that talking about cleaning and complaining about my mother.

Have a great week. See you all next Sunday!

~Cissa Fireheart

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Dr.John said...

In reality I found it interesting> Your mother problem might be over. Life is moving along. It alll sounds pretty good.

Anonymous said...

oh I am sooooo happy that this is working out for you with the mom situation. What a great solution!

Slick said...

That's great news about your Mom....sounds like the dude might just be alright :)

And cleaning? Please....that's a dirty word in my language.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your mom situation, talk about perfect timing. I hope it works out for her and she is happy.

So I updated my blog. Happy? ;-)