Friday, March 28, 2008

Freedom - You've got to give for what you take!

I must post this, because, quite honestly, I have been singing this all morning...THANK YOU TURNBABY!!

Today begins three weeks of uninterrupted freedom for my family.

My mother is, as I type this, heading on a Greyhound Bus to Maine. Her "friend's" home is about 15 minutes from the Canada Border. Oh yeah.

She'll get there tonight about 5:30 PM.

As soon as we got back from dropping her off in New London, the first thing I did?


I have 3 loads of laundry lined up and the laundry, downstairs bath and main floors will all be cleaned. The children have strict orders to begin cleaning their room after they have their banana bread.

In my children's defense, they did a good deed. Last night, Kaity gave Mom a stuffed kitty "so she would have something to sleep with and won't be lonely" in her exact words....

Emily drew her a lovely picture that said good bye and "I will miss you". My mom was very pleased, and she left thinking my kids are sweet. Which will be good because lord knows what she tells my family about the kids. anyway.

My Independence Day is today....until Mid April. I will get to be Mistress of Fireheart Manor.

Did I mention I am going for Margaritas tonight to celebrate? Hell Yeah!

Too bad I have to work tomorrow. I could sleep the hangover off...instead I will be cleaning, serving annoying people and loud children for meager pay and a Boss who treats me like I am stupid because my hair is blonde. Oh yeah and has no respect for me as a wife or mother. The only good thing about the job is it gets me a break from the kids and Mom. And the tips, which are finally picking up again, thank god. The last 2 months really was not work all the effort I was putting in and only coming home with $20-30 a shift.

I still can't wait til I don't have to work there anymore though. If all goes well, I may be able to quit before the kids are out of school.

Lots of celebrating in Fireheart Manor tonight!

Hope Everyone's Friday is as wonderful as mine!!


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Dr.John said...

Enjoy your three weeks. Those you are sure of.