Sunday, March 30, 2008

A bottle of red, a bottle of white....

OK, I officially love my seriously, I have AWESOME fucking friends.

Sorry Dr. John. There may be a lot of swearing today.

Last night I got pretty drunk with a bunch of my girlfriends at the Dress Party. We tried on dresses, we killed 6 bottles of wine and another half a box of wine. We ate a lot of food. we laughed A LOT

We talked about our husbands, fucked-up family members, crazy sex stories, hell, EVERYTHING.

At one point, I called Misk to tell him I might not make it home, since we all had had so much to drink, including the woman who drove me! Brandi fielded that call, and needless to say, I think Misk was glad he was not there. We all were laughing so much, tears sprung from eyes in varying amounts. I can only imagine what he imagines went on there last night.

I have decided a few things:

1. I am going to make an effort to hang with my friends more (well I already am, just...more than at a restaurant once a week)

2. I am definitely going to have to kick Misk out of the house with the kids one night and have the girls here. (maybe once Misk goes back to a boat and is on deployment, he read over my should and was none too pleased at the prospect.)

3. I am going to appreciate the fact that my husband IS HOME and not on deployment. I think I take it for granted, and I shouldn't. I love him and am blessed that he is around.

4. I am going to call my other friends, the ones I don't see cause they live in other states, more often.

I must get ready for work. I really don't want to work. I am not hung over (lots of water is key, see folks), but today is a day I wish I could just hang out with my husband and kids. I miss that. I like the money I sometimes make (but not yesterday, I made shit for tips), but most days all the effort I put in is not worth the money I make.

I'll write more in between cleaning stuff tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday.



2 flame(s) added to the fire:

metalmom said...

Did you say "Yay tomorrow is Monday?" Yuck!

I live near one of my best friends. I can get there by car in UNDER five minutes and by foot in 20 minutes, yet we see each other maybe ONCE a year! Between her work schedule and mine, it's difficult. We always vow to do it more often but.....

I should call her!

Dr.John said...

If you hadn't warned me I might have reached for the lava soap> Habit you know.