Tuesday, December 13, 2005

You know you love your kids when...

...You hear a cry for help (or what you THINK is a cry for help) and take off like a race car.

That's what happened 5 minutes ago.

I was sitting here, on the computer in my morning ritual, reading blogs and chatting with Jeopardygirl. All of a sudden, I hear my Emily scream something. I perk up. My youngest, who is in the livingroom lets out an audible *GASP*. The she yells as I am getting up and dashing for the stairs "HELP SISSY! HELP SISSY!" She follows me in her own little wobbly run.

I flew up the stairs, calling my oldest's name. My first though was, Oh god, did she fall and bang her head? She calls out, ever so innocently "Yeah, Mom?"

I reach the top of the stairs and look into thier room. She's sitting on the bed, watching Blue's Clues.

"Are you ok?" I manage out, breathing hard from my 100 yard dash in 3 seconds.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Mom."

"Why were you yelling, then?" I ask, looking around, making sure there are no tripping hazzards.

"I was telling Joe where the clue was, Mom!" she gives me a look that clearly says Are you ill, or on drugs? You are weird Mom

"Oh. Okay...well, try not to yell so loud at the TV. It scared me and me and Kaity though you were hurt."

"Okay Mom," she replies condenscendinly and rolls her eyes, then her attention goes straight back to Blue & Joe.


Now Emily wants to type some, so here it is....

emily 4 wertyuu mom daddy

she found all the letters herself. I am so proud. Sickening isn't it?

3 flame(s) added to the fire:

Laurie said...

LOL... I've done that dash a few times myself for nothing.

But isn't it a huuuuuge relief when it wasn't something serious?

Your little one is a good typist already! :-)

Sassy said...

She types better than I do!

Found you thru your blog!

Cissa Fireheart said...

sassygirl -- welcome to the Fire! Thanks for stopping by -- and I am glad you like the place! feel free to post anytime!