Monday, December 12, 2005


I am about ready to blow the old top...Emily, my oldest, is being an absolute BRAT today:

--she wants toys - every toy that is advertised on television she asks for.

--she wants to color but is grounded from pens, crayons and markers for a month because she and her sister RUINED my coffee table. I'm talking they took pens, dug into my table, then colored it in with markers. and she can't figue out why she's grounded from them now. Serioulsy? I think she gets the "DUH" genes from Hubby.

--she wants to build something so Santa will write her a letter and leave her a little present - I got her lego's out to build with. I told her Santa will probably write her a letter, but she can't expect presents all the time. She cries, but starts to build anyway

--she didn't want to share the lego's with her sister. I told her if she can't share, she can go to her room.

--she then tells me that she wishes Kaity was never born and she hates her. I tell her not to say that because it's mean, and she loves her sister, she's just angry.

--so she throws a temper tantrum. I tell her to go to her room. She refuses. I have to break out the wooden sppon and threaten her with it becuase she willnot listen

It's arcane and barabaric, but you know what? I've only had to whip her bottom with it once for it to scare her enough that as soon as I reach ofr it, she obeys and behaves. I cannot force her to respect me, no matter how hard I try. Maybe it's me. I'm not the world's best mother by any means. I try to be good, but it usually backfires, and the kids end up acting like spoiled, selfish brats.

It's going to be a looooong day with her. I am so glad school starts in two hours. I can feel my hair turning grey from this morning....

I wonder if I should even bother to make that letter from "Santa". Will it encourage her to still be selfish? Will it make her to see that she can be rewarded eben if she's bad? I'm torn. I want her to know that "Santa" it watching her, and her behaviour as of late is NOT tolerable for me or "Him".

I need a vacation from this Season.....*sigh*

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Dear Jane... said...

I don't know how old she is, but my 5 year old is at the stage of asking for EVERYTHING on commercials, including a chocolate melting pot & cake pans! I made my kids look at the Toys r Us catalogue & put their initial by ANYTHING thye wanted. I then made them go back and rank their top 3 things that they really, really wanted...which they did & asked Santa for. It kind of helped them to realize yuo can ask for lots, but you probably aren't going to get it all...