Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Day Part 2, and the rest of the trip.

Amid a flurry of excitement and wrapping paper, Emily, Kaitlyn and Colby (my cousin who's 6 months younger than Em) unwrapped their presents. They did very well, toy wise, and got some nice clothes, mostly which Emily needed badly. They also got a cool sled for when it snows again. Emily wanted to try it out right away. I tried to explain we needed snow, and colder temperatures (it was 50 on Christmas). Eventually she got the idea. LOL

The only thing Emily was disappointed about was not getting a Dora Talking Kitchen. I told her that maybe Santa couldn't find any in time for her for Christmas, as it was popular. Then I reminded her that her birthday is in 3 months. She got over it fast. I recieved 2 seasons of M*A*S*H on DVD, a book I was dying to get, and TWO sets of the new dishes I asked for. Which made me REALLY happy..gosh that's about it. Hubby got a very nice LL Bean sweater that he needed , and it looks very very sexy on him. He also got a Zippo lighter with the Navy Logo on it. This surprised me, as it was the first time my parents acknowleged we smoke...or that he does anyway. That was pretty cool. We also got a gift certificate to Linda Jeans on the Vineyard, which we used the next day, and $50 gift card for Olive Garden. Bet you know where we're going on New Years Eve, huh?

I left Emily with Colby to play and took Kaity back to "our house" to take a nap, as she was getting ornery and whiny. Then I did some de-boxing of the toys, so there would be more room to pack them in the car when we left in a couple days. Hubby took a nap as well, and I did a little laundry and re organized the suitcases.

When Dinner time came, we had a feast! Turkey, Ham, all the sides, rolls, gravy (though Hubby said later my gravy was better - whatta man!). And an array of desserts. I think I had some of everythign there! I know I had seconds of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes! Hubby and I talked with my Uncle Ken and Aunt Michelle for a long while, and eventually we cleaned up and headed back to the house. We let the kids play for a while, then sent them to bed. It had been a good day.....

And that was my Christmas Day!

The next day I just hung out at the house did more laundry, folding and packing, the kids played togehter with Colby, and it was all around relaxing.We went to lunch at Linda Jean's, visitied an old friend Jaime, and headed home. That night I met up with a friend from High School (and ex-boyfriend hehe) Eric, and his wife Kristina. We had dinner at the local brewery, and talked, laughed and reminisced about old times, old friends, and everything in between. It was fun, and I really am glad I got together with them. I hope next time we go to the Vineyard, Eric and Kristina will hang out again.

Well the next day, the 27th, we packed up, and headed out. It was not a long drive of course, but Kaity and Emily especially did not want to leave, and they were cranky the whole ride home -- until they fell asleep that is...We got home by 4 and by 5 the car was unloaded and stuff sorted into rooms....It was nice coming home to a fairly clean house...though 3 days later, it again looks like a bomb hit is *sigh* oh well. I know what I am doing for New Years at least!

So that was my trip. It was a good trip. Not too long, not too short, and there were no major problems, fights or anything. I only hope that the next trip I take down there is this good! But as the old saying goes "Be it ever so Humble, there's no place like Home!"

I'll post again later know, the usual End-Of-Year stuff....Later Gators!

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Dick the Boomer said...

A birthday 3 months after Christmas is always handy for those "missed" Christmas presents.

Have a Happy New Year!