Sunday, December 04, 2005

Let It Snow Part Duex

Well, Mother Nature did NOT skimp on the snow this time. I was awoken as per usual to the sound of kids making noise while they watched TV in their room. I got up, walked in their room, glanced at the window and gasped.

"What?" Emily asked with wide eyes. I don't gasp alot around her, apparently.

"Em, look outside!" I exclaimed and pointed at the window with glee. She jumped off her bed and looked out the window.

"SNOW!!" She cried out in delight and loooked around at me. "Can we go outside and make Snow Angels?"

"SNOW!" Kaity cried, standing up on her bed to see what we were so excited about. "OOOH Look Mom! Snow!"

"Yes Baby, it's snowed! You guys can go play in a little bit, ok?"

"OK MOM!" they chorused in unison.

Since then, I have not had a moment's peace about the snow. In the course of an hour that I cleaned the kitchen (BEFORE even turning ON the computer -- *gasp again*). I was asked for a sled, how many layers of clothing they would need, and if we were still going to put up the tree today. I amswered questions, got them breakfast, and even managed to get a load of dishes in the dishwasher, take the trash out, and make my tea -- which I am now sipping while I watch the snow flakes fall only 10 feet from me. I can't help but think about the irony of the whole thing.

Irony, you ask? Yep, irony. For it was a mere 12 hours ago, Hubby and I were talking about snow. Let me explain.....

Friday afternoon, my mum called from Martha's Vineyard, letting me know about her weekend shopping schedule. They (Mum and Dad) were gonna go to La Salette Shrine on Saturday evening with some family and friends. I expressed an interest in this, saying how the kids would love it. This catholic shrine has over 250,000 lights at christmas time, and it's gorgeous. I have many fond memories of the place during the holidays throughout my childhood. It's only an hour and a half drive, and so I told Mum that I thought the kids, Hubby and I would be able to meet them there. Mum was estatic. I was getting excited too. My bad mood that I wrote about earlier that day was looking to be a little bit better.

Saturday my kids ambushed me when I attemtped to have computer time in the morning. needless to say, I didn't get to blog that I was feeling better, and was going on my little excursion to La Salette. Thanks for the comments BTW on that, all. It's nice to know someone cared! I bundled us al up in about 3 layers of clothing, since it was about 30 degrees at 2 pm. I knew it was going to be a cold night and decided layers was a good idea. We left CT around 3:30. We made it to La Salette -- near Attleboro, MA in an hour flat. And Mum thought it would be too long a drive - hehe.

We parked, met up with family and friends - some of whom I hadn't seen in a long time, and early had a heart attack at the fact that I had children, one who is almost 5! I nearly had a heart attack that my cousin John, whom I last saw about 10 years or so when he was a kid, is now 18 and driving! That was freaky for me.

So we walked aorund, saw the lights, ooohed and ahhhed, and nearly froze to death (it was about 25^ F last night - the coldest it's been in a LOOOONG time for our family -- we've lived in Hawaii and FL the last 6 years ).I was REALLY glad I dressed me and the kids in layers. Hubby was cursing himself for not following out trend LOL. Then we all went to dinner, and had a nice time visiting. My Dad and Mum were happy to see us and the girls, and I was glad to see them. I even am looking forward to Christmas on the Vineyard, since we talked about everything that is happening there this year.

So, about 9:30 pm we got in the car and started to drive back to CT. We talked about a bunch of stuff, of course, and then the topic got steered to snow. I said how it was weird that it hadn't really snowed yet, as usually it snows at least twice before the beginning of December. Hubby joked that maybe it wouldn't snow at all this year. New England sure got plenty of it last year. I disagreed and said it would snow, eventually, though it it held off until after the evening we arrived on the Vineyard so we have a White Christmas, I would not complain. Then I joked that we probably were jinxing ourselves, since we even brought it up. We laughed. We got home, the kids went to bed, and Hubby and I played EverQuest 2 for a little while before I finally went to bed.

Which brings us to this morning. And the snow. I think I really DID jinx us, seriously. Looking outside, I'd say there's about 2 inches at the moment, maybe a little more. The kids are trying to be patient about going out, and I am trying to enjoy my tea. And share the last 2 days with you all. But tempers are already running thin, and my time of relaxation is running out....

After I end this, I am going to get dressed, go to the store, get a few things -- including snow pants for the girls-- and come back, letting the kids run outside and enjoy the snow for a little while. I may even enjoy it myself! I felt giddy at the first sight of the snow. Memories flooded back to me of winters in New England, it was like I never grew up. I almost agreed to letting the kids go out first thing in the white stuff! That's how affected I am by it.

The only bad thing about this? I just bought snow boots for the girls for Christmas on Friday afternoon. It's a good thing I didn't wrap them yet, I suppose.

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JaneyGrrrl said...

La Salette is 'da bombdiggity...


it IS beatiful though...I've got plans to go on my momma's birthday... gonna light a candle for her...

I, too, have alot of La Salette memories from my early days... and my not so early days too, I suppose

Dick the Boomer said...

It started snowing here as I read you post. Thanks! ;-)

Glad you're feeling better...