Thursday, December 22, 2005

Laurie Tagged Me

So today's tag is via Laurie - A cool lady, witha great attitude and fabulous sense of humor. Make sure to visit her blog, and let her know I sent ya! ;)

Todays Theme: "Five things that prove my kid is weird" and here we go...

1. My daughter Emily (the oldest) has an unnatural emotional attachment to her stuffed animals. I mean, she thinks the things have souls. She talks about them (and to them) like they are real people. She FREAKS when I decide to thin some of them out, and has emotional "goodbyes" (we're talking tears and "I'll never forget you!") with each of them before they go in the box to Goodwill.

2. My daughter Kaitlyn (the youngest) aboslutely WILL NOT use the potty unless she is 100% nekkid. Right down to her socks. I am not kidding. It's a production every time. Then as soon as she is done, she needs to put everything back on and flips out if I don't do it RIGHT THEN when she says "All done Mama!"

3. Kaitlyn is smart, and is learning her body parts. However, she will not call a nose, a nose. She calls it a "BEEP!". This stems form when she was younger and we'd touch her nose and go "Beeep!" She calls ALL noses Beeps. "Mama's Beep!" "Daddy's Beep!" I am now trying to fix this, but it's not working quite right. Everything else she knows...but it looks like Beep will be in her vocabulary for a while.

4. Emily LOVES school. I mean really loves it. When she started pre-school last year, and the first few days this year of Pre-K, she would CRY hysterically when she saw me and I said it was time to go home. I had to physically remove her, pry her really, from the door frame of the classroom. I think if they ever had a sleepover at the school, Emily would be in HEAVEN.

5. Emily has a memory that is just...uncanny and weird. Like a very motivated specific memory. She can't remember where her juice cup is, but BY GOLLY, she WILL remember that 3 years ago, you promised to take her to the fair and buy her cotton candy and a blue doggie. And she will remind you every 2 minutes until you get your ass in the car and take her to the fair, or the mall, or Chuck E Cheese, or wherever. She also will remember that you said there was no chips left, and when she gets chips with lunch she will point that out...regardless if you did tell the truth and just went to the store and bought some while she was at school yesterday. As long as the outcome of any statement or action will benefit/affect her, she will remember it with perfect clarity. Right down to where everyone was standing when it happened/was said. But ask her where her sneakers are? "I can't rememebr where I took them off!!" and she only took them off 5 minutes ago. Weird.

So I am supposed to Tag 5 people...uhhhh....

Dick the Boomer

good luck all...and thanks Laurie! :)

4 flame(s) added to the fire:

Laurie said...

Thank you, Cissa!

Your daughter is just like my son when it comes to school!

And I cracked up about getting nekkid to go potty... oh man, that makes my boys seem easy!

loveya! :-)

:P fuzzbox said...

It will probably be after Christmas before I get to it. It will take me that long to whittle it down to five.

Kodijack said...

Thank you very much for sharing, I really enjoyed your post. Your daughters sound like characters, and characters rock!

Dick the Boomer said...

My daughter loved school too. I haven't done my tag - but I will. Merry Christmas!