Monday, September 22, 2008

What goes around comes back around...

Last night I worked at the bar again, my Sunday night money maker. I spent the majority of the day prior to work working on laundry and watching the pathetic, disgusting Patriots/Dolphins game. I left the house already in a pissy mood.

Apparently that left my customers last night with the assumption that I was fair game to be complete and utter assholes to me and to the other bar patrons.

-- one customer got so drunk that he decided he was going to fight me about his bill. Forget the fact that he bought 2 rounds for the ENTIRE bar, plus shots for himself and a few others. Apparently he thought I was trying to cheat him. I don't think so. I told him if he continued to be belligerent and demeaning I was going to ask him to leave (his ride wasn't there yet, but I didn't give a damn)

-- one guy decided the mens' room wasn't clean enough for him. According to him it was disgusting and smelled bad and there were flies. I had news for him; it's mid-September and there are flies everywhere, even at my house. He decided that he was going to be an ass and complain as loudly as possible. He kept saying the health department would shut us down if they were there. I called my boss (who too his first day off in 3 months) because he was being such an asshole and I was losing my patience. I had the kitchen helper clean the bathroms....again, because they were just cleaned that morning.

-- this jerk wasn't done though, because after Boss Man calmed him down on the phone, he decided to target me directly, making comments about my cleavage, my choice in men (he thought he could and I quote "fuck the hell out of me better" than my husband) and the fact that I was usuing my education to be uppity. Oh yeah, sorry I use big words, loser. He then proceded to try and get sordid details about my private sexual life. I told him in no uncertain terms it was none of his business and if he was going to treat me like trash he could leave. I may be in the service industry, but that doesn't give him the right to treat me like a two-bit whore.

-- THEN this SAME ASSHOLE decided to pick a fight with one of our regular and most laid-back patrons, who he had some sort of beef with. They were yelling in each other's face and I truly thought I was gonna have to call the cops for a bar fight. Thank Goddess that the usually calm guy took the high road, and walked out to cool off. Shortly after the argument "Asshole" left.

-- later on, or maybe while the Asshole was there, some guy and his ex came in. They were there almost all night. By the end of the night, she was getting really pissy, and while the Boss Lady (Boss Man's wife) and I were making out (code word for smoking, fyi) outside, they came out and he asked if either of us had ever met the guy before. I knew I hadn't and made a point to say so, as did Boss Lady. Well the chick went back in, finished her beer and proceeded to make a big stink to the guy as he left. They then started to exchange text messages after she drove away. The guy told me that the chick (his ex) had made up her mind that he was screwing me. I had a good laugh at that, but it pissed me off because 1. I'm married and I KNOW I said that to her several times during the night, and 2. this guy was WAY below my standards and 3. Even if I WAS single, I don't screw patrons because that could end up losing business for the Boss Man and lastly 4. she's not his girlfriend, so what fucking business of hers is it anyway if I WAS screwing him??. At one point after she left she texted him saying that she knew he hadn't left because he could see his truck still. I looked across the street, and sure enough, this bitch was stalking him parked under the light of the church parking lot across the street. I went back inside. I didn't need any more drama.

so yeah....that was my night. I got home about 1:30 and finally to sleep about 2am. I am friggin exhausted and didn't make as much in tips as I would have liked.

I guess last night was my day to deal with the assholes of the world. *le sigh*

Today better be better, because I'm tired and cranky and I deserve a good day after last night!


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Lex Valentine said...

The cemetery is not looking so bad after all... Sorry you had such a crappy night with shitty customers.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs a huuuuug...