Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man's world...

Wow, first off, I must say, I am in awe of you folks. I know some of you have bought or have plans to buy a raffle ticket for the Avitable's Halloween Party in sponsorship of me. For that, I am grateful, and I really really hope that I win, so your money was well spent.... in other news...

I got a call on Monday from Boss Man at the restaurant I worked at until June. He needed my help to cover a day shift because he had lost a worker and one was on vacation. He offered to pay me cash, and I would be working both the restaurant and the bar. Since money is, naturally, pretty tight right now, I said yes. I actually had a very good time working yesterday, and made a whopping $117! When Misk and I counted the money at the end of the day, I nearly had a coronary. Most of that was from the bar, and I didn't start to get customers in there 'til about 1 pm!

So while I was working, Boss Man asked me if I would be interested in bar tending on Sunday nights. You bet yer bottom dollar I said yes! At this point, any money is good. I called Misk and talked to him, just to be sure, and he was good with it. Awesome. So now I have a regular Sunday night gig. Not too shabby! All I have to do now, is learn how to make drinks! LMAO...kidding of course, because this is mostly a beer and easy drink place, although yesterday in the restaurant, a woman asked for a Perfect Manhattan. Having never had one, I had no clue...thanks to the internet, I made one that was, as my customer put it, "Perfection in a glass!"

I shoulda gone to bartending school! LMAO

In other goings on, I have sent in my request for an absentee ballot from my home state of Florida. I am rather proud of the fact that I am going to vote this year. Miss Britt has some great links on info for BOTH candidates in today's post, and to her I am much obliged. I haven't made my decision, but I plan on making an informed choice, and I also plan on making sure that I vote for who I think would best represent me for this country based on my beliefs and values. I think it's important that I do. I think it's important that every American votes on this election. I am not going to say who I will vote for until my vote is cast. Because one, right now I don't know, and two, honestly, between the commercials and debates and other people's blogs, you don't need me trying to tell you who to vote for. And I am not a big political person, never have been. But I do plan on exercising my right to vote; I hope you all will too!

Let's see what else? oh yes! Sunday night was the premiere of TrueBlood, right before my favorite Hollywood Hunks, Entorage. I actually didn't watch it until AFTER Entourage, when it was repeated, but suffice to say...I am in LOVE with a new show. Seriously. I love Vampires. I love the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer, and can't wait for the first movie to come out in November. Now, thanks to HBO, I have discovered a new Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris. Some of my well-earned tips are going towards a couple of her books in the Southern Vampire Series. I know it will be money well spent.

My favorite part was, and sorry for the spoiler if you haven't watched, when Bill asked Sookie if he could "call on her". Romantic. My Lord and Lady, I was a puddle right there. Poor Misk was wiping drool off our new blankets for an hour! hehe.

Thank the Goddess for DVR, because I would be so in trouble. I will be recording my Sunday night HBO line-up with the utmost loyalty!

Whew, that's a lot that I've said today.....I'm off to the bookstore! Happy Humpday to you all!


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Blondefabulous said...

w00t! I hope you win too! It would be good to meet you at Avitable's party!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute!!! Vampire movies??? And I didn't know about it??? I dont even have HBO dammit all. I may have to consider adding it. *sigh* I was just thrilled that Lipstick Jungle was coming back.

Lex Valentine said...

Do NOT spend your money on the books. Didn't I send them to you? Gah. I'll email you. And if you like vampires, why are you not reading me? Hmmm? (Don't mind the name. I'm playing with my pen name trying to get used to it. This is Winter. *wink*)

Poppy said...

Am I being retardedly optimistic, or does this mean you're definitely coming to the Halloween party?!

And, can you come to the city October 4 or 5? That's the time when lots of other people will be here for the Hot Blogger Calendar/Blogger Meet-up Because of Britt and/or Dawg event. :)

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