Friday, September 26, 2008

Theres no hurry any more, when all is said and done...

Happy Friday to you all! This weekend is my last as an unemployed woman. I am so happy about that! I managed to secure after school babysitting for the girls with a neighbor, and I am ready to go!

Unfortunately the weather this weekend is less than stellar. I have a feeling that the football game will be canceled tomorrow. That's ok because then I will get to sleep in. Plus the uniforms STILL aren't here, and I honestly am frustrated.

Last night was the season premiers of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. Betty was good, although a little weird for me, although the cute rocker that is Betty's new neighbor was an obvious romantic twist. Grey' Peters was spectacular. Truly. As if the drama wasn't good enough, those crazy writers pulled the "Denny Card" out and played it well. When Izzy flashes back to the Prom from season 1 or 2 (I think it was 2 LOL) I was like "No way, no way, no way!!"

And then the elevator opens and Denny is there, in all his hunky glory, and I burst into tears:

"Dennyyyyyy!!" My Lord and Lady, it was so ...touching and awesome. I cried so much. I was so, so surprised and pleased to see Harry Dean Morgan. Truly, it took me like the last 5 minutes of the show to get over it.

It's an icky, rainy, day here in Southeast CT. The rain is making me want to crawl into bed and read a book. Right now I am reading A Boy Named Shel - The Life and Times of Shel Silverstein. Growing up on the Vineyard I had the good fortune of knowing Shel, as he was friends with my family who own the hardware store in the town he had a summer home in. It's been fascinating to know about his life, since I did not pry into his personal life when I spoke to him at the store or helped him hang lanterns for Illumination Night. My sister has almost all of his books personally signed, and I had hoped that when I had kids, Shel would be able to sign a couple for me.

He passed in 1999, and I recall the day he died because I was in Air Force Tech School. I was at the base barbershop with a fellow Airman from my flight as he got a haircut. CNN was on the TV in the room and they announced Shel had passed. I flew from the barber shop and made a collect call to my parents from a payphone. We all were very sad. I realized later that day Shel would never be able to sign the books for my future children. Selfish as it may seem, I knew I was sad I would not be able to provide that honor for my kids. Even thinking about it now makes me a little down. He was a genius. The Giving Tree still makes me weep when I read it.

Well that's all for me for now. Sorry about the downer at the end of this post. I hope you all have a great weekend!


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hello haha narf said...

at least you had the pleasure of meeting him and have stories to share. i loved his writings, but never had the opportunity to meet him. be sure to tell your girls all about your times with him.

still not the same, i know. fred rogers was a very familiar face here in pittsburgh. it thrills me that i had him autograph a book of his before i passed. love mr. rogers!

i'm so happy to hear about your new job. good luck!!