Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I wanna talk about Me, I wanna talk about I...

So I got this Meme from Avitable...feel free to post it as well....

My favorite age: 21

My best friend: Vanessa

My celebrity crush: Christian Bale

My defining characteristic: at the moment? my Red Hair (see my previous post below)

My most evil moment: Watching an ex-flame of Misk's face as we danced together at a friend's wedding. Then smirking at her when he couldn't see and kissing him like crazy.

My favorite food: My own fettuccine Alfredo

My grossest injury: Oh goodness...ok, I was about 6, and we had this huge plant by the window that I would stand on to see out the window night, my foot slipped, and I was straddling the edge of the planter it was in.....a very intimate part of my anatomy got cut....yeah...

My biggest hatred: Injustice and bigotry.

My most illegal activity: When I was in high school I was hooked on cocaine for a little while.

My need for justice: When cruel people who are in charge of something abuse that power to terrorize and demean others.

My most knowledgeable field: Christian Bale.

My life's goal: Own a house with a front porch, swing and a bit of land for privacy that I can retire and pass away in...

My mother's influence: My real mother taught me how to be an independent person and how to fend for myself. My step-mother taught me how to be a good wife and mother.

My nerdiest point: 3rd grade. I knew everything and aced all the tests, even if I didn't do my homework. Turned out I was a gifted child. And the only one from my elementary school who was sent to a special class for gifted kids at another school the next year.

My oldest memory: My cousin Danny sticking what he thought was a dead bee down my shirt and slamming my chest. The bee was, infact, NOT DEAD. My mother says it was right around the time I turned 3.

My perfect date: Romantic Dinner, on or near a beach, some slow dancing, then a walk on said beach and sitting with Misk talking as the sounds and smells of the ocean surround us and provide one of nature's most spectaular music symphonies.

My unanswered question: Why did Mae have to die?

My random fact: I was not given a middle name at birth, legally. When I married, I changed my name to include the one my mother had used for me my whole life.

My stupidest decision: Juan Merida. My oldest friends know who he is and why.

My favorite television show: Currently on air? Weeds. Of all time? M*A*S*H

My style of underwear: standard cotton bikini style. But I like them colorful hehe.

My favorite vegetable: Green beans

My weakest trait: I worry too much about everything

My X-men power: Wind gusts and accute short term psychic power....oh yeah, and smokin' slim body and hair to my waist.

My strongest yearning: To be financially secure

My moment of Zen: having my morning tea and a cigarette right after the kids are at school for the day.

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whall said...

I think we share yearnings.

Avitable said...

MASH was a great show!

Anonymous said...

hey - i like your hair. surprised by illegal activity...was i naive or what?

Anonymous said...

hey lady! Nothing new here, just popping in to say hi....