Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a good thing the kids are on vacation....

...because there is no way in hell I would have been able to deal with them today.

It's only Tuesday, and I feel like it's been a Millenia since I packed them up and sent them off with my parents to the Vineyard. I'm not saying I miss them terribly, which I do. it's just that time goes by so slowly when you aren't dealing with kids, or getting ready to deal with kids.

So my Monday started out like any other, did some cleaning, got the kids some appointments for physicals for cheerleading and school. Called the dentist back and scheduled for her cavity fill, then called my parents and instructed them that she is not allowed any sugar except for fruit, due to said cavity. Hung out, surfed the net, watched know, kinda like a vacation.

After a Wii Bowling tournament with Misk (in which I kicked his ass, BTW), we watched a little more TV and then back to the computers because there was nothing good on. ok, thats cool. about 9:30 pm my phone rings, and it's Angie.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asks in her cute tone that makes me think she wants me to go drinking or something.

"Nothin', just hanging out." I say in my pj's as I click another link on the 'net.

"Wanna make $70?"


So she proceeds to tell me about this job at one of the casinos where we breakdown the stage and whatnot, usually for about 2 hours, and we get paid for 4. It sounded cool, and I knew she had done it before, so I agreed, hung up, got dressed, and in about 20 minutes later, was with her at the meet-up point. There were a lot of guys there and I think like 8 girls. I was slightly intimidated.

If any of you watched WWE Raw last night, you will know where I was. The pyrotechnics right at the end? Scared the hell out of me, because we were standing right behind it about 50 feet away and didn't know it was gonna happen. The first time it blew, I nearly hit the ground, combat style. The second time, I though Angie was gonna be Spider Woman. Good the show is over, and it's time to get to work.

I got my little wrist band that said "PUSHER". Apparently, being a girl, all I was good for was pushing stuff to the trucks. I was cool with that! We got free drinks, and there was a lot of walking. As a pusher there wasn't much we could do until things were disassembled, except push carts to the places that things had to go was organized chaos, and considering 4 of the trucks that "Mutton Chops Guy" (the head roadie) needed weren't there in time, we managed to get that stuff all taken down and on the trucks in less than 3 hours. Amazing. But, I gotta tell you, I exerted a lot of energy in rushing and pushing and lifting.

It was fun, and I made sure to give the guy who runs the local help my info so I could do it again. the best part of this all? Free "WWE CREW" t-shirt! Oh yeah, I am a bad ass! hehe.

So we didn't get out of there til 2:30 AM, and by the time I got home and into bed it was 3 AM. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed....and didn't wake up until 1 PM today!

As many of you know, Misk has been on Limited Duty (LIMDU) for the last 6 months for medical issues. Last week he was informed his Medical Review was today. I have been a little nervous about this, trying to come to terms with the possible outcomes - Misk back to a boat and possibly one leaving soon for deployment, Misk off of subs and onto surface, meaning we move, Misk getting discharged from the Navy and we move to wherever Misk gets a job. It's been hard to come to terms with the possibilities, because I am not a fan of change-- or moving.

Well, today I got some good news. About 20 minutes after I woke, Misk came home for Physical Therapy, and informed me, that his LIMDU has been renewed for another 6 months! Yep, we'll be in CT for another long while, and I am OK with that. I will be able to stay with my friends, and I will be able to keep my kids at the school they've known almost their whole school lives (Emily went to 1 year of Pre-K in FL, Kaity has only ever known CT schools). I am cool with knowing we don't have to move. At least for now.

So that's it. I am still in my PJ's at 2:45 in the afternoon, but guess I will get dressed. I have some laundry to fold that didn't get finished yesterday, and Misk is due home from PT shortly.

Life is pretty good for the moment....


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whall said...

That job sounds very cool... I did a similar job for the Lake Charles Ballet Society when I was 14. But it was only 3 total people to do the entire stage and it took us 9 hours. Got paid really good dough though, and I thought it was fun.

Unknown said...

And this is why I want to live up there... well, besides being closer to my twin. :-) Being a techie is totally up my ally!

And it's totally awesome that you'll be here longer! Yea!!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, you got paid to work out???? I am packing my shit right now. I hope you have room for me. Heh.