Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm not as smart as I thought I was!

I'm a person who, like many in this country, thinks I have a pretty good idea about my financial issues. When I saw the BillsIQ Test, I thought, "Hey I know I'll score good" Even if I don't practice what I should, I do know a few things about what I should be doing...

click here to check your Bills IQ!

I was wrong. I seriously need to look into Debt consolidation. I was taking the quiz, and la-dee-da, answering the questions, then I get my score. 68%...a D! Wow. In my book, anything lower than a B is an EPIC fail....So after you take the quiz, they walk you through your answers, and a sidebar either phrases your answer as being the financially savvy one, or they give you advice on how to improve your BillsIQ. I saw many things that I wish I had known about earlier, and even thinking about them gives me a headache, BUT....I know I am definitely going to be getting them done.

I'm on a fixed income, but I have discovered that just because I am, does NOT mean that I can't take care of my future. This is a good thing! And now thanks to, I am aware of some of the steps I can take to ensure my financial security when I am older, and the kids are getting ready to descend to college. If you haven't taken this BillsIQ Survey yet, I highly recommend it.

Just try not to make me feel to bad about my BillsIQ, please? I'm sensitive, cause my real IQ suggests that I should have known this stuff in the first place!


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Anonymous said...

Heh - I was a D once me. Considering how easy it is for me to slip back into old habits, I have gone from an A to a B- (if there is such a thing and I am truly honest with meself...).

You will be fine. Besides, I tell myself when I screw up my money that everyone's broke nowadays, and that makes me feel better for like 30 seconds. :) said...

Oh boy...yes. I just read one of those "Yes, You Need To Get Control Of Your Money and It's Going To Hurt Bad" books, and yes, it hurt bad, but I'm finally getting rid of the credit cards. Slowly. But finally.

I don't want to take that test.

You are a brave, brave woman!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the link - - although I have yet to actually visit the site, let alone take that test. Mainly, because I already know that our finances are screwed & know that it needs to be fixed really soon. I know, I'm a wuss.

But I'm with Robin - - I know that there are others that have it worse than we do, and it does help - - for about a minute though with us.

Oh damn - - I'll take the test to make you feel better about your score. lol

Unknown said...

Ummm... yeah- - I took the test, and have decided to keep the score to myself. I like my friendship with you! :-)