Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I signed up for PPP...and it's a Murphy's Law Day

What is PPP you ask? Well some of you know, some of you don't, so if you know, thanks for reading on anyway...

PPP means Pay Per Post. I figure, I post at least 4 times a week. So, why not take the time to possibly get paid to post about things, mostly products I like or think are cool? People do it all the time. I am not trying to make a career out of it or anything, BUT...hey, if I can get enough money to possibly pay for a domain name, that would be pretty cool, don't you think?

So here I am. This is my first PPP post, and don't worry, they will be obvious, because you will see this little icon thingie on them all:

I've already spied a few things I want to post about, and probably near the end of the week, you will hear about at least one of them. I would never ever try to endorse something I don't agree with, or that I wouldn't use. So no worries, ok? I still have some morals left!

Now, onto everything else.....

Well there isn't much. Misk got his nose splints out, and then proceeded to snore like a chainsaw, in my face, all night long. We all woke up late this morning and it was a mad scramble to get the kids off to camp. Then while getting breakfast, the entire contents of my change pocket in my wallet spilled into my purse. then the McDonald's we went to DID NOT HAVE SWEET TEA!

Today is a Murphy's Law Day. I am hoping with the addition of the PPP stuff, my day will get better! but if Murphy has anything to do with it? Things will keep messing up...of course, it's been three things, so maybe my Three-fold belief will kick in and some good stuff will happen! I guess we'll see :)

This afternoon we are heading to my kid's camp to see Emily perform in "Camp Idol" She's going to be singing! Woot!

Hvae a great summer day, folks!


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Blondefabulous said...

I wish I could get paid to post! I post every day!

Unknown said...

I'm sure your day will (and can) only continue to get better. When you're down in the pits, the only way to look is up, right?

And getting paid to post?!?? Hell yeah! I'd be in... but I'm not cool like you with tons of readers and such. :-)

Love you anyway!

Anonymous said...

OMG no sweet tea??? I would have gone straight home and pulled the covers back over my head. LOL! Hang in there girlie. It HAS to get better.

PS - For some reason, I can't get your entire comment box to open. I am having this same issue on other blogger blogs lately. Anyone else having similar issues or is it just me?

Dave2 said...

I wish you luck with that... I once JOKED about joining Pay-Per-Post and had somebody call me a whore! How cool is that? :-)

Cissa Fireheart said...

BlondeFabulous - click the links in my post, and you can sign-up! :)

Tink - my day got a little better, but not by much :P

Queenie - If the Micky D's hadn't been in the Super Wal-mart where I was about to do my grocery shopping, I would have left too...instead I got iced coffee :)...and yes I think yesterday Blogger's comments were messing up, but seem to be working today!

Dave - well see, I am jealous of you...because someone cares enough to hate on Hilly's Davey-Joe! Then again, you have a job and actual income...I am currently unemployed, so it's harder to pay for my stuff...which reminds me, one of these days I WILL order something from your store....*sigh* Once I get that job, I need.