Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am 31 years old.

Not terribly old, but I am not too young either.

I've been on Martha's Vineyard with my family for the last 2 days, and it's been great. Friday night we got to the island late, and yesterday my brother-in-law Terry came with his mom to tour the island. I had a party for my birthday, and my family and friends were all here. A good time was had by all.

Today my uncle Ken is rbingin my little cousin Colby and my kids are excited to see him. We will be having a little party, apparently. Tonight I am making Misk take me to a NICE dinner and then we have tickets to a comedy show at a place in Oak Bluffs.

Well I have taken about a half hour to write this short post. My grandmother has stopped by and the house is waking up, and I am constantly being distracted.

I hope you all have a good Labor Day....and hey, I am not one to beg, but...



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I voted...did you???

The Hot Blogger 2009 Calendar Voting has begun! There are two actual categories, one for the girls and one for the guys. While perusing the nominations I saw that the NYC Watchdog has been nominated. So you know what I did right? I totally casted my vote for him because he is a total Hawt Dawg!!! Voting is VERY easy. There is no registration, its a simple poll, and all you have to do is check off right by his name! They couldn’t have made it any easier for us to make the Hawt Dawg into our Mr. October for 2009!!! So throw the Hawt Dawg a bone and help me out by voting for him here!!!

In other news...the Minions begin school tomorrow! WOOOOOOOTT! Pictures will be posted tomorrow of course :)


Monday, August 25, 2008

Oops! I did it again! Got lost in the game, oh baby, baby....

It was revealed to me yesterday, that Misk reads my blog. I actually did not know this until yesterday afternoon, when out of no where, he asked me why I hadn't mentioned the "hot guy in Super Wal-Mart" incident. He then followed up by asking who #1 on my list of non-famous guys I'd sleep with....


It's not that I mind Misk reads. It's probably a good thing. He's never mentioned anything I have ever written on here, so until yesterday, I was blissfully clueless. I know now that he does, and I am feeling incredibly self-conscious and wondering if I will have to edit myself now, to protect his fragile ego. I blogged about the hot guy in Wal-mart because really, I didn't have anyone to share it with. When Misk read it, I got exactly the reaction I knew I would have had I told him about it face to face: Jealousy, teasing, and though I don't think he would say it, hurt, because I thought the guy was hot.

So fucking what? He was hot. I still did nothing. I still went home to my husband of nearly 10 years. *rolls eyes*

So now I have to really decide if I wasnt to write everything that happens to me. All my thoughts, even the ones I wouldn't neccessarily share with him. I don't even want to think about what he has read, and what else I think he doesn't know about what I think, but he actually does. Nothing until now affected him, apparently. But one friggin guy tries to pick me up, and I get hell about it for the rest of the day....ok, not hell, but teasing, and he enjoyed watching me squirm, he even said so.

I kinda feel violated. Like my privacy has been breached. Misk has never really had much of an interest in my life that doesn't involve him, so I thought I had the chance to really express myself, really just get it all out there. If for nothing than self-therapy. Now? I am going to be thinking in the back of my mind with every post- How will Misk react? Will this piss him off? Will he understand my meaning behind what I am saying? *sigh*

I will just have to play it by ear....

On other things in my life, Motley Crue are cheap bastards. Awesome music, great show, loud pyro that nearly made me deaf, but it's the first show I've worked as a stage hand that I didnt get a "crew shirt". I was not the only one who was disappointed, as a few of the workers were Crue fans. But I did get a souvenir! I found one of Nikki Sixx's guitar picks on the ground. I also got a giant goose egg on the back of my head from a truss of lights hitting me as I loaded sound wires. Overall not the best work night I could have had last night. At least I get paid.....and I got to see the band eating at catering as I pushed their sound equipment by to the trucks....Vince Neil looked good. Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee looked hot, and I tried not to throw myself at them.....and succeeded, amazingly enough!

I'm getting old. 10 years ago, I woulda had Tommy Lee right there on the catering table, or damn well tried my hardest to do so. *sigh*


P.S. 6 days until my birthday. I better get a few birthday wishes for you people! eCards are even better. Need an email addy to send one?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

...And many more!

Three years ago today, I began this blog on a whim. My friend and fellow Balehead, Jeopardygirl, who has since closed 2 blogs, had started a blog and after reading a little of hers, it seemed like a good idea to try one out again. I had one previously, and to be honest, I can't remember what it was about. I barely wrote on it.

I have shared many things with you all on this blog over the years. My joys, sorrows, anger, fears.....and as below the title it says: confessions, flames, rants, raves, and everything in-between.

I've had dry patched where I've lost my energy and motivation, but I have also come back and made some cool friends...some of you whom I've even gotten the chance to meet. It's been awesome, and I am hoping that the awesomeness continues as my life, and my little world continues on with new adventures in life.

In 7 days I turn 31. It's weird to think that, because many days I am just waiting for someone to come to me and say "OK Cissa, the gig's up, stop pretending you are a grown-up and get back to class." Then there are the days I hear the phone ring and expect Death to say "Seriosuly Cissa, get yer ass over here because your time is up, old lady!" hehe. I think this a good thing to still have so many days in my life where I feel like a teenager, to space out all those random moments of feeling very ancient.

My children start school on Thursday, and on Friday after school, we head up to The Vineyard to see my family. This summer I have been to the Vineyard 2 times, both for nice visits, even if this one is only for 3 1/2 days it will seem like much longer. I will enjoy my birthday weekend among family, and I hope friends, and it will be a nice change of pace. It seems funny to think a year ago I was celebrating 30 with 2 friends at a bingo hall. Thsi year, my friends had actually been upset that I wasn't going to be around so they could have a party. Overall, a pretty decent change of events.

Now that all of their husband's have come home this week from deployment, it's been lonely. Misk has been around, but I still miss my friends. I'll get over it and eventually they will want to get together again, but I have a feeling it won't be the same. As much as I have enjoyed my friends' happiness to see thier men come home, I am slightly envious. I don't get to have the happy homecoming anymore, at least not for this year, and it bums me out. There's a ....rush of excitement; picking out what outft you will wear, rushing to clean the house because you just haven't had the time to do it since you've been busy for 6 months not thinking too much about how much you miss your husband. The exhiliration of watching the guys come off the pier and wondering how much weight he's lost, and will you recognize him and vice versa? And as always...the first kiss. I miss that most of all.


But I digress. You see what I mean about my sharing with you? If I didn't have this blog, and my 10-15 regular visitors, I'd have no one at all to share all this with...and for that I am grateful.

So Happy 3rd Blogiversary to me! And maybe for my 4th it will get even better!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's the little things that kill, tearing at my brain again....

Hey there, yes, I am still alive.

I had a blast in Boston! Seeing my sister was great. Hanging out with her fiance was fun. We got Shell's wedding dress -- well, ordered it, anyway, and it will be here in a couple months -- I can't wait! I even did well and didn't eat anything too bad at the Italian Festival. Go me!

I would show the wedding dress to you all, but I am pretty sure my brother-in-law- to-be bookmarked this blog, so I can't -- dang you Terry! hehe

I won't get into the drive up and back, because I will just get stressed...however I will mention that google, yahoo, and mapquest all need to start mentioning ROTARYS in the state of Massachusetts in their directions. I nearly had a coronary when I encountered 3 on the way....and promptly got lost in 2 of them. But anyway...

I got back Sunday afternoon, and had a nice dinner with the family. Nothing special really happened this week - cheerleading practice for the girls on Tuesday was fun (I'm an assistant coach), and I am looking forward to this with them. Tonight we have another practice. woot!

But yesterday, something awesome happened. Now it won't seem like much to you all....but kaity got a postcard in the mail yesterday...

"Ohhh! A postcard form school, wonder who it is from?" I thought. So I flipped it over...

I was very pleased at this development. The teacher kaity has is awesome, and I am good friends with one of the teacher's aides. I am very much looking forward to the first day of school (1 week from today - WOOT!) and seeing how Kaity likes this teacher. Emily loved her.

so yep, that's my world....I've been in a bit of a mental I haven't blogged.....meh


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sumptuous Sunday - Week 3: Low-Fat Pesto

Welcome to Sumptuous Sunday! My weekly recipe sharing series. What is Sumptuous Sunday, you ask?

Here's how it works: Every Sunday I will post a recipe that I enjoy. Not just anything from my cookbook, but a sumptuous kick-ass recipe that I myself have eaten over and over again. If you have a kick-ass recipe you want to share, email it to me at I will try a couple recipes a week. If I find yours is incredibly Sumptuous, I will post it here on the blog, giving my reaction and singing your praises. You will also get to display this lovely little icon on your blog, if you wish....

This week I am featuring a recipe that I know I will be using a lot since I have to cut out tomato sauce. It tastes great over spinach or whole wheat pasta!

Low-Fat Pesto Sauce

2/3 cup chicken or vegetable stock
2 cloves garlic
1 cup fresh basil
1/3 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons pine nuts

Combine stock and garlic and heat in the microwave on high for 5 minutes (or heat on the stove). Allow to cool.

Chop basil in food processor. Add cooled stock, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts. Whirl until everything is finely chopped and blended.

Meanwhile, cook pasta of your choice. Toss sauce with pasta. Serve with additional Parmesan cheese if desired. Makes 4 servings.

Enjoy! See you next week on Sumptuous Sunday!


Friday, August 15, 2008

There lives a girl in Boston, A girl that I love well...

I am heading to Boston today, to see my sister, Shell, for the weekend.

We will be doing lots of wedding stuff, shopping for dresses and trying to find a color that defines "Periwinkle". We also will be hitting the Italian Festival, and I am hoping that I will find something that tastes decent and doesn't have tomatoes or lots of spice. Those are both off-limits for a while...

I am looking forward to this, as I have not been to Boston to visit her since we've been back to New England, 3 years now. I also will get to see her fiance, Terry, and meet some of his family as well.

Pray the church they are getting married in doesn't burst into flames when I step in there. I doubt it will, but I am hoping that they won't freak out on me if they find out I am a Wiccan. Shell has only told Terry, and no one else, because I am not quite ready for the family to know...

I also plan on giving an old friend from Jr and Sr. high, Matt, a call. He and his wife live in Boston, and I am eager to see his son. Yes, Matt's an ex, but we've been friends for a lot longer...we even hung out in Hawaii when Misk and he were both stationed there.

I will have my laptop, but not sure how much I'll get to use it. I will try to keep up on the blogosphere, but not sure how well...I might just catch-up Sunday night or Monday morning.

Have a great weekend everyone. I can't wait to see Beantown!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You are beautiful, in every single way. No words can bring you down...

I have found the silver lining in all of this recent medical ickyness: weight loss.

When they took my eight at the ER on Saturday, it said 173, minus 2 lbs for clothes, that's 171.
I went home and weighted myself on my fancy-schmancy individualized scale, and indeed, I was up to 171....2 lbs more than I thought I was. On Monday when I went to my Doctor, my weight was 170, minus 2 lbs for clothes, 168. I didn't think anything of needing a belt for my jeans that day, because I purposely buy jeans a size larger in case I gain weight...bad I know, but something I do.

Now, keep in mind folks, since Saturday, I have been eating as healthy as possible given that I am broke and have a house full of food already. I've cut out many of my usual and favorite foods and made my portions smaller because I don't want another flare up like Saturday. I learned the hard way last night, that tomato sauce, no matter how mild and bland, is DEFINITELY not allowed anymore, and my 1/4 Italian heart died a little last night when I realized it. But then I realized it was a mini flare-up, and I smothered the pain with antacid tablets (which by the way, are now my new BFF)....but anyway, back to my point:

Today, on my fancy-schmancy individual scale, it read 168. Minus 2 lbs for clothes, that's 166!

Since Saturday, and altering my diet, I have lost 5 lbs! And that's just cutting out the bad stuff, that's not counting the stuff I will replace it with come Friday when I go to the grocery store.

I cannot believe it myself. I am sitting here in pants that I NEVER need a belt for...with the belt on the second notch. Amazing.

I actually cannot wait to see what happens next. And I am so excited.

And I feel totally hot....maybe that guy from the club knew better than me, that I CAN be hot again! ;)


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Am I cracking up, or just getting older?

And now, I have my second opinion, which apparently was not far off from my first opinion, written on my ER release form, although verbally was told something different.

Ladies and Gentlemen, at the tender age of 30 (31 in 19 days), I have been diagnosed with Gastritis!

Yes, apparently all the foods I have loved and eaten over the years, along with the lovely pain drugs called NSAIDS, have created a lovely condition in my stomach. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!

Not only do I have that lovely little condition, I was given a blood test for some bacterial strain that causes something called Peptic Ulcer Disease which he suspects I might have because my attack came on so suddenly with no triggers! Isn't that grand??? My doctor said that he was not happy that I wasn't given a copy of my blood test results from the ER, so I will have to have more blood taken. It was not fun. Now every time the phone rings, I cringe in fear looking at it.

In the mean time, I am on a regimen of once-daily Nexium for my gastritis. Ugh.

If I ever complained of feeling old, it is now official: I am getting old. I have acquired a condition that is usually not diagnosed in people until their mid-30's....fabulous, I am 4 years ahead of schedule.

And the whole changing my diet thing? Yeah I do have to do it, and it is totally gonna suck. However my doctor did say that and wine was ok, but anything harder was bad, so thank the Lord & Lady, my Friday nights have been redeemed. Now you all know what to buy me if you see me, or just feel like sending me a nice birthday gift. I prefer Pinot Grigio or Reisling....oh and chocolate? I can have that too, but small amounts at infrequent intervals. Translation: My birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day. How bloody wonderful! *sigh*

So that's the update with me. I think a few of you made comments about bland food cookbooks and recipes, and I would love the names of those books or copies of the recipes. But Queenie, I don't think I could do vegetarian. I love dead animal meat too much, and since I can't eat too many kinds now, I will savor the little I can. Misk isn't too thrilled at the fact I will be buying more healthy foods and less fun foods, but he also realizes he doesn't want to see me like I was on Saturday ever again, so he's willing to compromise.

Well my hour of waiting to eat after my daily pill is up, so I must be off to have some toast. *sigh* Have a great day all....

Oh wait, I have to mention, I am going to Boston on Friday for the weekend to see Shell and do wedding stuff. There is an Italian Festival this weekend, and you know what? After tonight's dinner (spaghetti & meatballs, with the world's blandest tomato sauce, Ragu) I can't have tomato sauce for a while, like a sucky is that? I have concluded that life is not fair.

I feel like a whiny teenager again....maybe I am not so old afterall?? hehe


Monday, August 11, 2008

I will follow you into the dark....- Part 2

....and so the long 10 minute drive began to the Emergency Care clinic near our house. In retrospect, I should have gone to the actual hospital, but honestly, I didn't think I could take an even longer ride.

We got there, and Misk helped me again to walk into the ER. They took me straight into Triage, and took my pulse, temp, and blood pressure. I recall seeing 147 /85. They made me take it again. They wanted me to stand. And the fucking thing just about squeezed my arm to sleep. This time it said 136/78 I dunno if either of those are high, but those were probably the highest BP numbers I have ever been. I usually am somewhere in the 105/70 range. Even 9 months pregnant and in labor, my BP never went over 110/75, but anyway...

The nurse told me she wanted me to go over to the lab for blood and urine, and I looked at her like she had 3 heads. She wanted me to walk somewhere else?? Luckily she got me a wheelchair, and I covered my face, embarrassed, knowing there were other sick people here. The pain was a little less now, still burning, but it was more ache with a burn, than anything else.

I got blood taken by the most awesome hemo-tech ever. I barely felt the needle go in my arm. Perhaps it was the fact that I had been having unbelievable pain like I never knew before for nearly a half hour prior, but the needle barely registered for me, and I was grateful. I hate needles. However, there was no way I had to pee. I drank 2 cups of water and managed to get a little for the stupid little cup, but it still took a while.

During this time, the pain began to abate in small stages. I wasn't shaking, the burning had definitely decreased, and it was more of the achieness being prominent. I began to apologize over and over to Misk, telling him how I feared this was nothing, and how I had probably over reacted and I was wasting his and Nicky's time. He promptly told me that had I not agreed to go to the hospital, he would have picked me up and carried me to the car, that's how worried he was.

We were sitting in the waiting room for a while, and it was taking forever for them to call me. Misk was complaining about the time, and I looked up, and honestly? We had only been there an hour, this was not bad. I was able to talk somewhat normally, the burning sensation returning from time to time, but not nearly as bad as it had earlier. It was not agonizing, just painful. I got very cold at one point, as the A/C was cranked up and I was in a tank top and thin capris, and Misk went out to the van and got me my fall jacket.

Finally we were called back, and they told me I had to get into a gown. This did not please me at all, but I did it anyway. I think wrapped my coat around my feet, since it was friggin freezing. Another half hour or so of waiting and finally the doctor came in. She asked all these questions, and I answered, explained to her the pain, how I knew it wasn't gas or heartburn, as I had experienced those, it also didn't sear across my whole upper abdomen if I had either of those.

She said it wasn't my appendix or my gall bladder, which was good, because that's what I thought it actually was.

Her conclusion? I had an acid reflux attack. I needed to go on a medication for it, and cut out a lot of my foods such as...soda, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, fat, acidic foods. This pretty much meant that my Friday nights will be shot, and I will be eating salad, tuna, chicken and certain cereals for the rest of my life. This did not thrill me, but I took the prescription, and went home.

Feeling like a giant idiot. having wasted Misk's and Nicky's time over something so stupid.

To be honest, I was going to take the doctor's diagnosis at face value. After talking to Brandi later that night, I decided that I was going to call my doctor today and get a second opinion, because I am apparently in a window for possible heart issues, and it possible I was having a mild heart attack.

My appointment is at 4:10 pm, and I don't care if I have to take the kids with me, I am going.

Because not being able to have spaghetti sauce, or pasta, or any fried foods at all, ever again? Soooo not gonna work for me. I want a second opinion, damn it. And if the doctor I have had for the last 2 years tells me that that's what it was, I will believe him. And then I will do what is recommended, which will totally alter our whole family's eating lifestyle, and I will be damned if I will do that on just one person's say.

4:10 isn't coming fast enough...

And I am alive. After some schedule changes from Nessa though e-mails on Friday afternoon, we had decided to go to the Sunday show for They Might Be Giants. And the show was awesome. Nessa and I had a blast! So did Zbabygirl, who hadn't been out of the house much since having her baby 3 weeks ago. It was a good night....and I even had 2 glasses of wine...and felt totally fine after!

Thanks to all of you for your concern. I really am fine, as far as I know, so please don't worry, ok? It was nice to see so many of you cared!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

I will follow you into the dark....- Part 1

So I know, you guys must think I am just lazy, but I swear on the Goddess and God, that last night, I had every intention of pre-posting Sumptuous Sunday .....until about 5:30 last night, that was the are warned this might be a little TMI, but hey, that's me.

I was reading Breaking Dawn again, so that I could reevaluate things, as I am prone to do. It was in my bedroom and I was laying sideways facing the lamp on my right side. I started to feel some pain in the muscle right beneath my breasts, usually where the underwire of my bra sometimes digs in. not thinking anything of it, I turned to my back, and the burning began. I tried to ignore it and managed a few more sentences, then decided to sit up and read. The burning pain became worse, searing across my upper abdomen/lower chest. I stood up and staggered into the office across the hall.

I tried to explain to Misk about my pain, but I was becoming short of breath and the pain was increasing, so I stumbled back into my bedroom and tried to move into various positions to make the pain abate. Nothing worked, my pain only increased. It felt like something had exploded in my body. Misk asked if I wanted antacids, I shook my head gasping out that I wasn't able to barely breathe, let alone swallow something. He asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I shook my head and gasped out "NO! NO DOCTORS!"

Then the pain, which I thought was bad before, decided to explode even more. I collapsed on the floor, writhing in agony, tears came to my eyes, and all I could do was wail and moan in pain. This was it, my final straw.

"OK.... Hospital" I managed out in between shallow breaths. "Nicky....Need to call watch the kids...."

Misk got the phone for me, and I moaned that I could not remember her number. Misk, luckily, is a smart man, and looked through the caller ID until he found it, it dialed. Nicky picked up.

"Nicky! I need your help..." my voice wavered and I gasped again.

"Oh my god, What's the matter??"

"Burning..pain...need hospital...need watch the kids...."

"I'm on my way. I'll be there as soon as I can."

"OK" and I hung up.

At this point I realized I had taken my bra off, probably when I first was feeling pain. I then realized I was not going to the hospitals with my boobs hanging loose. I might have been dying, but I wouldn't show up like some classless white trash, even if it did kill me. I managed to get the bra on and Misk helped me down the stairs, me wailing all the while. As far as memory serves, it reminded me of being in labor, only the pain was too high, and this was a burning explosion....maybe it was my voice the way I was wailing and was the only way I could deal with the pain, and convey how much of it I was in.

Misk got me to the car, walking me slowly, my agony even more pronounced when the warmth of the inside of the car hit me. I could barely breath as it was, now he was sticking me in a fucking oven?? If I had been able to, I would have slapped him....instead I begged him to open the windows. I was profusely sweating at this point as well, I could feel my tank top sticking to my back, the dampness of the back of my head as well. Whether from the pain or the heat, I am not sure. But the pain was not going away, and the heat was not helping, that's all I knew.

Nicky showed up right about then. Time still is blurry about that, and Misk told her the kids were out playing, they would be back, etcetera. I glanced in her direction, but wouldn't look at her, I don't even know why, I just knew I couldn't look her in the eye, but the half-second I did, I am pretty sure she saw the pain, terror, and fear in my eyes.

I could only think in abstracts, and one of my dominant thoughts was "I am dying".

Because pain like this only happens when you are dying, right?

And now, because this we seem to be at a good place to stop, I will....obviously am not dead, but I really need to take a break typing and do some cleaning.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot, like me?

I've decided to take a break from Half-Nekkid Thursday for a while for a few reasons:

1.) I'm a terrible procrastinator
2.) I am having weight/self-esteem issues and most importantly ..
3.) my camera broke and I don't have the money to get it fixed or buy a new one.

So yeah....

I realized the other day that it's August. Holy Carp (and I do mean the fish), where did the summer go? Really? Really...?

So you all should be aware of the fact that my birthday is in 24 days. I will be 31. that's right, 31 on the 31st. the only time in my life when my birthday and age will match. What will I be doing? Oh, taking a little trip to Martha's Vineyard to see my family. They give good presents. And they entertain my kids. It's a win-win situation for me.

I am very excited about this weekend. Nessa is heading to CT to see me! Well, kinda. We're going to see They Might Be Giants at Mohegan Sun for FREE! Sure the drinks are an arm and a leg and therefore I will not be drinking, but hey, I get to hear a great band and see my best freind. Pretty awesome, huh?

I was at Super Walmart shopping the other day, when a guy came up to me and said "hey how you doin'?". A hot guy. It took me a few seconds, but I realized it was one of the hot guys I danced with at Shrine last weekend. I was not looking my particular best, and I wanted to die, right there in the Seasonal Items section (it's back to school at the moment there, in case you don't know). I made small talk with him, and tried not to make too much eye contact, because you know, fat chicks and SMOKING-HOT, I-WISH-I-WERE-SINGLE-SO-I-COULD-SCREW-YOU guys do not mix, especially when one is married and has low self-esteem. Especially in THIS community when so many people know who you are, or know a friend of yours. Plus, he was so hot, I had thoughts instantly of being a bad, bad, wife, and I didn't want the was rough, lemme tell ya. He was one of the hottest guys I have ever seen. Really. He now has the #2 spot of non-famous people I'd love to fuck, if I ever end up divorced.

Then, the impossible happened.

He asked me if I free on Saturday night.

It's better if I write it like a play scene.


Cissa: (shifts uncomfortably)"Uh...yeah, actually I am. going to see They Might Be Giants at Mohegan."

Hot Guy: "Cool. I was gonna ask if you wanted to go see them with me." (note: he liked TMBG *Squee*)

Cissa: (gives a blank stare...she realizes he's waiting for a response.) "Uh...well, I'm uh, going with my friend, but uh, yeah maybe I will see you there."

Hot Guy: "Cool. Maybe I can buy you a few drinks."

Cissa: "Yeah, maybe....well it was nice seeing you....*thinks for a sec*...David, right?"

Hot Guy: "Yeah. Hey, can I get your number?"

Cissa: (blink. blink. blink-blink-blink-blink.) "No, sorry, I'm married."

Hot Guy: "'s a no?" (gives pouty face that makes Cissa want to jump him and throw him on the stacks of blank notebooks and show him a good time - she resists the urge)

Cissa: "Yeah, as much as I wish it wasn't, it's a no."

Hot Guy: "Well, I'll look for you Saturday."

Cissa: "Uh yeah..great! Bye!" (Cissa practically RUNS from the MEGA-SMOKIN-HOT guy)


I know...I can scarcely believe it myself either. I was seriously waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell me I was Punk'd or something. Or the guy from Candid Camera. Or Dick Clark and Ed McMahon from Bloopers and Practical Jokes. Really.

But hell, if this guy shows up on Saturday? You bet your ass I'm getting some free drinks!

Stay tuned to find out what happens! (as will I, since it's only Thursday)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I just had a "Twilight Moment"

From the New London Day.....

The investigation was done by Officer Edward Cullen Jr. and Detective John Fiore, the department's senior accident reconstructionist.

I nearly had a heart attack and then started laughin my ass off....Misk, who's home on his lunch break now thinks I am a bit crazier than before...hehe

If you don't get the reference, GO READ TWILIGHT, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn all by Stephenie Meyer.



UPDATE: After reading another article, I came across this....

One of those who spotted Vorters through a window with the sword during the 2 a.m. incident was First Selectman Ed Haberek, who was riding along with officer Edward Cullen Jr. for the evening.

Really, I think I am going to hunt Officer Cullen down....

Monday, August 04, 2008

What a long strange trip it's been....., I didn't get the job. I'm OK about it wasn't meant to be apparently.

I appreciate that you all left messages of encouragement on Twitter, and email and comments. I just didn't have the time to answer back. I had one hell of a weekend.

Thursday, my kids had their school and sports physicals. That meant a great chunk of my day was spent at the NACC. Kaity got 5 shots, but she did great. She even asked them for sticker for her sister so Emily wouldn't be jealous. how sweet!

Friday...well Friday I was up at 8 am, so I could be at Borders before 9 am so I could get my wristband for the Breaking Dawn release party....I met with Brandi & Kerri and my kids, and was first in line! woot! As I was leaving, Brandi asked if I wanted to go with her to Lake Compounce, her treat. I was up for it, as long as I was at Borders by 10 PM, so we changed, packed some towels, and headed there. After an incredibly crazy drive (high speeds, unfamiliar area, me the defensive driver do not make a good combo) we had a great day of rides, food, water fun, then headed back (I let Kerri drive home cause I hate driving at night) and I literally dropped the kids, flew into a change of clothes and headed out to Borders!

I met Brandi and Kerri again at Borders and we hung out until 12:01, when I got my book, flew home and started to read Breaking Dawn at about 12:30. I finally passed out around 5:00 am and slept til 12pm, when Misk decided that I should be woken up because he wanted to go to lunch. I sent him and the kids off, and read some more, after many interruptions from the kids, I finally was able to finish the book.

If you have read any of the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer, you will understand that this was the most anticipated book sine the last Harry potter. I am still, 3 days later, processing everything that happened in Breaking Dawn. My Lord & Lady, it was AWESOME!!

I got a call from Brandi about our Saturday night plans, showered, and headed out to meet the Ladies. We had dinner, then went back to Brandi's to change, gussy up and headed to Shrine, the newest nightclub at MGM grand at Foxwoods. It was smaller than I was anticipating, but there was no lack of good looking people, male and female, and I was feeling particularly...uncomfortable about my size, until about halfway through the night, and after about 5 drinks that I finally stopped giving a damn, and danced my little heart out.

Apparently the key to attracting guys to dance with is confidence (something I tend forget after being married for almost 10 years), because after that I was dancing with attractive men all night long. It was a definite boost to my ego, and I had such a good time! Erin got extremely tipsy, and we all had a lot of laughs on the way home at each other's expense, because we all were flying high from the night. We finally got to bed about 3 am, with Erin deciding that talking until she passed out, in her groggy state, was the way to go hehe (sorry Erin, I had to mention it!)

Sunday morning, we were actually all up by about 9:30am, but after 5 women are up, showered, and out the door, it was nearly 10:45 and we still had to go to the store for food for the Lughnasadh Sabbat Ritual. The location was a 1 1/2 hour drive from there, so, by the time we finally got there, got started and started the ritual it was nearly 2. I was asked to be a "maiden" to invoke one of the Elements, and I was honored. I invoked Air from the East. It was a powerful ritual, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, as per usual. After the ritual was our usual feast and hanging out, and by the time we left it was 7:30 PM, then another 1.5 hours back to Brandi's and another 45 minutes home (I had to stop and get Misk and the kids dinner because he was too damn lazy to drive the 1.5 miles to KFC).

After arriving home, it was about 9pm, and I was just too tired to update, so I watched Army Wives with Misk and went to sleep...and that brings us to the here and now :)

So that was my weekend. Crazy but absolutely loads of fun. The job search continues today, and hopefully, I will find a few prospects :)

Have a great Monday, all!