Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You are beautiful, in every single way. No words can bring you down...

I have found the silver lining in all of this recent medical ickyness: weight loss.

When they took my eight at the ER on Saturday, it said 173, minus 2 lbs for clothes, that's 171.
I went home and weighted myself on my fancy-schmancy individualized scale, and indeed, I was up to 171....2 lbs more than I thought I was. On Monday when I went to my Doctor, my weight was 170, minus 2 lbs for clothes, 168. I didn't think anything of needing a belt for my jeans that day, because I purposely buy jeans a size larger in case I gain weight...bad I know, but something I do.

Now, keep in mind folks, since Saturday, I have been eating as healthy as possible given that I am broke and have a house full of food already. I've cut out many of my usual and favorite foods and made my portions smaller because I don't want another flare up like Saturday. I learned the hard way last night, that tomato sauce, no matter how mild and bland, is DEFINITELY not allowed anymore, and my 1/4 Italian heart died a little last night when I realized it. But then I realized it was a mini flare-up, and I smothered the pain with antacid tablets (which by the way, are now my new BFF)....but anyway, back to my point:

Today, on my fancy-schmancy individual scale, it read 168. Minus 2 lbs for clothes, that's 166!

Since Saturday, and altering my diet, I have lost 5 lbs! And that's just cutting out the bad stuff, that's not counting the stuff I will replace it with come Friday when I go to the grocery store.

I cannot believe it myself. I am sitting here in pants that I NEVER need a belt for...with the belt on the second notch. Amazing.

I actually cannot wait to see what happens next. And I am so excited.

And I feel totally hot....maybe that guy from the club knew better than me, that I CAN be hot again! ;)


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blondefabulous said...

w00t! Hooray for GOOD side effects!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A human cannot lose 5 pounds of fat in just a few's likely just water weight. But, keep up the good work and effort, and you will be losing fat soon. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

5 lbs is 5 lbs no matter if its water weight or fat. Keep it up girlie. There is a positive to it all. I promise.

Eric said...

I've lost 40 lbs. since January 1st. Cut out the sugared soda, portioned better too. Good work

Karl said...

Wow, what an adventure you've been through. Glad you're okay now. I'll be on the road to losing weight soon myself. I'm gonna have to exercise my ass off to deal with the stress of quitting smoking. Ugh.