Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I feel Pretty, oh so Pretty!

OhMiGawd! I love your hair!!

I heard that about 100 times yesterday, and believe me, it didn't get old, not once.

so, a review....This is me about 2 weeks ago maybe 3:

and this is a few pictures of my new look:

I got many many many compliments from this cut. I was told by several people I look at least 5 if not 10 years younger. I was told by a few men that if they didn't know I was married, they'd ask me out!

One regular customer even offered to buy me a drink while I was still working!

The best part of yesterday was giving my boss the Letter of Resignation. He wasn't surprised, as I had told him I would have to quit eventually. But he was very gracious and even thanked me for putting it in writing and giving him 30 days to find and train my replacement. Later that night, he even offered to take me on as his book keeper if I couldn't find a job in an office as I am going to try and do.

So about 6:15pm my friends, Nicky, Brandi & Erin showed up. They were dealing with LGeneral Life and also Boat Wife Drama, and were feeling the need for alcohol. They all went nuts over my hair. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time so many people had such nice things to say about how I look. I felt more beautiful yesterday than I had in along time...anyway...

So after work, I ended over at Brandi's where we watched National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Good movie by the way, I recommend at least Netflixing it if you have not seen it yet. SO after some good laughs and movie watching with my girls, I headed home.

Where Misk promptly deflated my "I Feel Pretty" bubble:

"You cut your hair? What did you do that for?"

I pretty much said, "Wow, thanks for making me feel lousy, everyone else I saw today all had nothing but great things to say about my hair. Good night." and went to bed. I wanted to cry, but I was too tired. I did stew over it for a while, and decided on a few nasty remarks to Misk would let him know he was on my shitlist.

today after the usual "good Morning" email I get the following from Misk:

P.S. I do like your hair, it was just a shock to me… you

yeah I do feel a little better I guess the scathing revenge remarks will have to wait for another day...*le sigh*

But I still feel pretty!


8 flame(s) added to the fire:

Anonymous said...

I love that new hairdo! I had my hair cut like that a couple of years ago and that style rocks it!

You do look so very pretty :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I'd do you.

Anonymous said...

Stupid boy. They ruin all the fun. Stick your tongue out at him and don't give him dinner. :)


Bee said...

Awesome hair!! I had mine done in Feb (picture on my blog) dyed it black with red streaks (nice!) but now the red is gone and I desperately need a cut! Only problem is, I can’t spare the time it takes. :o{
Hopefully next weekend…

Bee said...

Hope you find an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

love loove looooooooove the hair! Did you color it too? It looks warmer.

Karl said...

You're hot, all right. Especially next to those sexy new RSS logos in your sidebar!

Dr. Cissa Fireheart said...

Hilly - Thank You! I really feel beautiful wit this cut!

Mr. Fab - I'm flattered, but I think Turnbaby and Misk might have a few objections to that statement! lol

Erin - he took me to dinner at Margarita's tonight..I can't stay mad after tequila!

Bee- I am seriously considering Pink streaks for the summer :)..and I hope I find a good job too! LOL

Nessa - yeah I did a new dye job a couple eeks's nearly time to fix those roots :P

Karl - and those feeds are all thanks to you! You will get to experience all this hotness in person in 37 days! ;)