Thursday, May 22, 2008

And I know now how good it can be, because you love me...

It's already Thursday. It hardly seems real. This week has flown by so quickly, and even if I were to attempt to tell you all about it, it would fall woefully short of the impact of positive experiences I have been through. It's been a week that makes me love my life. No matter the hardships I've faced, underneath there is the core of my existence: happiness and love.

Every week, I find myself renewed in my love for my husband. Every week, he'll say something, do something, big or small, that makes my heart swell and I can't fathom that I could possibly love this man more than I did previously. Last night was one of those nights.

It wasn't anything major. We went out to dinner, just us, no kids, then after dinner, walked around Mystic to this little Irish pub and had a pint. What was so great was the conversation. He let me talk about everything and anything, interjecting his thoughts here and there, but mainly just listening. His eyes were intent on me, and I knew he wasn't just hearing...he was listening.

He was encouraging and open to my thoughts and comments. We aren't terribly well off by any means, but when I started to talk about BrittCon and all the folks that I am excited to meet and run around NYC with, he got it. He knew and let me know that I'm just being me, and I am going to experience something that will make me happy. He doesn't mind that he won't be there, because he knows, that sometimes, just sometimes, there are things I have to do on my own, and that doesn't make me love him any less. He told me to go, have fun, save my money for me to do this, and not to worry about stuff financially. His open nature to let me be the independently yet loyal spouse does wonders for my ego, my heart, and my soul. He gets me, and I don't know how or why, but when I have the sudden realizations about it, I feel like a bird soaring through the sky with happiness.

I know this post is all mushy and gushy, but I can't help it; It's how I feel. I am basking in the afterglow of love, of excitement, of inner-peace and happiness. This is how awesome my life can be. It's a great feeling, and I am glad I can take moments like this, file them away and remember when I need a pick-me-up. Nights like last night are the reason I love my husband so dearly, no matter the day to day annoyances of marriage, or tiffs, or whatever. In the end, our love and respect for each other perseveres...and I have manged to keep him in my heart and life for nearly 11 years.

October 12th is our 10th wedding Anniversary. I know we won't do anything hugely spectacular, because, quite frankly, we don't have the money. But somehow I am going to make it special for him. I have to. I don't think that I would be the woman I am today without him, and with a milestone like this, I want to do something for him in return for all the years of love & support he has given to me, despite our differences and hardships. He deserves to get something he's not expecting for once. I've got a few months, but if anyone has any ideas...I'd love to hear them.

And now, I leave you to your Thursday. Tomorrow will be less lovey-dovey, most likely, but thanks for humoring me and reading.

I love being in love with my husband! And I love to tell the whole world! *squee*


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Liz Hill said...

"he gets me" YUP

It's the most amazing feeling in the world to be loved and understood and supported.

I'm so happy you have that, too ;-)

Sugar--I need your email addy ofr BTR--you can email me at

Dr.John said...

What a nice tribute to your husband. He must be very special.

Karl said...

Very cool, I'm jazzed that you're going to BrittCon.